What Makes Life Hard

emotions happiness life Apr 29, 2022

Life is hard. There's no getting around that fact. But sometimes, we make it harder than it needs to be. We add complications to our lives through how we think and our actions. This blog post will explore some of the things that make life hard and how we can overcome them.

Is life hard?

For a significant number of people, life is hard. It's quite true because of the way the world works, such as:

  • We need money to live, and it is a resource that is not easy to get. The most basic needs require cash, and one can equate it to living. Unfortunately, not everyone is in an excellent position to acquire it.
  • Opportunities are not equal for everybody. Some are born with easy access to things that help them get ahead, such as being born wealthy. Others will have to struggle to make ends meet and advance even for a little bit in life.
  • Society operates somewhat on a system of exclusion. Think and do things differently, and there is a chance of you being rejected by the system.
  • Other people's actions can make your life harder.

When somebody thinks that life is so hard, it can have debilitating effects. One may lose the motivation to work hard and dream because what's the point if life is going to keep throwing problems and wreck our plans. It's challenging to think positive and be happy when so many unfortunate things have happened already to someone's life. Sometimes, even when you work hard and diligently to achieve your goals, life will still throw a wrench on you, preventing you from attaining what you want.

Being told by somebody that we need to deal with it when it comes to life may not be helpful advice. Instead, it can cause somebody to think, "Oh, you probably say that because you had it easy and don't have major problems with your life." When somebody feels tired of life, it can be not easy to change their mind with positive affirmations and motivational speech. That's why it's vital to know some things that can make life so hard for a person, even though it may not be the case.

1. Lack of purpose

Life becomes more complicated when you don't know what to do with it. If you think about it, life is a blank slate. It's up to us to value it and make up its worth. So if you can't answer the question, "What is your purpose in life?" you may struggle and have difficulty moving forward. Copying what most people do in their lives may not make you feel happy and satisfied. Fortunately, there are ways in which one can figure out their purpose in life. Knowing which direction to take can make life easier.

2. Going through life alone

No one can go through life, overcoming all of its challenges without experiencing any difficulty by being alone. At different points in our lives, we will need the help of other people to get through life. We need the support of a family member while growing up as a child, camaraderie from friends while going through school, and assistance from peers while being an adult. Support is even more needed once we reach old age and our bodies get weaker, so we need somebody who can take care of us. Humans need physical and emotional support, and forming relationships with other people provides these. Unfortunately, some of us are in a spot where we hardly have anybody who can give help. Somebody needs to realize their lack of a social circle for support, so one should try to establish connections with other people to make life worth living.

3. Not being satisfied with what you have

Life can feel incredibly difficult when you do not get what you want. You may miss opportunities or not get the material possessions you want. Sometimes, working hard is not enough to get the result you aim to attain. If you find life hard when it does not grant you what you wanted, take a step back and look at what you have: the people around you, the things you have, and what you have accomplished so far. Think about what you want to achieve and attain. Could they be too high for you to succeed? Sometimes, we have to put into perspective our goals and see if they are still within the realm of possibility. Wanting so much more when you have enough can frustrate you when you don't attain them. Life has the tendency not to give us everything that we want. Gratitude can help us focus on the most important things and lessen the desire to acquire one thing after another.

4. The fear of moving out of your comfort zone

Sometimes, the things that can aid in personal growth and thus make life easier are the things we refuse to do out of fear. We fear failure, worry about the future, or the pain and bad things that can happen once we do something unfamiliar. These negative thoughts prevent you from doing what can bring lasting change and improvement in your life. You will face challenges and experience some pain from doing something out of your comfort zone, but these are only temporary. Should you step forward and push further, you may unlock opportunities to make life easier in the long run. Sometimes, our mind impedes us from gaining the comfort and pleasure of living life.

5. The people around you

This idea may sound harsh, but life may feel hard because of the people around you. You might have the presence of difficult and toxic people around you. You may have relationships with people, but you don't get any appreciation and support from them. Some people also don't care about the effects their actions have on others, especially if we are talking about criminal acts and inappropriate behaviors. We can't control the lives of others around us, so for the most part, it's up to us to make adjustments. We may have to move away from troublesome people and find others who can bring more positivity into our lives.

6. You don't know how to manage your emotions

For a significant part, life can feel difficult because of our thoughts and feelings. It's hard to control many things that happen in our lives, and for the most part, it's only our reactions and the actions that we will do later that we can control. If somebody's life is filled with negative experiences, it can make a person negatively see life. Pessimism, limiting thoughts, and negative emotions can fill one's mind. However, we can learn to manage our emotions and change our perspectives. It doesn't hurt to get the help of somebody to give us a different perspective and assure us some support. Changing our social environment and working to create more positive experiences can make us accept life better and see it in a positive light.

One's own life should not always be hard.

It is a fact that life is hard for some of us, but it doesn't have to stay that way constantly. Sometimes, you have to take a moment and look at your life and see what's making it hard for you. Our expectations may be working against us, and sometimes, only our minds distort life to make it look hard. Getting a different perspective can help us switch the reality and see that happiness and positivity exist in life. We can do various things to help remove the difficulty of life, deal with it better, and come out stronger.

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