The Difference Between Hobby and Passion

fulfillment happiness hobby passion May 19, 2022

Do you enjoy spending your free time doing a particular activity? Is that activity something you would consider a hobby, or is it more of a passion for you? There is a significant difference between the two, and determining which one it is can help you make good use of them in your life. This blog post will explore the differences between hobbies and passions and how to make the most of them.

Is it a hobby or a passion?

Ask somebody what's the difference between a hobby and a passion, and most people may think they are the same. However, there is a difference between the two. It's essential to note the difference because these two things may serve as the foundation for your career and give you happiness and fulfillment in life. For the most part, hobbies and passions are identical because they may involve the same activity, such as cooking, playing sports, reading, drawing, etc. The difference lies in the following things:

Time investment

Time plays a significant part in distinguishing a hobby from a passion. Therefore, a hobby is generally a "time-killer"; it's something that you may do to pass the time so you won't get bored. So whenever you have some free time after finishing work or during breaks, what you do during these periods are generally your hobbies: playing video games, browsing the Internet, reading a book, watching TV, etc.

A passion works differently: you "make time" to do these things. So no matter how busy you are every day, you ensure that you dedicate some time to do your passion. You may even find a way to integrate your passion while doing your job. A hobby is something you can pass on doing if time doesn't permit it, but with passion, you try your best to do them even for a short while because they are that important to you and gives you immense satisfaction and drive from doing them.

Emotional investment

Hobbies generally involve activities that make you feel good and happy. So whenever you feel down and want to unwind, they are the things you turn to do. They are generally light-hearted activities that don't need great skill or motivation to do. The same things may also apply when doing something you are passionate about; however, they lean more towards positive reinforcement and encouragement. Passions tend to give you that inner fire to do something, and they are things that may bring significant positive changes in your life by fulfilling goals or unlocking more opportunities in your life. On the other hand, passions have a heavier emotional investment, and they are things that may bug your mind whenever you aren't able to do them because you are just that invested in doing them.


Hobbies are mainly for deriving enjoyment in your spare time, and you do them to inject some dose of happiness into your life. You still derive pleasure from passions, but they may come later. A person who is passionate about something may feel the need to improve and become better at their craft. That's because a passion can become one's career path. One's enthusiasm for something may be caused by seeing greater purpose in doing an activity that can lead to greater fulfillment, especially when one can turn their passion into work. A passion can align with your beliefs and values and hence the desire to be good at it to achieve what's important to you.

Should I have a hobby or passion?

The answer is both. Hobbies and passions add spice to life. Life will feel like a chore and tedious process without them. But, on the other hand, they both make you feel happy and fulfilled and accomplish specific roles in your life. Any activity can become a hobby or passion; it depends on how much time and emotional investment you are willing to make for something. A hobby can turn into a passion and vice-versa. How you want to treat an activity will dictate whether it becomes a hobby or a passion for you. If you only want to do something to relax and have fun, then it should stay as a hobby. However, if you're going to get serious and become better at doing something and plan to turn it into a career, it will be better to become a passion.

I don't have a hobby or passion. How can I find one?

Some people may not have a hobby or a passion. However, if you identify yourself as one, it won't hurt to try finding new hobbies or activities that you can be passionate about doing. Remember your childhood days and recall anything that you enjoyed doing. Maybe you put them aside once you become an adult; it wouldn't hurt to try doing them again. Also, you might not just notice, but you most likely excel at doing something. Things you are good at and feel happy doing can become your passion. Try stepping out of your comfort zone and doing new things. Who knows if you will develop an interest in doing something and get enjoyment and fulfillment. Attending events or immersing yourself in groups that cater to specific interests may ignite something within you. Whatever you decide to pursue and do, ensure that it brings something worthy to your life, such as happiness and fulfillment. When we feel like the world is throwing its weight on us, our hobbies and passions are what can help us go through the hardships and realize what we can achieve to be more successful.

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