Everybody Should Have a Support System

help people relationships support system Dec 29, 2022

We all experience difficult times at some point in our lives. When these hard times hit, it's essential to have a support system to help us through them. A support system can come in many forms, such as friends, family, or a support group. No matter what form it takes, having someone to turn to during tough times is crucial for our mental health and well-being.

The benefits of having a support system

No one is immune to tough times. Unfortunately, these will happen at some point in our lives, such as challenges in the workplace, personal problems, failures, and unforeseen circumstances that can wreak havoc in our lives. We may be able to overcome these problematic situations by ourselves, but sometimes, our efforts and resources alone won't be enough. When things get tough to solve by yourself, a support system can help you get through them.

A support system refers to people you can trust and rely on for help when things get complicated. Friends and family members commonly comprise a support system. Still, it may also include people you are not too close with but can make regular contact professionally and provide additional expertise outside your own, such as coworkers, mentors, and professionals in various fields. We should ideally have a strong support system because we never know when we may need help, and our talents and efforts may not be enough to solve some circumstances. A good support system is built through time as we create and maintain relationships with different people through the various phases of our lives. That's why we must try to socialize and meet other people as we build our social network and increase the chances of finding people who can fill our support network. One can join various groups that cater to your interests or connect with people online, aside from interacting with people in real life. During stressful times, the benefits of our support systems can shine, and here's how such a system can benefit us.

1. Better mental health

Things can get tricky when difficult situations happen, and when we try to go through them alone, we can be more prone to anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems if we can't solve any of our problems and don't know what to do next. However, a good social support system can turn the other way around. Our self-esteem and confidence will be at higher levels, knowing that we can have someone to talk with about our concerns and have them help us if they can. You don't have to go through problems and challenges alone, leading to more optimism. Being more positive is an excellent way to counter negativity in our minds that can cause mental and psychological health problems. Therefore, having support groups is one of the better coping skills one can have during difficult situations, and our mental health can fare better when we have such a system.

2. We can take more risks and make big decisions

Taking risks and making difficult decisions can be scary due to the uncertainty they bring. Sure enough, there can be significant rewards waiting at the end, but we will encounter challenges along the way. The thorns and roadblocks one can encounter can make a person hesitate to take a risk or make a decision. However, if a person has enough resources and backup plans to deal with failures in case they happen, one can feel more inclined to take a risk or make a big decision. Our support system is one of the resources that can help us push through. If we know that we have the backing and support of people close to us, we can feel more confident to make big moves in life, knowing some people can help us along the way, even if failures occur.

3. Unlock more opportunities

Our support systems can also function as a network that can assist us in finding more life opportunities, such as looking for a job. Every person in our support system can have their expertise, and each has a support system of their own so that you may get referrals to other people who are not closely related to you but can provide the help you need. If you are stuck in life or want to learn a new skill, our supportive relationships with people we trust can help us find what we need.

4. Better social and emotional support

It's easier to feel alone and depressed when you face your problems alone or don't have anyone to accompany you in your activities. Life can feel more excellent if you have the encouragement of family and friends during tough times and their company when things go well. You have people to lean on and talk to when you need to, and your physical and mental wellness fares better when you have people for support.

5. Improved optimism

You can think more positively when you know you have people to support you during trying times and accompany you when things are going well. You can reduce depression and anxiety when there are people that can help you in case things fail. When you are less inclined to feel helpless during challenging times, there's less room for negativity, allowing you to think more positively. Also, having supportive friends and people with your back can make you more willing to improve and move forward in life so that you won't disappoint them. And when you achieve success from your decisions and the risks you take, you can feel even more optimistic about your life.

People are necessary to support us.

No man is an island, and this is especially true when facing difficult times. Things can get overwhelming when we try to take on challenges by ourselves. Still, with a strong foundational support system, things can become more accessible, and we can feel more confident that we can overcome whatever we face. So we should try our best to get along with the people we meet at various points in our lives and establish meaningful relationships with those we trust and know we can rely on during troublesome times. They can eventually become part of our support system, leading to better overall health.

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