Why Do You Need a Purpose?

focus life personal growth purpose Dec 04, 2022

We all need a sense of purpose in our lives. It gives us something to strive for and helps us make meaningful connections with other people. Without a purpose, we can quickly become lost and feel like our life is meaningless. This blog post will explore the importance of having a sense of purpose and why it is essential to living a happy and meaningful life.

Having a life purpose is essential.

Life by itself can be an empty slate. So one way to interpret life is that it has no meaning. However, this idea can be scary if you adhere to it. Just think how it feels to have an idea that your life has no meaning; does that mean all of your actions and thoughts amount to nothing? Having a purpose in life counters this idea.

A purpose is something that we find and create for ourselves. It can take time before we find one for ourselves. There are several ways to find one's life purpose, such as thinking about the things that make you happy and doing some self-evaluation to analyze what makes you tick. It is a worthwhile endeavor to take some time to think about your purpose in life. The earlier you find it, the better. There are good reasons why you will want to figure out your purpose, as it can make life feel more meaningful and fulfilling if you know why you are doing everything in your life.

1. Life feels more meaningful

We humans need to make some sense of everything in life. Otherwise, it will feel like going through life daily like a slog. Purpose helps give meaning to life. It helps fill the void of meaninglessness and provides structure and motivation to keep pushing forward. When you know your purpose, you can create goals that align with it, and all your actions and thought can follow the same.

2. You can feel happier and more fulfilled

Life feels more fabulous when you know why you are doing things and where you are headed in the future. Even if problems and challenges come your way, you can become stronger after each stumbling block, knowing you still have somewhere to go and fulfill in your life. Everything makes sense, and you won't feel dread from the emptiness that life can bring if you don't create any meaning for it.

3. You will feel more motivated

Going through life daily without any purpose can make you feel like a robot that only does things for the sake of them and automatically. Having a purpose means having something to strive for, and all your work can lead toward it. Especially if you haven't fulfilled your purpose yet or it is an ongoing one, you will feel inclined to get up and work to accomplish something meaningful in your life. You are living life instead of going only with the motions.

4. A better state of health

When you are passionate about working on something, you will feel more inclined to live a healthy life to have the energy and time to achieve what you want. Without any strong sense of purpose, one may neglect their physical and mental health since they may not see any point in doing anything and may end up doing acts that can sabotage their health. A stronger sense of purpose can make you take care of your well-being so you can live up until you reach your goal and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

5. You know what to prioritize

One thing having a purpose can help you with is that it narrows down what you should prioritize in your life based on it. You will know what career path to take, set clear goals that follow your purpose, and focus on the important things that can contribute toward your purpose. Anything else that doesn't relate to what gives meaning to your life can be set aside or even not done at all. You don't need to get too busy and drown yourself in too much work if you know the only things you have to do to get closer to your clear purpose.

6. You start taking action

A purposeful life is the key to getting yourself to take action and achieve personal growth. Without any purpose, one may feel lazy or get into the habit of procrastinating because you may not find a greater sense in what you are doing and why you have to do them. It can feel like starting life anew once you find your purpose. You will attain a growth mindset because you want to achieve something. You also spend more time on things that will help you reach your destination.

Strive to live a meaningful life

In a sense, our purpose in life serves as a description of who we are. By default, all of us are born here in this world the same: without any fundamental law that states what we should be doing and how we should act. However, as we grow up and time passes, we derive ideas from others and our surroundings. We form our interests and possibly find what strikes a beat in our hearts and minds. We may copy what others do, but ultimately, we can develop our identity by thinking about what we want to do, and a purpose helps us do that.

We then create goals and actions that will lead us to our purpose. Although our actions do not entirely describe who we are, they are still a significant part of how others see us. That's why a purpose in life is part of our identity. What we do can affect others, and the way others see us can depend on what efforts we exert in life. Therefore, it is not only us that benefit from having a purpose in life.

One must also remember that life doesn't stop at the unique purpose you have found for yourself. You may continue to pursue a different purpose once you have achieved one, or you may need to change it depending on your circumstances. What's essential is that you always find something that can drive you to move forward in life and be able to answer somebody when they ask why you live your life.

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