Why Values Are Important

personal growth values Oct 24, 2022

Do you know your values? If not, it's time to figure them out. Values are essential in giving us purpose and fulfillment in life. They help us make decisions that align with our beliefs and support our goals. When we have a strong sense of our values, we can make choices that bring us happiness and satisfaction. This blog post will discuss the importance of values and how to identify them for yourself.

What are your values?

Values are something that we put considerable worth and importance in our lives. They can be in the form of morals or attitudes that brings the greater good to others, such as with our family, friends, organizations that we belong to, and society. Some examples of values are altruism, empathy, honesty, humility, kindness, love, loyalty, etc.

Values can also be in the form of things or people that matter greatly to us. Therefore, we take a considerable amount of our time and energy to dedicate our actions for the sake of the activities, items, and people that we value. Examples include our most trusted friends and family members, hobbies and passions, and things we have purchased with considerable money.

Our values in life are something we acquire and form over time as we interact and meet with various people and get to know about their ideas and beliefs in life. We may imitate what they value or form our values depending on how we respond and perceive the many things that can happen in our lives. Ultimately, our values reflect the things that resonate with us the most. They are the things we feel we can dedicate our life and existence to and can give meaning and direction to our lives.

Nothing mandates you to have values in life, but it's an excellent idea to have them because they can be beneficial in guiding your life. There are several reasons why values are essential in life.

1. Values give more meaning and direction to your life

Trying to find meaning and purpose in life can be an arduous task. At some point, some of us may try to make more sense of life to make it easier to go through every day without having an existential crisis or being unmotivated when doing things.

Having values makes it easier to find such answers. For example, if altruism, empathy, and kindness are among your core values, your purpose in life can be to help other people. Doing such a thing can bring great fulfillment and meaning to your life.

Values allow us to find the things that can make us happy and fulfilled, and when we feel this way, it's easier to make our lives more meaningful by having a purpose and knowing what we have to believe in and do.

2. Values prevent us from doing evil acts

Personal values act as a moral compass to direct us to do and think good instead of giving in to immoral actions and acts against the law. For example, suppose you value honesty and integrity. In that case, you are more likely not to resort to cheating or making up lies to gain an unfair advantage over others, which may include acts that go undercover against the law in hopes of amassing a quick fortune or some form of benefit. Of course, having values doesn't mean you will become invincible against committing any evil act. You may still do them; however, if values are there in the first place, you are less likely to do them, especially if you hold your values dearly and consider them integral to your life.

3. Values align your goals with them

When it comes to goal-setting, it's ideal to start from your vision and then go all the way down, breaking it into smaller goals that you can accomplish in shorter time frames. But, like finding meaning and purpose, values can help you have a grand vision of what you want your life to be in the future. For example, suppose you value comfort, happiness, and peace. In that case, your vision may be finding yourself having financial security and having the ability to buy and do what you want and securing yourself with plenty of options to take care of yourself and your family in the future. In addition, this vision can equate to excelling in your career, getting a higher-paying position, or establishing your business and attaining a work-life balance to be happier. Your values can influence what goals you will have by thinking about what you want to achieve, which adheres to what you value in life.

4. Values aid in decision-making

Life is full of decisions, and it can be challenging to determine which option will yield the most benefit and advantage for you. However, with the help of values, you can make better choices by choosing the option that aligns with your value. In addition, it becomes easier to pick what to prioritize by selecting the decision that will give you fulfillment and happiness and resonates with your deeply held beliefs.

5. Values make you happier and feel more fulfilled

Since values give more direction and meaning to our lives, our minds become less confused about what we should do and pursue in life. It's like turning something blurred and vague into something more precise and vivid. Having values in life can generally make you better in terms of your relationships with people. As a person, you can become more respectable and trustworthy by doing the right things and having direction in your life, such as having life goals to pursue. And when things go okay in your life, you will get inclined to feel better and more optimistic, leading to more fulfillment and happiness.

Discover your core values in life

There are different values in life, depending on where they mainly apply and have an effect. For example, personal values have something to do with personal growth and development; social values emphasize how you treat people around you, while organizational values can affect how you fare in your workplace and career. What individual values we form will depend on our experiences and how we interpret the things we see and happen around us. It is important to note that the values we possess now may change over time depending on the circumstances of our lives. While values may vary, what's essential is that we maintain having them as personal guiding principles on how we should think and what to do in life. Try to have some time to evaluate different areas of your life and see what things resonate with you. From there, your unique values can form, and they can help you gain more focus and understanding of who you are as a person and what life means to you.

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