Getting What You Want in Life

desire fulfillment happiness life personal growth Aug 09, 2022

Everyone wants something in life. Whether it is happiness, wealth, success, or love, we all strive to achieve something. However, some people may not realize that we need the right mindset and take specific actions to get what we want. This blog post will discuss how you can go about getting what you want in life by setting goals, changing your perspective, and taking action.

How to obtain your desires

Some people may say that you can't get everything in life. While this may be true to some extent, it doesn't mean we shouldn't exert any more effort to obtain what we want. We can always try to attain what we want, and there are several things we can do in our lives to make it easier to get what we want.

Money is not everything, but it is still essential to getting what we want. Many people want more money in life, but it may only bring satisfaction for a short time. Instead, it is only a means and the initial thing we need to have and secure before we can start pursuing what matters to us. Financial security is a worthy goal to target initially, but this is only to put you in an excellent position to achieve the goals that can bring you the greatest fulfillment and happiness.

Our wants in life can be in the form of physical objects or intangible things that bring satisfaction and happiness from the inside, like having good relationships with people, a healthy body, or doing something fulfilling. One can obtain many things in life if one exerts effort and have the right mindset. However, aside from action and perception, there are other things one must learn to get what one wants.

1. Never stop learning

Learning doesn't have to stop after graduating from school. Instead, it is a life-long process that can help us grow and achieve more in life. When you know more in life, more opportunities open, such as good-paying jobs and other income sources that can supplement your primary job. You can also shift to different careers and discover things that can give you fulfillment. Whether you are looking to obtain something you want or those that satisfy your well-being and mind, learning new ideas and skills opens more doors for you, making it more possible to attain those that you think maybe unattainable.

2. Step out of your comfort zone

Your comfort zone can be imagined as a circle that surrounds you that contains all your current beliefs, knowledge, and skillset. Beyond that circle are things that you can further learn and do if you decide to make an effort to step out of your current circle and widen its scope. Moving out of your comfort zone can be frightening as you mostly explore the unknown, things you haven't tried before and don't know whether you will fail or succeed. However, unless you try, you won't know if something can bring you tremendous success and happiness. Things that you think are unattainable may be in such a state because you currently don't have the capabilities to obtain them. However, with effort and courage to move out of your comfort zone, coupled with learning, you can pull the unobtainable things within your circle and make them more reachable.

3. Expand your network

By yourself, your options can be limited in terms of opportunities and growth. However, the people around you, such as your coworkers, friends, and family, may bring additional resources and opportunities you may not unlock by yourself. Networking is not only for getting more job opportunities but also for finding opportunities outside work that may help you get what you want. Some ways can help expand your social circle, and you may meet friends and people who may inspire and motivate you to pursue something bigger in life.

4. Get better at communication

We have to deal and negotiate with various people in our lives to get closer to getting what we want. So it is imperative that we correctly communicate with others to tell them our beliefs and what we want in life. We may not always get what we want, but asserting these things to others is the first step toward having a try in fulfilling our desires. Effectively communicating with others helps us be on good terms with people and can pave the way toward what we want.

5. Have the right mindset

Without the proper perspective, it's more challenging to think we can attain something. Indulging in negativity can make you think you are not capable of achieving something. Instead, focusing on positivity is better as it puts your mind in a better state. You concentrate more on the possibilities of attaining something, so you're willing to put more hours into working and putting the effort to make something a reality. Having the right mindset also includes being resilient in facing challenges and failures, so you can always get up after experiencing them and trying again. You must manifest the desire and think it is within your reach to obtain them.

6. Overcome limiting beliefs and fears

Limiting beliefs are ideas in your head that make you think you are incapable of doing something. Past experiences bring these limits and continue well into the present, preventing us from achieving or attaining something because we got used to the idea that trying will only fail. However, things can change, and what used to put a stop on you may not be the case anymore in the present, and you will only know if you give something a try. Our fears stop us from trying something, and unless we do something to overcome them along with our limiting beliefs, the things we want may forever stay in the realm of imagination.

7. Create goals

Goals are the stepping stones that can help us get what we want. A goal is like an action plan that illustrates what you must do and the resources you need to obtain one thing. Without goals, it can feel like you are just moving and doing things from one place to another without a solid reason for doing them. It can lower your motivation and make you think some things are unattainable in your life due to a lack of action. Goals push you to do something. It's a good idea to create goals that answer why you are living in this world and what your purpose is in living.

Get what you want and make it a reality.

While some people may think that certain things are not meant for you, you won't know if it indeed is unless you try and make an effort to get them. A vast majority of things and accomplishments in the world are up for grabs, and it's up to us to take them into our hands. Therefore, it would be best to have a clear idea of what you want in life, which can bring more joy and fulfillment. Afterward, start forging the right path toward obtaining it by applying what we mentioned in this article. With time and effort, you may eventually get what you want, making you think you can attain anything with the proper perspective and actions.

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