Connecting with People

connecting friends people personal growth relationships Apr 19, 2022

People are social animals. We need to connect with others to feel happy and fulfilled. But, unfortunately, some people don't have a lot of friends or close relationships. There are many reasons for this, but one of the main ones is that people are busy and don't make an effort to connect with others, or they are shy or introverted. This blog post will discuss the benefits of connecting with other people and how you can go about forming those connections.

Connections with people are essential.

When we talk about making connections with people, it can mean two things. The first one deals with establishing relations with people on a surface level, meaning it's enough that you know somebody else's name and have some minimal interactions with the other person. This connection is mainly for establishing business relations to expand your employment opportunities and career growth. However, it can also work as a buffer if you get into a tricky situation, and it would come in handy to know somebody who is an expert at something to help solve your problems.

The second meaning of connections refers to establishing more profound relationships with people. Sometimes, it's not enough to know somebody and know a little thing or two about them. Even if you are together with your friends or peers, you might feel that you can't relate or connect with them. Maybe it's because you didn't exert enough effort to know them better or communicate with them regularly. However, forming genuine connections with people can result in you having real friends, family members, and trustworthy companions. Feeling connected with other people is beneficial for your mental health and well-being. Having social relationships is vital, but sometimes, we want to go deeper and form more meaningful relationships with the people around us. Establishing connections then plays a crucial part.

How can I tell I'm connected to someone?

It's easy to say that you have many friends and peers in your life, but how many of them can you say you have a true connection? More friends don't necessarily equate to a good social life if you have trouble connecting to any one of them or if none leaves a positive effect on your life. Having someone you can call a true friend in your life is an example of a relationship where there is a connection between you and the other person. Some signs indicate your relationship with someone is more than being an acquaintance.

  • You can talk about your deepest secrets to somebody without any worry. It's normal to talk about personal things because you trust the other person and know they will lend an ear to what you want to say.
  • There is an individual in your social circle you will often run to and talk about your problems when you feel the need to let out because they listen to you and shows empathy towards your concerns.
  • You don't need to fake yourself and act in a certain way in front of somebody. Instead, you show who you are and say what you mean without fear of being judged.
  • You are willing to help somebody without expecting any reward for doing it. Instead, you do it out of goodwill and empathy for the person.
  • You have kindness and empathy for somebody. You feel worried when something terrible happens to somebody close to you, and you have a genuine concern for the person.
  • A trust exists between you and the other person. You can entrust something to them because you are confident they won't betray you, and the same thing happens with them towards you.

The moment you realize that you do the things mentioned above to somebody in your social circle, you can form a deeper relationship with somebody, and there is a genuine connection.

How can I connect with somebody?

We know that having relationships with other people and having a social circle of your own are beneficial to your emotional health and well-being. However, not all people find it easy to establish connections with other people. It's even more challenging if you are shy, an introvert, anxious, or have psychological problems, such as low self-esteem or depression. People with such issues can find it challenging to connect with people, let alone reach out and speak to somebody.

If you suspect that you have psychological issues, it's best to get them treated as early as possible before they hamper your life further. Otherwise, if you don't have any psychological problems and still find it hard to socialize and connect with other people, there are some things you can try to help you.

  • Go out and try to immerse yourself in situations that involve spending time with other people, such as events, concerts, parties, or simply dining in restaurants. You will get better chances of meeting other people doing these than staying cooped up in your house.
  • Join a club, group, or organization that caters to your interests and passions. It's easier to build connections with people that share similar interests as yours.
  • If you are serious about establishing relationships with people, you should be the one to initiate a conversation with somebody. Don't be afraid of small talk. Sometimes, the most trivial conversations can be the trigger for a life-long relationship with somebody.
  • Try to volunteer in charitable works and community activities. Not only can you meet somebody during these activities, but you also do something worthwhile to benefit others.
  • Try to be more open about yourself during conversations; maybe a little glimpse about something in your life can work. People will be more willing to open up to you if you do the same and show that you are trusting enough to say something about your life. When there's genuine interest from both parties, connecting becomes easier.
  • Practice smiling more and exuding a positive aura. People will be warier of individuals who exude a cold atmosphere and looks too serious. Of course, there's nothing wrong with looking serious, especially if you don't feel too good, but people can generalize. It's easier to make connections when you have welcoming body language.
  • Don't act and create a different persona to make friends. Come the time to make deeper connections with people, the real you will spill out, and people might get disappointed to know that you are hiding something from them and not showing your true colors. It's better to show people who you are, and if there are people who are willing to accept you for what you are, you might have found people with whom you can form a deeper level of connection.

Connections are good for you and your mental health.

Being socially engaged and having genuine connections with people is beneficial to one's health and well-being. We become happier, live longer, and gain a sturdy support system that is helpful during times of trouble. Having connections gives us help when we need it, emotional support, a different viewpoint about things, acceptance, and validation. These benefits are only possible if you have authentic connections with other people. You are fortunate if you already have such relationships in your life, and you can do things to strengthen them further. Otherwise, if you find yourself lacking any meaningful connections with other people, you should try to put some effort into creating them as they can be helpful and make you feel good in the long run.

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