Expanding Your Social Circle

friends relationships social circle May 04, 2022

Do you feel like you need more friends or lack your social life? If so, don't worry – you're not alone. Many people find themselves in the same position. Thankfully, there are ways to expand your social circle. This blog post will discuss some of the ways to do just that.

Is making new friends getting difficult?

Recall back to the time when you were a kid. Making friends back then seemed so easy. So you go out in the neighborhood, find other kids like you, and start playing. Then, you start going to school and meet even more people of the same age as you. It's pretty easy to make friends when immersed daily with other people. The tradition continues as you go through high school and college. And then, you become an adult and start entering the workforce. Depending on your job and how your beliefs have changed over the years, making new friends may or may not be easy. Add in the many responsibilities and obligations we have as adults, and the time to socialize and meet new people may not fit in your schedule. However, it should not have to end this way. If maintaining a healthy social circle matters, you should make an effort to socialize and meet new people, which will help help you make new friends. There are ways to overcome the challenge of making new friends even when you are already an adult.

1. Find events that you can attend

Events are an excellent way to meet new people. These situations always involve a gathering of people. Try finding an event that falls within your interests. You may find interesting people as you attend such events. Also, it's easier to make conversations with people who have the same interest as you. Concerts, cultural events, hobby-centric meetings, and any event that involves group activities are some examples of events you can attend.

2. Put yourself out there

You will have difficulty meeting new people and making friends if you spend most of your time doing indoor activities and staying at your house. So instead of watching TV, browsing the Internet, playing video games, or dozing off at your home all day when there's no work, why not dedicate some time instead to go out and get some fresh air and sunlight? For example, take a walk in the park, explore your neighborhood, or go to a mall. These places are filled with people, and you have good chances to socialize with somebody else.

3. Engage in small talk

It's not enough to go out there if you intend to meet people. Learning to make some small talk and initiate a conversation is essential. You won't form any relationship when you go out and still spend time by yourself, possibly interacting only with your smartphone. Whenever you are in a situation with other people, you can try starting a conversation by making some simple talk. For example, while taking a public commute, you can try talking to the person sitting beside you and make some comments on the current traffic situation. While waiting in line, you can try talking with another person about what you are falling in line for and maybe make some comments on why it is taking long. The reverse can happen where other people will talk with you, and if it does occur, reply to them. Conversations are what can help you form relationships with other people.

4. Find ways to connect with other people

Nowadays, one is not limited to going out and meeting people in the flesh to socialize. Thanks to social media, online forums, chat groups, and the Internet, technology has made it possible to connect with others, even for people who have social anxiety or some disability that prevents them from going out often. You can connect with people with similar interests or join an online social group. You may even be able to connect with old friends that you have lost communication with over the years. With social media, it's possible to become friends with other people who are friends with your friends. You can form a social network online and enjoy hanging out with people, but do remember that physical interaction and meetings can still be different compared to online interactions.

5. Join a club or organization

If you want to communicate with people regularly and possibly make new friends, try joining a club or organization that caters to your interests. Being in a group like this means you will have more chances to interact with people and meet new people since the group you belong to will most likely hold activities regularly and have frequent chats. You get to spend time enjoying your hobbies and passions, and you also get to spend them with other people and make new friends with people that your groupmates know.

6. Go along with your coworkers' outings

When you start working for a company or an organization, it's common to get invited by your coworkers on their outings. It can be dining time together, going out on a trip during the weekends, or simply tagging along to go to a store. Try to go along with them as much as possible, especially if you are new. Your coworkers are interested in getting to know you better when they invite you, and they may also be looking for new friends, mainly if they are also newcomers. You may also get to meet their friends during outings to expand your social circle further.

7. Lower your expectations

When trying to make new friends, you will have better chances of getting along with others by opening your mind and becoming understanding of other people's interests and passions. It helps to lower your expectations when forming new bonds. Finding that perfect friend who won't ever disappoint you is a futile exercise. Every person has their faults and strengths, and raising the bar high too much will only make it difficult for people to enter your social circle. Try to find people with different beliefs and interests than you as this will make you more open to the world around you and gain different perspectives.

Your social circle is important.

We already know that socializing is a requirement for us to live appropriately. However, people possess different levels of social skills. For some, it's effortless to mingle with other people and make friends, while others have a hard time just speaking with someone. Maintaining and expanding one's social circle can be challenging when we get too busy. One has to make a conscious effort and maybe leave out of one's comfort zone to meet new people. Thankfully, there are ways to expand one's social network, and they are not very difficult to do. The willingness to establish friendships with other people is what's important. Having lasting connections with your friends and having the capacity to meet new people will be beneficial to your health and life.

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