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Living with Freedom

freedom life personal growth Sep 05, 2022

How would you like to live your life with complete freedom? It may seem like an impossible dream, but it's something that we can all achieve if we work for it. Freedom is something that many people take for granted, but it's a precious commodity that we should all strive for in our lives. This blog post will discuss what living in freedom means and how you can go about attaining it.

What is true freedom?

Freedom means to be free, to live how we want, and do what we want without feeling coerced or pressured by the system or people. It is an ideal that humanity has strived to attain throughout history, as exemplified by our ancestors' actions back then, such as breaking free from colonizers and fighting for the right to live properly and be accepted by society. Without such efforts, we probably won't have the kind of lifestyle we have right now. And even nowadays, the fire to fight for freedom is still burning brightly as not all nations have the same privilege of freedom that more advanced and financially sound countries have.

Going on a personal level, the same principle of freedom applies to our lives, albeit with a lesser scope regarding bigger things, such as the fate of the nation or the world around us. Personal freedom encompasses how you live your life and if you can do what you want without somebody or something else preventing you from having such a lifestyle. A lifestyle of freedom can be different for each individual, but its key components include the following:

The ability to do the things that you want. Each of us has something we want to do, but not all of us can do what we want. For example, lack of resources, insufficient physical or mental capability, or the presence of limiting beliefs and fears prevent us from doing what we like. Also, governing bodies might have rules that don't allow what you want to do. There is a good reason freedom can be considered a privilege and ideal, as not everybody has the resources, situation, and will that lets them pursue doing what they want.

The absence of limiting factors and judgments. When you can do what you want and live the life you like, it means that you overcame any bias or judgments coming from people who may be criticizing your lifestyle. Expect to see and hear people judge you when you go a different path from the usual lifestyle many people pursue. It can be challenging to break away from the norm, but it can be a precedent to living a free life. When you know what matters to you, others' opinions will not affect you anymore as long as you know you are not harming others and are following morally acceptable standards in your actions to pursue the life you like.

You live the lifestyle that you want. Life doesn't have to follow a template regarding how we should live it. However, for millions of us, life is like a daily grind of work and responsibilities the moment you graduate from school, and it goes on like that for three to four decades of your life. Society also expects you to get married and have a family, acquire a house or car, and have specific achievements and possessions at particular points in your life. It can be pretty stressful and challenging to maintain such a life for many of us, but you are not obligated to follow the exact path as others want it. Sure, we need the means to earn money to fund our needs and desires, but how we do it doesn't have to be a 9-to-5 grind. There are different ways to make money and other goals and interests that you can pursue aside from having a family and buying possessions.

Achieving the life that you want

Many people can easily see freedom as living a life that is not a grind and having the ability to express your ideas freely and do things you like. However, one should not mistake freedom for having the ability to do whatever one wants without repercussions, such as committing actions that violate laws and regulations for pleasure. There is still a certain degree of responsibility when it comes to freedom. Despite being able to live the life you want and do what you like, you still need to consider other people's lives because they, too, deserve freedom.

While it may be challenging to achieve freedom on a larger scale that affects nations and the world, you can start small by choosing to live life according to your terms. You don't have to immediately quit your job when you decide to live in freedom. Freedom means different for each individual, and it's up to you to define what it is for you. Of course, you have to make plans and put time and effort before you may achieve a state of freedom, but it's doable as long as you put your mind and actions to it. Several steps can help you achieve freedom.

1. Define what it means to be free

A lifestyle of freedom can vary for each person, and it's essential to be clear about what it means to you. For example, many people can see a freedom lifestyle when they can work according to their time and freely choose how many hours they can work per day. A good example is a freelance or work-from-home job where the hours are not fixed as office-type jobs, and you can do your work wherever you like. Establishing an online business is another example. However, freedom not only encompasses your work. It can also include your time and capacity to do things that give you joy and fulfillment outside work. Therefore, you must clarify to what extent you consider yourself living a free lifestyle. Once you define your ideal lifestyle, it will be easier to follow up with actions moving forward.

2. Overcome any fears you may have

So you have defined what freedom is for you. The next step will be the tough one: overcoming any fears or limiting beliefs that may prevent you from achieving such a life. These can range from anything, such as depreciating thoughts, phobias, self-imposed challenges, stereotypes, and judgments you may receive from others. Some things that prevent us from achieving the life we want are things we create for ourselves. They may be nonexistent worries, or things are not that bad. It takes courage and willpower to create the life of your dreams. You may have to give up some things, such as toxic relationships, unhealthy habits, or possessions that are not helping you. However, if the return is greater joy and fulfillment from achieving a lifestyle you want, then it will all be worth it.

3. Get it done and take action

Once you overcome your fears, it's time to make your desired lifestyle a reality. Taking action is essential to making your dream lifestyle a reality. This step can be just as challenging as overcoming your fears. You need to have enough motivation and commitment to focus on your goal and ensure it comes true. When starting, create plans to outline how you will achieve your desired lifestyle. Next, develop goals, starting from the bigger ones and then breaking them into smaller goals achievable in shorter periods. Having someone check on you to ensure you follow through on your actions can be a good idea. Expect failure and challenges to pop up on your journey, but don't quickly give up when they occur. Get support from your friends and family when things get tough. And remember not to rush things, as achieving the lifestyle you want may take a long time before you attain it. Set deadlines and start with small tasks, such as saving more money every payday, to eventually build up the resources you need to achieve your goals. Maintaining your momentum and keeping it until you hit your target is essential.

Live life according to how you want it.

Living a life of freedom can seem easier said than done for most people, but it's possible and not a myth. There are people around the world who were able to create the life they want, and just like you, they may have started from a life of grind until they realize they want something else and make it happen. Of course, the resources present, our skills, and our current circumstances can affect how easy or difficult it can be to attain a life of freedom, but we can always make a change. So, search diligently for the future and life that you like and work to achieve it. The path can be thorny and uneven, but it will be worth it in the end.

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