When Is It Time to Make a Career Change

career change personal development work May 26, 2022

Making a career change can be scary, but sometimes it's necessary. For example, if you're feeling unhappy or unfulfilled in your job, it might be time to change. Several signs indicate it's time for a career change. This blog post will discuss the most common ones. Keep an eye out for these signals because they might mean it's time for you to make a change too.

Are you feeling miserable with your current job?

Everybody needs to work to make a living. We need money to pay for our needs and wants. But, we all ultimately want to be happy and fulfilled. It can be hard to attain these feelings if your work doesn't make you feel motivated or is making you miserable. Imagine working unmotivated every day and feeling like you're just a robot doing mundane tasks while making somebody else rich. Our work shouldn't make us feel this way, yet many people end up experiencing this. There could be a mismatch between our values and skills with the job we have, other factors within the company premises, or the work itself that are causing us to feel worse. Whatever the reason is, it's essential to identify such signs happening to you before they take a toll on your health. Then, it could be time to make a career change.

Before making the switch, you must identify what's giving you trouble in your work. Is it the toxic people or the boss around you? Could it be the horrendous traffic you have to face every day going to the office? Or maybe it's the company culture or the tasks you have to do? It's vital to know the reason to determine if you only need to switch to a different company while still doing the same job. You may only need a change of place to make things better.

Shifting to a new career is a significant decision. It involves something entirely different from your previous job. In education terms, you are changing your college program into something completely different, such as shifting from a literature degree to an engineering one. It works like that. That's why it's not easy to make a career change. However, it might be what you need if you still feel miserable and unsatisfied after having several jobs on the same career path. Before moving to a new job or career, check if you are experiencing any of the following. If you do, it's time to contemplate and think about giving yourself a better working situation.

1. You feel dread before going to work

Have you ever heard of Sunday night blues? It's that feeling of dread you get during Sunday evenings. You dread going to work on Monday due to all the unpleasant feelings your work gives you. These feelings can apply to any day as long as it's the day before your workweek starts. The point is that if your job is triggering this kind of feelings every Sunday or any day, take it as a sign that there's something wrong with your current job, and you may need to take action to make a change.

2. Money is the only reason why you work

We know that money is essential, and most of us do our jobs anyway because of it. However, if money is the only reason you do your job, it may present problems later in your career. Your work can start to look like a tedious chore, and you may think of yourself as a robot who has to rinse and repeat tasks throughout your career. You may also lack any desire for improvement and don't feel like talking to your coworkers because you are only in it for the money. When work becomes like this, it's time to look for the next job or career as your work is no longer giving you any satisfaction aside from the salary you receive.

3. You hate talking about your job

Whenever you go to family get-togethers or go out with your friends, you shiver at having to talk about your job. Then, when others ask you about it, you may divert the topic to something else or answer briefly to not expand further on the subject. You hate getting reminded about something that doesn't give you any positive feelings. It's like reminding yourself of a horrible experience or a person who mistreated you, and you want to forget about them. If you see yourself like this, you might be in the wrong career or job in your life.

4. You are browsing job search sites and looking at ads

You may not notice it, but if you find yourself browsing job search sites and looking at advertisements for new job openings during your spare time or even while working, it's a sign that you may need a new career or job. Why would you look at something better when your current job is already good? You are not feeling good about what you do or finding better opportunities elsewhere. So the next time you open your browsing history and see a significant number of links about job sites, think hard if you may need to change careers.

5. There's no more desire for growth and improvement

Who doesn't want to get promoted in their job? It means a higher salary so you can buy more things. However, it will mean more responsibilities, work hours, and stress for someone unmotivated, making you even more miserable. So you reject the offer and stick with your current role and do tasks every day like a machine. Think if you see yourself like this. It may mean that you are not the right fit for your current career. Because if this is the case, even if you shift to a different job within the same trade, you may do the same things: feel numb to your work and not desire any change or improvement.

6. Your health is taking a toll

Your health is precious, and if it's starting to dive because of your work, you should seriously consider shifting to a more fulfilling career. Various key signs indicate this, such as:

  • You always feel tired even though you are not doing any strenuous physical activity or mental work.
  • Your confidence and self-esteem levels are taking a dip
  • You often feel like you don't have the energy to do anything, even if it's just desk work
  • You feel more apathetic towards things and lose interest in doing something you previously liked

Change your career path before it's too late.

Resigning from your current job or changing career paths may not be easy for most. It can mean a loss of livelihood, and the next job you find may be worse than your previous one. There are many uncertainties, but sometimes, changing what you do for a living is the best decision you can make in your life. It almost feels like dying when you feel miserable every day and forced to do something to live. You may even reach a point when you are no longer the person you used to be, and your friends and family may notice it.

Thankfully, many ideas can help you make the change. A well-rounded skill set can help you enter a different career and open more opportunities. Learning new things is always an option, and you can always enlist the help of your social circle to gain access to opportunities you may never have before. It's vital that before you change your career trajectory, identify what gave you troubles in your previous work to avoid having them again in your new career. Analyze what works and what is not, then plan how you will switch careers, such as identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Whatever you decide to do next, carefully weigh the decision you will make. If it's all for the better, then more reason to make that jump to improve your work life.

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