What It Takes to Be a Hero

action hero positivity Dec 27, 2022

What does it take to be a hero? Some people might say that you need superpowers to be a hero, but we believe that anybody can be a hero if they have the right qualities. This blog post will discuss what it takes to be a hero and the qualities that make them stand out from the rest.

Who is a true hero?

In recent times, if you watch a movie in theaters or through a streaming service like Netflix, superhero movies are one of the more prominent genres of film you will see. There's quite a significant number of them, ranging from Superman to Iron Man. They make a lot of money for the studios that made them, especially Marvel. Their cinematic universe is comprised of many films and television series that are all superhero-themed. Other studios also do it, like the DC Extended Universe, distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, which has movies that star Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and other characters from DC comics. Seeing all these superhero-themed movies and series can make you wonder what could be the reason for their surging popularity. One could think it just clicked with people, and studios took the opportunity, or perhaps we need real heroes nowadays.

So if we are talking about heroes, does that mean you need superpowers like Superman or have massive resources and a high-tech suit like Tony Stark? Most people will not have these kinds of things, especially superpowers. However, certain traits make somebody a hero. For example, when we talk about heroism, most people will remember one-time acts that show bravery and selflessness, such as saving others during a disaster or putting yourself in the face of danger despite the risk to your life. However, some people can be considered our everyday heroes, such as doctors and nurses that help save lives or social workers who participate in outreach programs and help makes others' lives better. They don't appear in the headlines that often, so that can be why some of us may not consider them heroes, but they are. Certain qualities make somebody a hero, whether a one-time heroic act or enduring acts of heroism every day. Anyone can be a hero, but the following attributes must be awakened or developed to become one.

1. The ability to consider the welfare of others

Empathy and compassion for others play a big part in thinking and acting like a hero. Without the ability to think of putting ourselves in others' situations and considering the plight of people, we probably would not even think of doing any acts of heroism for others. Therefore, self-centeredness doesn't have a place in a hero's heart. While heroes also think about themselves, they would not hesitate to consider people's welfare first and do something that can help others. To a hero, the world doesn't revolve only around themselves, and others play a part in their lives, directly or indirectly. They can envision what could happen if they are in somebody else's plight, so they can extend a helping hand and do what they can to support others.

2. Courage

It is one thing to think about people's welfare; it's another to act on them. One of the most common traits people will see in heroes is that they are brave. They are willing to jump into danger, even if it means making self-sacrifice, to aid others, such as a soldier putting himself in the line of fire to protect a comrade or a person going through a fire to save someone, even if there is a risk of getting burned. Heroism can also be more subtle, such as doing the right thing even if others don't or standing your ground against oppressive rules or authority. What makes a hero is their ability to overcome fear and act despite the risk because they believe their actions will be worth it and a positive outcome can always happen.

3. Not expecting anything in return

It's normal to receive some thanks or reward after doing something good or commendable. Heroes can go beyond that by being okay with not receiving compensation after doing a good deed. They have most likely done something out of their will without anybody telling them to do so. The expectation that you should receive something after a heroic act defeats the purpose. In reality, they receive something after their deeds: admiration and praise from the people who benefited through their actions.

4. Voluntarily doing something without being told

Many acts of heroism are done out of the line of duty or without somebody telling them to do them. Heroic people need to do something because they think it is right and believe something positive can happen despite all the risks. Others may be afraid to jump in or don't see the situation from a different angle, but heroes do. They may get reprimanded by authorities for stepping out of the line, but if the result benefits others, it will all be worth it.

5. Optimism

Heroes are optimists. Even for someone who is not entirely an optimist, if there is a significant amount of positivity in one's mind and the belief that things can change for the better, one can commit a heroic act. You won't push and work hard for something out of your boundaries and limits if you don't believe it's worth taking the risk, and a positive outcome can happen. That's why a hero can do their act because they think and feel their efforts are worth it, and something positive can occur from their actions.

6. Skills and knowledge to do things

The lack of knowledge and ability to do various things can hold back someone from doing a heroic act, which can be why some choose to be a bystander despite seeing something that calls for help. For example, if you see someone faint and lying down on the road, you might hesitate to help if you don't know any basic first aid or don't have any contact number for medical assistance. You can instead ask for someone who knows first aid or a number that can refer a medical specialist to help. Heroic people more or less have the confidence and skill to perform feats that allow them to help people, and they are extraordinary in that sense. So if we want to become more heroic, we can learn about various things that can help us assist somebody who needs help and build confidence along the way to apply them.

7. Values and good morals

Heroic people have a solid moral compass that always guides them to do the right thing, no matter how complicated a situation is. They know their values and do their best to apply them in their actions and thoughts. Having a strong belief about something pushes someone to go farther than usual. Otherwise, there's no reason to go beyond the call of duty if we can't see why we are doing something and how it can affect others.

You don't need a cape and superpower to be a hero.

Heroes are usually depicted as humans or otherworldly beings with superpowers that allow them to do superhuman or godly feats that ordinary humans can't do. However, one thing to notice is that not all heroes in works of fiction are blessed with superpowers. Take Batman, for example. He does not possess any superpower but is blessed with resources, knowledge, and peak human potential in terms of physical prowess that allows him to fight criminals. It's the mindset that makes him a hero. He's more of a vigilante; he's not officially part of the police or any crime-fighting organization, yet he still fights criminals and mostly does them away from the spotlight. Authors give various reasons why he does his thing, but one can see that Batman chose to do his acts without anyone ordering him to do. It's clear then that superpowers are not what makes a hero; it's the mindset and willingness to become one that does. Anybody can be a hero; one does not need to perform extraordinary acts that catch people's attention. What's important is that we possess the characteristics that make a hero and apply them as much as we can in our daily lives, and we can already be a hero.

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