Why Do We Get Bored?

attention boredom Nov 22, 2022

Do you ever feel like you can't get interested in anything? That everything is a drag, and nothing seems fun anymore? If so, you're not alone. Many people around the world experience boredom regularly. But why do we get bored in the first place? And what can we do to combat it? This blog post will explore the different reasons people get bored and discuss some strategies for overcoming boredom.

Are you feeling bored lately?

Boredom is something that most of us experience at some point in our lives. It's when you feel like doing nothing, uninterested in whatever you are doing, or tired for some reason. It's normal to feel bored sometimes, and it can indicate that something is wrong or missing in our lives and surroundings. There are several reasons why we may feel bored, and it is essential that we become aware of such reasons, so we can act on them and do something to beat boredom.

1. Things have become too repetitive

There are many things in life that we have to do daily. It may be out of necessity, and circumstances force us to do them repeatedly. A good example is our work. At first, we can feel excited and nervous about doing something new or challenging. As a result, we may feel motivated and good about our work for the first few months. However, as time passes, and we become familiar with our job, and no new tasks get introduced, we may experience boredom. This is because we now do things automatically, which can start to feel repetitive. The same thing can also happen to other things, even with our interests. It's refreshing and exciting initially, but as things become more predictable and redundant, we may lose interest and get bored.

2. Lack of stimulation

Things must be engaging and resonate with our interests, so we can continuously feel motivated when doing them. There has to be some novelty involved to make us feel excited about something. So if we are doing and engaging with something that seems dull and doesn't catch our attention enough, we can feel boredom and lose interest in it. People have different tastes and preferences, and some require more external stimulation than others. When our need for stimulation is not met, we can get bored over something. We can only realize that something is not for us after doing it for a while or, based on initial engagements, we feel bored, and we don't feel like doing it anymore because it doesn't resonate with our interests.

3. Attention span problems

People nowadays seem to have shorter attention spans, and we are talking about seconds of attention span. Within the first few seconds of any medium, such as a video or an article on a website, it must catch the people's attention; otherwise, they will leave within a few seconds. Technology and the introduction of fast-paced means to do things may contribute to the decreasing attention spans of people. And if people have short attention spans, they can get bored quickly.

4. Lack of challenge or novelty

When something requires more attention, knowledge, and skills, we can focus more on what we are doing. So when something feels too easy or familiar to us, we can get bored due to a lack of stimulus because we already know what we are doing, which can feel automatic. The lack of excitement can also come from something that doesn't have much novelty. We get the idea in our heads that we have seen or done this before, so the next time something occurs again or we get introduced to something with familiar elements, we may not get that interested in doing them.

5. Depression

When you notice that you are feeling bored more often, it can signify depression. Depression can afflict us with chronic boredom in that we lose interest in things, including those we previously enjoyed. For other human beings, boredom only happens sometimes, but if it becomes a regular occurrence, it can be something more serious, indicating our health condition.

6. Lack of purpose and passion

Feeling bored can quickly happen when your daily schedule is filled with tedious tasks that don't seem to contribute to something more significant in your life. You may do things the same way daily, and you may not have a clear direction for where you are going. This kind of thing can happen when you don't have a clear vision and purpose for your life. Without an ultimate goal to strive for, you may feel like you are just pushing yourself lazily every day to make ends meet to live.

Not having any hobby or passion for enjoying yourself during your free time can also contribute to boredom. Imagine lying down on the sofa or bed, doing nothing. It can feel like you are in an empty room without anything to stimulate your senses.

What can I do to beat boredom?

One must develop self-awareness that you are feeling bored. After that, identify what can be causing you to feel bored. It could be any of the reasons we mentioned above, a combination of them, or other factors. Boredom is usually seen negatively, but it can be a positive sign that something needs to change in your life. It can be the spark that can make you do something to improve your life. Various ways can help us beat boredom, and you can try different ways depending on what's causing you to feel bored.

  • If things seem too familiar already, try giving yourself a challenge and look at what you are doing from a different perspective. For example, if you are already good at your work, why not challenge yourself and see if you can deliver more output or use a different technique to accomplish the same result? The idea is to introduce something new to your usual workflow so you can look at it in a new way that will help invigorate your senses.
  • Have a hobby or passion, seriously. We won't always be busy, and there will be times when we will be in downtime or are free to do whatever we want. Hobbies and passions help fill these gaps. They are also something we can look forward to, making us more motivated to finish our work and responsibilities so we can have time to do them.
  • If a health condition like depression is what's causing you to feel boredom, you should get yourself checked and treated by a medical professional. There may also be other conditions that are making you feel tired more often or weak, so get yourself treated before things get worse.
  • Learn something new, and you may discover something that can ignite your life. On the other hand, doing the same things repeatedly and getting comfortable can lead to boredom when everything has become familiar and things feel too easy. So instead, try an activity you haven't done before, learn a new technique for doing something, or read a book about a subject you are unfamiliar with. It's easier to get stimulated when something new comes to our senses, and we need to exert some effort to accomplish something new.
  • If you feel bored due to loneliness, you have to mingle with other people. Some activities can get done fine just by yourself, but depending on your personality, you may feel lonely doing them alone. For example, eating alone at a restaurant, watching a movie, or strolling in a mall may make others feel lonely, leading to boredom. Instead, have somebody accompany you, like a friend, to make things enjoyable. Things can become interesting when you have somebody along with you to enjoy the experience and have somebody to talk with.

Boredom can set in anytime, and it's normal to experience it as we all feel like we are in a slump sometimes. However, when it becomes a regular thing, it becomes a concern, and we should do something to help alleviate our boredom. Getting into the causes and doing something to improve or change them can help make our daily activities more enjoyable, keeping away any possible instances of boredom from happening.

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