What Can Make Us Lose Motivation?

depression emotions motivation Jan 29, 2023

Motivation is an essential part of our lives. It keeps us going when things get tough and helps us achieve our goals. However, sometimes we can lose motivation, and it can be not easy to get it back. This blog post will discuss some things that can make us lose motivation and how to overcome them.

What can make you lack motivation

Motivation is essential to keep us moving forward when pursuing goals and trying to get ahead. Without it, we will struggle to commit to what we have to do due to not having enough reason why we have to do things. Therefore, it is our responsibility to find something that can work as a motivator to help us feel motivated in what we are doing. However, as much as there are things that serve as motivators, there are also things that can cause us to lose our motivation. Therefore, we must become aware of such things, so we can do something about them before our motivation drains forever and cause us to neglect work and do something with our lives.

1. Lack of clear purpose

Not knowing why you have to do things in your life will eventually decrease your motivation. You may start acting like a robot, doing things only because they became a habit and you got used to them. Having a "why" when doing anything is essential because it will be the anchor to pull you back and get working whenever you feel lost or down. On the other hand, you may start feeling lost without any reason, such as a goal or vision, and your well-being can be affected. So whenever you can, try to find time to think about your life's purpose or set a goal you would like to accomplish if you haven't got one yet. These will help you get on your daily routine and always have something to look forward to, preventing you from losing motivation.

2. Staying in your comfort zone for too long

It's normal for people to seek comfort and be safe with what's familiar. There's less risk of loss and causing unwanted things to happen in life. However, taking solace in comfort can also mean depriving yourself of the chance to grow. Achieving personal growth can mean moving out of your comfort zone and trying new things to learn skills and grab opportunities that can help improve your life. If you are not experiencing new things much in life, it can be the reason why you feel unmotivated due to a lack of stimuli from experiencing something new. Sure, new endeavors can be risky, but the payoff can be worth it, and you can feel more excited about life.

3. You have set an unrealistic goal

Goals can help us focus more and be motivated, but they can also be the exact reason for a lack of motivation if they are not set correctly. What we mean by this is that if the goal you set for yourself is too much and way beyond your capabilities, it can drain your motivation if you feel like you are not achieving much and are not getting anywhere. You may experience more failures than successes, and success might take too long. The reason is that the goal might be too big to accomplish by yourself, or the scope is too large to handle. That is why whenever we set goals, we must follow the SMART acronym when setting them. When goals are more specific and realistic, achieving them becomes more certain, and you will feel more motivated to work on them.

4. Presence of mental health problems

We might not notice it, but mental health issues can be the reason our motivation drops, and they can be challenging to see. Some signs indicate someone is not okay; others may notice them first, or you may see them yourself in you. These signs may tell somebody is not feeling well for a moment due to something, but if they persist and show more often, we can start to worry that a mental illness may be present, like depression. It is vital to seek professional help if we think somebody may be experiencing mental health problems because prolonging them may lead to something worse. Our state of mind is essential to keep us feeling motivated, so if something is troubling us mentally, we need to have it addressed as soon as possible.

5. Working on too many things at once

Feeling overwhelmed can drain your motivation, and this can happen when you try to work on too many things simultaneously. Your mind and energy get divided, and by not focusing on one thing at a time, you may not give your best at something, resulting in more failures that can decrease your motivation. You will also feel tired physically and mentally if you try to overwork yourself. You can stay motivated better if you don't tire and overwhelm yourself too much, and a way to do that is to focus on a single task and finish it before moving to another if you can. The urge to multitask is present in our world today, with many things wanting our attention and the need to get busy being a significant idea. However, you can always choose to dictate the pace of your work and how many things you want to do, so you can do something to keep yourself motivated, and single-tasking might be the thing.

6. Not seeing yourself positively

The state of our minds plays a significant part in how motivated we can be. So if you don't think of yourself too much, engage in negative self-talk, or constantly put yourself down, it will eventually affect your motivation and cause it to drop. It's ideal to have more confidence and self-esteem to create a positive mindset, making you more motivated. When you think more positively about yourself and the things around you, it is easier to get motivated. Altering your environment to make it more conducive for work, such as removing clutter and telling people not to disturb you during specific times, can also help.

Prevent yourself from losing motivation

All sorts of things can drain our motivation, depending on how we let them affect us. Of course, an optimistic mindset can fare better when handling situations that can overwhelm and drain us, especially unforeseen circumstances, but even it may not be enough. When we start feeling unmotivated, it's good to get to the root of things and identify what's causing us to feel down. Afterward, we should think of ways to improve the situation, if not overcome the reason for our lost motivation. It's normal to lose some motivation sometimes, but if prolonged, it can hinder our personal development and prevent us from accomplishing our goals. Our responsibility is to keep our motivation at optimal levels to keep moving forward and achieve what we want.

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