What Makes Life Worth Living

life purpose May 11, 2023

Being alive is a gift; to make that precious gift worthwhile, finding out what makes life worth living is essential. Everyone has their vision of happiness and fulfillment, with unique passions, experiences, and goals that give our lives purpose, but how do we discover these things ourselves? This blog post will explore the different factors that can make life worth living for each individual. Discover how to craft your perfect path to satisfaction, from cultivating meaningful relationships to pursuing exciting hobbies.

What is a good life for you?

"This is life." Have you ever had a chance to say this statement sometime in your life? Usually, it happens when you can experience good things and have excellent overall satisfaction in your life. Then, almost everything feels clear, and you don't feel lost regarding your place and societal role. Therefore, life is worth living for you. However, to arrive at this kind of sentiment, there can be a lot of soul-searching and asking yourself questions. What makes life worth living can be different for every person, but in general, some things can make us arrive at this conclusion. It is a worthy goal to see life in such a way, as this will only make your time in this world worth spending and not feel like you are only going through the motions without clarity. See if you can do and achieve any of the following.

1. Finding your purpose

Perhaps the best thing that can make you think your life is worth living is when you finally find your purpose. But unfortunately, it is not that easy to find one's purpose in life; no one is obligated to tell us what it is, and there are no clear guidelines for what it is for us. Therefore, it is up to us to discover our purpose and give life meaning. Unfortunately, finding one can take a long time, and we may feel confused about it. However, we shouldn't give up on it, and no matter how big or small our purpose, it doesn't matter as long as we value it and derive fulfillment and happiness from it.

2. Being able to do the things that you like

A meaningful life can mean being able to do the things that you want and enjoy. We have our interests and things we want to pursue and do because we feel happy doing them. Living a life where we can do such things without hindrances, such as people criticizing us for what we do even though we are not doing anything immoral, is one way to make life worth living. That's why we shouldn't forget or let go of things we enjoyed as a child because some of them may continue giving us happiness as we become adults and could be the things that can make our life meaningful.

3. Having good relationships with people

Experiencing love and other positive emotions through a relationship with another human can give us joy and purpose. Of course, not all humans we interact and form a relationship with can end up well, but it's safe to say most people can become good friends, colleagues, or family members to us. One should consider it a blessing to experience loving kindness and support from others. When surrounded with such positivity, we can see life better and as something worthy. Being respectful and kind toward others in society can make others do the same to us.

4. Pursuing your dreams and goals

Dreams and goals give direction and purpose to our lives, and when we have something to strive for, every moment that we live and work toward achieving them becomes a worthy experience. If you ever feel lost and don't know what to do with your life, setting a goal or following your childhood dream can give you a sense of what you need to do and give life more meaning. Goals can be born out of your interests, or perhaps what others achieved has caught your attention, and you want to do the same. Life becomes more worthy if you have something you want to achieve, and it is even more fulfilling if you succeed.

5. Do something for the sake of others

It's not always about ourselves that can make life worthy. Sometimes, doing something good to make others happy and feel better about their lives can make us appreciate life more. Happiness is contagious; if the people around you are happy, you can feel the same way too. Others can feel happy if their lives improve; this can happen if we help and support each other. We can be happy for the success of others and learn from each other, so all of us will go up instead of pulling each other down for one's gain. Being thanked by somebody for something we did to help them can be a satisfying experience, and one can make it his purpose to dedicate his life to helping others. It's something that can make one's life worthy.

6. Living life the way you want

Life can sometimes feel restricted by society's rules and expectations of how we should act and live. Despite how some may like to tell us that we are free to live life the way we want, it's not that easy for many of us due to how many opportunities are dependent on certain factors like money and who is in our social circle. When life feels stiff and inhibiting, it can be challenging to see it as something worthy to go through and can become more of a struggle. That's why if you manage to come out strong and forge your path to create a lifestyle different from what is expected, life can feel more free, and you can see it more positively. A lifestyle that fits you is something where you love your work, have the resources and energy to do what you want, and have the time to do everything. It sounds idealistic, but it is something that we can make happen if we go a bit away from the standard path while having the courage and discipline to make decisions that can be risky but can be rewarding in the end.

We decide how to make life meaningful.

One's experiences and perspective can change how we look at life. When most things go our way, and it feels like we can do anything we want, it becomes a worthy endeavor. How life makes us feel, and the opportunities it presents us can change how we look at life. The good thing is that we can continually create the direction we want and decide what we should believe in, making life feel worthy. Life is a unique journey for each of us, and we can always make it go the positive way to make it worth the time and effort to go through.

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