Letting Go of Things

change letting go Aug 24, 2022

It can be challenging to let go of things. We often hold on to something or events that happened in the past, whether good or bad. We might not want to forget the happy memories, or we might not want to face the pain of those memories. But sometimes, we have to let go to move forward. This blog post will discuss why letting go is necessary for growth and happiness and how you can do it.

Letting go can be difficult.

As we go through life, we accumulate many things. We can end up having too much stuff from buying material things. Another kind of thing that we collect is built-up emotions from past experiences that aren't pleasant. It can be from someone who has hurt or done something wrong to us. As all of these things pile up, we might be stuffing ourselves with too much attachment and emotions to these things that it can be challenging to move forward and change our life for the better. Letting go can be difficult, but it can help us unload burdens in our lives and achieve something more fulfilling than what we have experienced in the past. Several things can aid us in letting go, and it's essential to take it slow until you can move on in your life.

1. Declutter your possessions

More things are better, as some may say, but this is not always the case. You can end up filling your space with so much clutter that you may have a challenging time getting rid of them. Another thing contributing to too much space is the presence of items with sentimental value. They are those things that have emotional significance to you through having a connection to a person who might have given the item to you, or it's an item that is present in a momentous event that involves someone significant to you.

The problem with having too many possessions is that you may have excess stuff that you are not using anymore or are already faulty and useless. So instead of being able to buy something new, better, and more functional items, you can't because there may not be enough space for them due to older things taking up residence in your house. Learning to let go of things can be done by assessing whether something still has function, purpose, and significance to you. Then, when things aren't helpful, you can get rid of them by giving them to others or selling them. Sentimental items may be more challenging to get rid of, but remember that you cannot find a person's significance to you only in an object. You can always keep that person in your memory if you want.

2. Make the conscious decision to let go

Letting go takes time and effort, just as how we can choose to apply the same things and hold on to something. But, first, we must have the will and courage to let go. Affirming yourself with positive statements and thinking that there can be something better waiting for you in the future can help you start letting go. But, what's done in the past is done, and there's no way to change them. The only thing we can change is how we decide to move forward in the future, and we can start that by taking the necessary actions in the present moment.

3. Distract yourself with something nice

Painful thoughts and experiences, along with past glories, can continuously haunt us if we keep thinking about them. So an excellent way to start letting go is by distracting yourself by doing something else. For example, get busy doing work, focus on achieving a new goal, or do something that makes you happy, such as your hobbies and passions. When you do these things, you get to focus on the good things in your life and possibly better things to come. You distance yourself from something painful and help you move on in your life.

4. Release your emotions

It's normal to feel angry, down, or frustrated over something unpleasant that occurs in our lives. Instead of holding off emotions, it's better to let them out and feel the grief. Holding off can build resentment and give you stress and anxiety whenever you remember an unpleasant experience. Give yourself time to cry or get angry in a healthy way. Try talking to somebody willing to be a sounding board for you or even give you support. A therapist can also help when you're grieving too much and have problems dealing with your emotions.

5. Learn to forgive

Forgiveness gives you peace of mind. If a person wronged you in the past, it could be difficult to forgive the individual, especially if the offense is severe and the person continues with life scot-free. It is even more troubling if the person doesn't see anything wrong with what they did to you and refuses to apologize. However, you must note that forgiveness isn't only about the other person; it's also about you. You can benefit more if you forgive yourself for thinking too gravely about something from the past. Also, you can forgive the other person, but it doesn't mean you forget what they have done to you. Things may never be the same even after forgiving. However, the main point of forgiveness is to make peace with yourself, so you can move on and don't get stuck in the past.

6. Accept that things have happened

Whether it's about letting go of an object or a person, acceptance is vital to moving on with your life. You will have trouble letting go if you can't accept the fact that things have happened, and you can't go back anymore to change it. However, we can always make life-changing decisions in the present to attain a fulfilling and happy life. You can get chained to the past and be regretful or choose to change your life for the better. Acceptance is what can help us move forward.

Let go to move on

Life is not perfect, and there can be many things that cause us grief. However, we cannot stay lamenting forever if we want to experience joy and have a meaningful and contented life. It's normal to feel sad when something unfortunate happens, but we eventually have to move on, and letting go can help us do that. There can be better things waiting for us, and it's up to us to reach them by learning to let go and move forward.

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