Good Motivators to Have in Life

action motivation personal growth success Jan 26, 2023

There are many motivators in life. Some people are motivated by money, while others are inspired by power or fame. Some are motivated by more personal things, such as the love of their family or friends or a sense of accomplishment. However, what matters most is finding something that drives you to work harder and achieve your goals. This blog post will discuss some good motivators to have in life.

Get motivated to accomplish more.

Motivation is essential if we want to accomplish or obtain something. However, it can take some time before we achieve what we want, so it is imperative that we remain motivated to keep pushing through. It can be easy to get fired up when we first think of something we want to achieve or obtain, but it can be a challenge to maintain that enthusiasm in the long run. This is when we want something that can motivate us to keep working until we hit our targets. It can be an extrinsic motivation like praise, recognition, or a material reward that can drive us to do things, or it can be an intrinsic motivation that can inspire us to keep going, something like enjoying the process or experience of doing something or the drive to achieve growth for yourself. Whatever motivator you can think of, it is good to have one, so we can have the power to keep pushing until we accomplish our goals, and there are several motivators that you can try and see which one can work for you.

1. Happiness and fulfillment

We may not realize it, but ultimately, we want to feel happy and fulfilled, and most of us pursue something or want to obtain something to experience these feelings. Many of us want to buy a specific thing, experience a particular situation, achieve fame or recognition, or accomplish a goal, but the main reason behind many of our pursuits is that we want to be happy and fulfilled. Finding something that can bring you joy and fulfillment is critical to staying motivated. So the next time you want to find motivation because you may be struggling to work on something, look for something that can bring you happiness and fulfillment, and use it as the reason you have to take action and accomplish something.

2. Healthy competition

Some people can be intrinsically motivated, meaning they can gather the energy and willpower to work and move from the inside. They can enjoy the process of whatever they are doing, and it is enough for them to stay motivated. One process that can drive people is the act of competing with others. Done correctly, competing with others can inspire you to do better and try your best to achieve what others have done. People can act as a motivator to give you ideas on what you may want to do and drive you to give your best. One has to be careful with competing, though, because if it overtakes your life too much, it may lead you to resent others when they have it better than you, and everything else you do can become a competition. You may lose the ability to enjoy things for the sake of competing. So, balance is essential when using competition as a motivator.

3. Material rewards

External factors are common motivators; one example is material possessions that can act as rewards for your hard work. It is common for most people to desire to buy something and use it as a reason they have to work hard to earn the money to purchase what they want. Material rewards can work for both short- and long-term periods. It can be a piece of clothing you like to buy on your next payday, or it can be something more expensive that you can only buy after saving a lot of money or gradually earning the money to pay in installments, such as a house or a car. Most people may not realize that we desire happiness and fulfillment, and material rewards serve as a means to obtain them. Just make sure you want to buy things that interest you or have something to do with your values to make your time working for something worth it.

4. Other people

People can also serve as a reason to increase our motivation levels. For example, your family members can be why you may become motivated to work harder. You may want to ensure that they live a good life, so you work hard to ensure you always have the money to provide for them, such as covering all their needs and wants. It can be especially true if you have children and a husband/wife, as you want to ensure they feel happy and live well. If others feel happy, then you can be satisfied too. If you feel philanthropic, you may even want to dedicate your efforts to helping others who may not be related by blood to you but feel like they deserve to receive help, especially if they are less privileged. Helping others is an excellent extrinsic motivator that you can try to motivate yourself.

5. Follow your passion

If you want lasting motivation, it would be ideal for working on something that is your passion. A passion drives you internally; you don't need a reason why you do something because you like what you are doing, and experiencing your passion is enough to make you happy and motivated. If you can, try to find a job that aligns with your passion. You won't need to be extrinsically motivated if you already enjoy the process that you are doing. Every moment you spend doing what you love will make you more willing to do something.

6. Power, fame, recognition, or acceptance

There are some common things that many people aspire to attain, and it can be one of the things that motivate you to strive for something. Some human beings like having a position of power as it lets them influence many people and do something for them, such as politicians or heads of companies. Others want to be recognized; to do that, they need to achieve fame to be known by as many people as possible. Some people like to prove that they can do something, maybe because someone in the past belittled them or others didn't accept them. All these feelings that have something to do with people influencing or affecting our perception of ourselves and how we relate to others can motivate us to work hard.

Find what motivates you.

Different things can motivate people, and it is up to you to find what can give you a reason to work hard on something and stay committed to achieving something. Maintaining momentum can be challenging, but you must keep moving forward to get anywhere. Distractions and all sorts of things may derail you from pursuing what you must do, and you may end up procrastinating, feeling stuck, or getting lost in your actions. When such things happen, always remember why you need to do something and that something can be your motivator that will help you take massive action to reach your ultimate goal or whatever you want to attain.

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