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Evaluating Your Life

life personal development personal growth Sep 07, 2022

Are you happy with your life? It is a question that everyone should ask themselves regularly. Of course, it's not always easy to answer, but it's worth evaluating your life and seeing where you could make some changes. This blog post will discuss tips for assessing your life and ensuring that you are heading in the right direction. If you're not happy with where you are, now is the time to make a change.

How are you doing?

Life can be pretty complicated sometimes. You can do so many things, and no set path dictates what you should be doing. However, there is still that standard template of going to school; working afterward; getting married and having a family and children, buying a house, car, and some nice gadgets; and retiring after all these to enjoy life, which most people do. So ultimately, it's still up to us how we want to go about life. Life is full of choices and decisions; we can only know if we made the right decisions when things go well later in our lives.

Evaluating your life is a process that can help you check whether you are living your best life or can still do something to improve it. There are several reasons why you may want to evaluate your life sometimes.

Are you living your dream life or somebody else's life? One reason you may want to re-evaluate your life is to check whether you live it according to how you want it. It's easy to get swayed by people's recommendations and suggestions and follow along with what everybody else is doing. Nothing is wrong with this, but you still need to consider whether you are happy with what you are doing or maybe you need to change something in your life.

Are you still happy with what you have and do? So many things we do in life aim to make us happy and fulfilled. Unfortunately, there can be so many things we juggle to do each day that it may reach a point where they become automatic, and we do them for the sake of doing them. The question now is if you are deriving happiness from what you do. If not, it is a sign that you may need to do something else or change some aspects of your daily activities.

What do you want to achieve? Humans need a reason as to why they do things. Therefore, it serves as a great motivator why you must do something. Consequently, it's essential to check on yourself sometimes about why you might be doing certain activities in your life. Do they serve any purpose, and why are you doing them? Are they prerequisites to achieving something more significant later in your life?

How to assess your life

Evaluating your life is not a highly complex process. All you need is a significant amount of time to relax and quiet your mind, so pick a place where there won't be too many disturbances, including people that may bother you. First, sit or lie down quietly and think about your current life. Then, start thinking about how you are doing in various aspects of life. For example, are you doing well and happy, feeling neutral, or frustrated and sad about a particular part of your life? Next, note each aspect of your life and how you think about them on a notebook, computer, or smartphone. This way, you can have something acting like a vision board to check your progress later if you decide to take action on something that needs change. For example, if you are happy about something, it's good, and you can continue doing it as you do it. If it's neutral, then there may be some improvements you need to make, and even more so if you are feeling sad or angry about something. You may need to abandon current activities and do something else for the parts of your life where you don't derive any satisfaction or fulfillment. The following areas of life are good indicators where you will want to check on yourself.

1. Goals

Before you assess your goals in life, you must have them first. Somebody can go through life's motions without any particular purpose in mind. While some may be fine with this, others may feel empty when they are doing things for the sake of them without any clear goal in mind.

So if you have goals in life, check how you are doing regarding how you are achieving them. Do expect to feel down sometimes, as there will no doubt be failures and challenges you will encounter along the way. However, it's the result that you should check. Does it matter to you and give you fulfillment and happiness? If it's not, and you are already feeling frustrated with the process, maybe it's time to let go of your goals and choose to pursue another one. Creating SMART goals can help as they can ensure that what you are working on can be achieved within a specific amount of time.

2. Possessions

Possessions refer to all your belongings in your life, including furniture, gadgets, tools, vehicles, work-related stuff, etc. It is about everything you have in your house and workplace. You may need to check on these because you may be filling your life with so much clutter that you may be keeping around useless things that don't serve you anymore. Check what's working and not anymore, and stuff that may still be working but may be too old already. What are the things you still bother to use daily and are you still happy using these stuff? You can make some extra cash by selling things you don't need anymore, and you can refresh your life with new things to replace those that may be faulty already.

3. Health

It is a no-brainer that you should check your physical and mental health regularly. You always have to be in good condition if you want to meet your goals and do the things you like. Your body itself will tell you if something is wrong, such as through aches and pains or if you notice something different in your body. If something is bothering you, go to a doctor and have yourself checked. A healthy mind and body are integral to keeping you happy and optimistic about life.

4. Relationships

Relationships include our connections with others, such as coworkers, family, and friends. Not every relationship is perfect, and there will be ups and downs with someone. However, there may be some people in your life who are doing more harm than good to you. Just like belongings, you can let go of people who are not benefiting you and keeping you happy. It can be challenging to let go of people than material possessions, but it's something you may have to do instead of lugging excess emotional baggage in your life. Check who are the people you should keep in your life, especially the supportive and trustworthy ones.

5. Handling failures and problems

The road toward success can get filled with challenges, losses, and problems. It's normal to feel down when such things occur. However, you may be dwelling on failures for too long or unable to make a comeback. Review how you react and deal with such events in your life. If you can quickly get up after falling and take action, you're doing good. Otherwise, if you find it challenging to handle such downer moments in life, you may need more coaching and support to get your mindset into its proper state when dealing with adversities.

6. Treating others

How you treat others can make life easier or harder. Being friendly and kind toward others can make it easier to build supportive relationships so that when you find yourself in a pinch, there will be people that can help. Be rude to others, and you may find yourself in trouble. We have to live with others while living, so it's good to check whether you are generally on good terms with people or treating everyone like competition.

7. Personal growth

Moving forward in life becomes more manageable when we grow as a person through learning new skills and taking in knowledge. We can become stale if we keep doing the same thing and do not move out of our comfort zone. So evaluate yourself and see if you are still learning something new in your life, especially when you are already in the workforce and may not have much time to do stuff outside of work. Growing through learning can help keep things fresh and give you new perspectives.

8. Spirituality

Spirituality is an aspect of life that deals with the fact that our lives can be part of something greater, which can be in the realm of the supernatural. It can involve believing in someone or something that possesses divine and incredible powers that control the world and the universe or other elements that hold together the various aspects of life. While this can sound unscientific, it doesn't hurt to have a part of spirituality in your life, as it can help you get through tough times, especially when trying to make sense of what's happening around your life. You don't have to be religious to become spiritual; you only need to check if you have an ounce of belief in something that can be far greater than yourself.

Evaluate yourself and achieve your dream life

Spending time to evaluate yourself, like every month or quarter, can be good practice. It helps you check whether you are doing okay in life or may need to make some improvements or changes. The goal is to have a better life in the future so that every day won't look like a grind and there is something you can look forward to doing. What you do today can affect how your life will be later, so it's essential to check if the different aspects of your life are okay. The things we listed in this article are only a few examples of areas in life that you can check, and there are other things you can use as indicators of how well your life is going. Assess if you are happy and fulfilled over something; if not, it's time to make a change and find ways to make life a more wonderful experience.

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