What You Should Keep to Yourself

boundaries communication privacy Oct 14, 2022

Some things are better kept to oneself. It is especially true in our time today when everything we do is just a click away from being seen by the entire world. So, whether you're posting on social media or sending an email, there are some things that you should keep to yourself. This blog post will discuss some things that are better kept private.

Your private life should not be a public spectacle.

Technology has ramped up and altered how we conduct our daily lives. For example, the way we communicate and interact with each other has significantly been affected by social media and the Internet. The concept of privacy has dwindled as people now have the habit of sharing almost everything about their lives with the public. This new habit has even become a source of income for some as they create video blogs highlighting things happening in their daily lives, and others watch it as a source of entertainment. What was once private is now public; anyone can view them anytime.

While people might get conditioned to this new normal, there are things in our lives that should still be private. For example, we may want to share information about ourselves with others for intimacy and to establish new friendships. However, not all people will react kindly to your share; some may even use what they learn against you. Others may respond negatively to what you share, even if that is not your intention. Sharing information can be okay as long as you do it with people you trust and are comfortable in knowing something from you, or the information you share is of little consequence to your life.

The following are some of the things you are better off keeping to yourself.

1. Opinions and beliefs

Each of us has our opinions and beliefs about particular things. Unless somebody asks you for them or you get involved in a public discussion, keep these things in your mind and don't divulge them. People can get confrontational over opinions on a particular matter, which can be pretty evident in online spaces like chatrooms and the comments section of websites. People's views can rile up each other in a public discussion. Respect other people's opinions and walk away if you don't want to accumulate unnecessary stress and anger in your life.

2. Information that others may tell you

Your coworker, family, or friend may tell you about something in their lives. It can be private information or a secret they are entrusting you. If they do such a thing, you better not spread the vital information they told you; otherwise, it will create unnecessary gossip that can lead to people assuming all sorts of things or misunderstandings. You also break the trust between you and another person when you tell others what they told you. If you are not that comfortable handling secrets, you can also tell others about this, so they will understand and not tell you private things anymore.

3. Personal problems

One's personal life can include issues, and these are things you shouldn't openly share with anyone unless it's with a trusted person or you are asking for help, such as trying to borrow money from somebody. Family problems and fights with your significant other are also things you should keep personal. It's better to fix things regarding these matters within your personal space. Of course, we may sometimes need to vent and accidentally tell others about these personal problems. However, there is a chance others can spread what you mean as gossip and cause various interpretations from others that can only worsen the situation, especially if others get involved that don't have anything to do with you.

4. The amount of money that you have

Personal finances are something you shouldn't openly share. The amount of money in your bank account, how much you spend, where you spend your money, and how much you earn are things you should keep private. Money can effectively trigger people to have specific ideas about you the moment they know about your finances. You may suddenly get requests from others wanting to borrow money from you if they know how wealthy you are and what personal things you buy with your money, especially if they are expensive. People may suddenly want to be friends with you, but of course, it's most likely your money that they may wish to acquire.

5. Personal weaknesses

Personal weaknesses are not something that one should openly talk about unless it's asked in personal development training or you are getting asked to do something that is not your strength. While some may think it is okay, some people may use your weaknesses to take advantage of you and cause them to invite you to situations where they can excel over you. So please keep these things to yourself and only tell them when necessary.

6. Your goals and ambitions

Goals and ambitions can be personal, and there are some reasons you may not want to tell them openly to others. When others know about your goals, you now have people who can judge and scrutinize your actions, such as notifying you that your plan may not be worthy or pointless. You may end up feeling unmotivated to continue. Another thing that can occur when telling people about your dreams is that others can have an idea of what to do and pursue and may end up stealing your ideas, such as when you go into detail about how you want to put a business or pitch a project in your workplace. Others will then get the credit if they happen to pursue your idea and pitch it first to your boss and finish the project afterward. While these things don't always happen, there's a possibility of it happening, especially if total strangers overhear your goals. You don't need to publicize your ambitions, and it might be a great idea to pursue them yourself and ask for help when needed, but don't disclose your detailed plan. Let others know about it once you get done and finish whatever project or goal you have.

7. Every single detail of your life

It used to be that we could only peek at people's daily lives through certain celebrities like the Kardashians in the form of reality TV shows. Nowadays, anybody can be a Kardashian if they have a channel on a social media platform like Facebook or YouTube. It's now possible to record videos of the daily snippets of your life and turn them into entertainment. While people may have conditioned themselves to such a phenomenon, it can get uncomfortable for some to let others see what they are doing in their lives, which is okay.

The privacy of your life should still matter as opening your life to everybody can make you vulnerable to criticisms and judgments from others, just like how celebrities deal with them. Unless you can tolerate such things, then maybe you can proceed but should still exercise discretion on what you show about your life to others. Not every little detail should get known by others, such as family conflicts, individual preferences for various things, what you have recently bought, or your bad habits. The same goes for the photos you post on social media. While you may feel good posting things on social media, others can get prone to misinterpreting things, creating unnecessary drama and conflicts. So exercise some moderation on what you allow others to see in your life, and only certain stuff that is not private or not that significant should get shown.

Some things are better kept to yourself.

Just like how we shouldn't share our usernames and passwords to our various online accounts, there are also multiple things we better keep to ourselves due to privacy and their value. However, certain boundaries need to get set in one's life, and people should know how to respect the life of others and not pry into every detail. Sometimes, our curiosity can get the better of us, but some things are better left unsaid. Not everyone will have good intentions after hearing something from you. Somebody can use detailed information they know to take advantage of others, such as understanding people's weaknesses, family troubles, and financial status or learning other people's secrets.

One excellent idea to put into your mind when sharing information is this: Is anybody asking you for them, and would you benefit from telling others about certain aspects of your life? If your answer is no, you don't need to disclose anything more for further explanation. The public doesn't need to know everything about your life unless something directly affects their lives and is very important.

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