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How to Commit to Something

commitment personal growth staying motivated Nov 18, 2021

We all know the importance of committing to our goals. The problem is we don't always know how to do it. We spend so much time planning out what we're doing that when it comes time for us to commit, something gets in the way and stops us from following through with it. You can plan all you want, but if you don't have a strategy for sticking to your commitment, then nothing will ever change. This blog post will show you some ways that will help you commit no matter what.

Learning to stay committed

It's already the second half of November 2021 as of the time of writing this blog post. After that, it's December, and then comes the new year. That means it's time to make New Year's resolutions again! So naturally, we get excited at the prospect of doing new things and creating new goals. However, most of us will probably drop plans after some time, and only a few will commit to seeing things through.

Why is it so difficult to commit to our goals? The difficulty of staying committed happens with New Year's resolutions and other purposes we have set at different times. However, the ability to remain committed is one thing that we should incorporate into our daily habits to be effective. Learning how to commit is not something you know today, and tomorrow you are already a master of it. It's a long-term process, and that's why it must become a habit for it to work. The good thing is that there are several things you can do to make yourself commit better to your goals.

1. Have a reason why you are doing something

The biggest thing that can make you fully commit to your goals is knowing why you have to do it and what you will get out of it. It's easier to stay focused and motivated if you know the purpose behind your goal. If you are listing goals because you only feel like doing them, you might end up dropping them halfway through because you don't have a bigger picture behind the goal.

Most of our goals involve being happy and satisfied once we achieve them. Happiness and satisfaction might sound a bit vague, so it might be hard to push yourself if you don't know exactly how happy and satisfied you want to be in your life. For example, let's say one of your dreams is to become rich. How rich do you want to be? What exact amount of money will make you say you are rich? Once you are rich, you can also list the perks and benefits that you can get from being rich such as:

  • Peace of mind
  • Financial security
  • It opens up more options in life
  • The ability to start a business
  • The ability to buy leisure stuff
  • Access to better health care
  • Have more freedom to do other things

By listing in detail every benefit that you can get from achieving a goal, you can stay motivated and commit better to attain a goal. It's possible to acquire some of the benefits along the way without necessarily reaching the end of your goal. It's also easier to stay committed if your ultimate goal has personal significance to you.

2. Figure out how to reach your destination

So you have your "why" behind the goal; the next thing to do is figure out the how. Again, using the getting rich example, you have to know how you will become rich. What actions do you have to take to become rich? Some of them include:

  • Saving a certain percentage of your salary every month
  • Cutting off unnecessary expenses
  • Using cheaper alternatives for things that you consume
  • Settling your debts
  • Learning how to invest
  • Establishing connections with other successful people
  • Doing a side gig
  • Starting a business alongside your main job

By breaking down your big goals into smaller goals, you now have a template of how you will attain your ultimate goal, and it becomes easier to stay committed.

3. Plan your attack

If you think listing the hows is enough, think again. You can break them down even further into exactly what you will do to achieve each of them. Let's take as an example one of the hows above: doing a side gig. Just what side gig are you going to do to supplement your income? It can be part-time online work that you can insert into your daily schedule. But, if it's part-time online work, what type of job are you going to do, freelance writer, editor, virtual assistant, etc.? How much time are you willing to spend working part-time? You keep asking yourself questions to get down to the specifics until you can't break them down anymore.

You might be seeing a pattern here already. The trick with commitments is to keep breaking down your goals into smaller parts. Smaller goals are easier to achieve, and you will work hard more willingly if you know that you can do something, which smaller goals can provide.

4. Commit to something you can do

The reason other people struggle with commitment is that achieving a particular goal is difficult. We might have felt giddy and excited when we started committing to something, only to realize later that it's hard to do things. It's best to know what you can do and learn before starting to commit to something. This knowledge also applies when other people ask favors from us. Ask yourself if you can still devote time and energy to do things and have the knowledge and skills to do them. When setting goals, it's also a good idea to select something realistic and attainable; otherwise, you will be shooting yourself in the foot for trying to do something way beyond what you can do.

5. Manage your emotions

It will be better if we do not associate what we do base on what we feel when we want to achieve things. It's easy to have the motivation to do some hard work when you are in high spirits and a good mood. However, stressful times happen, and these can put a damper on your motivation. You start to feel bad and suddenly feel like not doing what you are supposed to do. Instead, it's better to turn whatever you are doing into a habit. This way, regardless of how you feel for a particular day, you will still do things because you have conditioned yourself to do them.

6. Just get started

Many times, the simplest way we can accomplish something is if we start doing something. Procrastination is your biggest enemy for productivity. It takes a lot of self-discipline and self-confidence to combat feelings of lazing off and doing nothing. Rewarding yourself after doing something at set intervals can help you stay committed to doing something. Also, do not overthink your big goal in the future. Instant gratification can make you think that you are not making progress since it seems so far before you can attain your goal. Please focus on the smaller rewards you can achieve, and it becomes easier to start doing something and staying committed.

Commit and earn your happiness

Commitments are not only words that we write on paper and then forget about them once we feel bored or tired with what we are doing. It's all about actions and maintaining consistency in doing them throughout our lives. It's tough to develop a mindset conditioned to follow through with what we started, but it makes the difference in reaching the finish line. When staying committed becomes second nature, it's easier to set goals one after the other because you have the discipline of following through with your goals. All the things you want in life become attainable once you learn how to stay committed.

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