You May Be Setting Yourself Up for Failure

change failure personal growth Feb 15, 2023

We all want to be successful. We work hard, put in the effort, and hope that we will achieve our goals. But sometimes, we set ourselves up for failure without even realizing it. In this blog post, we will discuss ways you may sabotage your success. Be sure to read this post carefully to start making changes today and improve your chances of success.

We may be preventing ourselves from achieving success.

Failures don't happen only by chance. Sometimes, we may unknowingly set ourselves to fail because of our actions and decisions. It can be more challenging to achieve success if we do bad habits and practices, and we may not notice we are doing them. Once failures occur, our heads may scramble from having difficulties handling the situation and thinking why they may have happened.

Knowing what actions can cause us to have a higher chance of incurring failures is essential. This way, we can take some preventive measures and change our steps before it's too late. Of course, we can do things to help us solve our problems once failures occur, but it's better to prevent them from happening or at least lessen the negative impacts once they occur. So, see if any of the following habits and actions apply to you, and do something to change them so you can progress in life and attain success.

1. Not having any vision or goal in life.

A vision or a goal is something that can give us direction in our lives. We know what to work for when we have a goal and the reason why we do things when we have a vision. Goals help us fulfill our vision; without them, we might feel lost and unmotivated with life. As a result, we may feel down and empty, leading us to form bad habits that can affect our health. So if you feel like you are just making the motions of life and doing things automatically like a robot, now is the time to think of your vision and what you want to achieve. It may take a while before you find yours, but you can eventually find one if you take the time to think about what excites you the most and gives you a sense of purpose.

2. Setting unrealistic goals

Once you have found your vision, the next step is creating goals to help you fulfill your dream. First, however, you must know how to set goals properly; otherwise, you may set yourself up for failure. For example, setting big goals that may be too much for you to accomplish can make you fail along the way. Also, focusing only on long-term goals without breaking them down into smaller ones can make you less motivated when you don't immediately see results, and you may get the illusion that you are not achieving anything. Therefore, it is essential to set SMART goals to achieve what you want. Breaking down more significant and long-term goals into smaller ones makes it easier to track progress, and you keep getting a sense of accomplishment by achieving smaller goals that help keep you motivated to work. Also, don't forget to set goals that resonate with your values and interests to stay focused and succeed more quickly.

3. Not doing any learning or stepping out of your comfort zone

Some people prefer to stick with what they are comfortable doing. Also, some are more resistant to change due to uncomfortable feelings and a lack of familiarity with doing something new. It is not wrong to stick with what is working and keep old habits. However, we will not grow and reach our full potential if we don't try to learn new skills and venture into uncharted fields that may prove rewarding. Also, being not knowledgeable about something may put you in a dangerous situation and make you liable for failure when you don't know what to do should something happen. Learning and trying new things is like equipping yourself with resources and skills to help you be more ready to face challenges.

4. Not changing or breaking bad habits

We all have habits, some of which don't do us any good, but we may not realize or acknowledge them. Continuing to practice bad habits may eventually harm the body and mind. We must recognize that we may be making bad habits and find ways to change or remove them. The earlier we do away with them, the better. Prolonging bad habits, such as procrastination or not doing any exercise, will only bring us to a troublesome situation later if we don't change our ways.

5. You don't have any plan to accomplish your goals

While you may have set goals you want to accomplish, not having any specific plan for achieving them may make your work useless and not bring any results. You must make particular objectives to meet your goals, such as setting deadlines, noting what you should achieve within a week or month, determining the resources and skills you need, what specific action you need to take, etc. Jumping from one activity to another and randomly doing things without knowing what to do precisely can make you fail to reach your goals.

6. Not taking care of yourself

Failing to do self-care may eventually put you in a troublesome situation later. You may feel more stressed about life, or you may get a disease by failing to take care of your health and giving yourself time to take a break and enjoy your life. We may sometimes get too busy that we keep on prioritizing others' needs but fail to take care of ourselves. Always have time to care for ourselves because people may not always be there to help us.

7. Being too pessimistic

Too much negative thinking can narrow your point of view of the world. It can limit you from trying new things and opportunities out of fear of failure or thinking about worst-case scenarios. You may not also engage in any self-improvement or don't set any goals because you may feel too unmotivated or see things as pointless. You are depriving yourself of opportunities to help you achieve success and grow. Changing into an optimistic mindset can help counter negative thoughts from constantly overtaking you. You can't change overnight, but if you keep practicing things that can help add more positivity to your life, you are taking the necessary steps to get closer to success and prevent failures from happening.

You can prevent or lessen failures from happening.

Failures don't just suddenly happen. Instead, they can result from making ineffective decisions or actions that harm us more than bring good. Therefore, it is possible to control the chances of failure by making the right efforts and prepping ourselves in case troubles happen later. In addition, expanding our knowledge base and skillset helps us cover more aspects of life that may suddenly hit us at any time. Finally, having trusted people for support can also be a backup plan if we need to overcome something. Remember that you can always make changes within yourself to have the right mindset and take proper actions, so you can always get back up should things not go the way you want them.

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