What Does Life Mean?

life personal growth Nov 01, 2022

What does life mean? It is a question that gets asked throughout history, but its answer remains elusive. Some people believe life is nothing more than a series of coincidences, while others think it has a greater purpose. The truth is, nobody knows for sure what life means. However, that doesn't mean we can't explore the question and find answers. This blog post will discuss some of the possible meanings of life and how to find meaning in your own life.

Does human life have meaning or not?

Answering the question, "What is the meaning of life?" can be very challenging. There is no one correct answer for this, which can vary for each person. The answer can be biological, philosophical, spiritual, or whatever meaning the person desires. And this is if the person decides that life indeed has meaning because, on the other side, it's possible to think of life as having no meaning. Thinking of life as having no meaning can work for some, but others may have difficulties accepting such a notion which may lead to an existential crisis. Nevertheless, most will probably think that life has meaning, and in this pursuit of meaning, many further questions and ideas can pop up in our minds.

From a biological standpoint, life can be defined as the vitality and continuous functions that occur inside our bodies, allowing us to act, breathe, speak, think, and perform many other actions. One can stop here when defining life, but others may think there's more to life for what it is. In this pursuit of making sense of life, we may get confronted with ideas more significant than ourselves, like the existence of gods or an invisible thread that guides our life somewhere. We may also hit a wall and conclude that life has no meaning. But, after searching for some time, we may insist that there must be some meaning to life; otherwise, all our efforts will be for naught.

When trying to figure out life's meaning, you must believe that life has meaning indeed. From there, you can try various things to define what life is for you. It all starts with having awareness about life itself, and this will happen if you give time for yourself to think about such things. So why bother thinking about life's meaning? Because once you know your life's meaning, it can get easier to follow what direction you want to take your life, and all the things and events that happen in your life will make more sense. You won't feel lost and can be more optimistic and resilient when things go wrong. So yes, life has no one correct definition, and it's up to you to define it, and the following things may help you discover it.

1. Find your purpose in life

Life can feel empty when you don't know what to do with it and are just riding the motions, embracing whatever happens to you. During such a situation in a person's life, one can question what life is. Try figuring out your purpose in life to help clarify things in your mind. One may think that figuring out your purpose in life can be just as puzzling as thinking about the meaning of life, but once you figure out your purpose, it's almost as if you have already created meaning for your life. One way to give meaning to life is to have a purpose. Once you have one, you can create goals and therefore have something to aim for in your life. Life can feel like a forest full of fog, but with purpose, that fog will lift, and life will feel clearer. There are various ways to figure out your purpose, such as doing something in line with your hobbies and passions or taking them further as a career path. Look around you and be aware of your beliefs and interests; you may find the answer you are looking for in your quest to have a meaningful existence.

2. Develop self-awareness and practice mindfulness

Self-awareness and mindfulness are two things that can make one's life more meaningful. Being self-aware of one's existence means you know yourself well and understand why you do your actions in your life and why you feel a certain way during specific situations. On the other hand, mindfulness is developing awareness of what's happening around you. You focus on the present and thus prevent needless worries by letting your mind wander into the past or the future. With self-awareness and mindfulness, you free your mind of clutter, giving you space and time to think more clearly about what life is. You may also become aware of things you may overlook if you get too busy with everyday life, and it is within these things that you may find the answer you are looking for regarding the meaning of life.

3. Engage in spirituality

Spirituality is an aspect of holistic health. It deals with the belief in something more significant, such as gods or invisible forces, that governs our lives and has something to do with the things happening around us. Some may not want to believe in things that exist beyond the physical world due to a lack of evidence that proves their existence. Still, you may as well engage in spirituality if you are looking for the meaning of life, which exists in an invisible realm where spirituality resides. One way to have a meaningful life is by joining a religion that aligns with your beliefs. You can think that a god created you, and they have a particular purpose for letting you live in this world. You may not arrive at a clear answer, but at least you can always turn to this idea of god's purpose for you whenever you have existential questions about yourself and life. You can think that your continued existence and everything happening in your life must have a more significant reason why they occur, and all of it ties in with the purpose given to you by a god. Also, you don't need to subscribe to a religion to think about such things. As long as you believe that there is some invisible force responsible for giving more significant meaning to your life, you can rest in the idea and assure that everything will work out.

4. Do something new

Life can feel dull when you keep doing the same things every day, especially when you don't know why you do such things. You may not find the meaning you are looking for unless you try doing new things and moving out of your comfort zone. Try to learn new things and skills to let you do other activities you have never done before. You may find the meaning of life through these new activities and opportunities. Expanding one's knowledge about many things can help you find life's purpose or try to create one for yourself.

The meaning of life varies for each individual.

As human beings, we may sometimes feel lost about what to do in life. As a result, we may start to question why we are here in the world in the first place. There's possibly no meaning to life, or there could be, but we may never know what it is. No one is obligating you to figure out the meaning of life, but it is a question worth pondering as it can affect your well-being. We humans seem to need something that gives us direction, so we know what to do in our lives. Figuring out life's ultimate meaning is one way that can make everything make sense in a person's existence. All the rest will fall into place once we figure out or create life's meaning for us. So it is worth thinking about, no matter how scary it can be to believe that there may be no clear answer to our question. Our mind can be powerful, and one of the things it can do is give meaning to our human existence and make our time here in this world worth it.

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