Things We Should Not Tolerate

change negativity personal growth Mar 03, 2023

There are many things in life that we should not tolerate. These include things that put us down and prevent us from having a good life. One of the main reasons we should not take these things is because they hold us back from our full potential. However, if you don't stand up for yourself and fight against these negative things, they will continue to harm your life. So don't let them win!

Never let negativity get its way.

There are a lot of bad things that can happen around us. Some are committed by others, while others do it ourselves. When not-so-good things happen, they can disrupt our lives and affect our well-being. However, some of these things are within our control, and we can bring about the change we want if we take the initiative and start taking action. It can be more challenging to make someone else change their ways. Still, if we don't take the courage to tell others they are doing something wrong, especially toward us, the adverse effects will continue to affect our mental health. Others may think it is okay to do bad things if others continue doing them. It's time to stop tolerating such things and make positive changes to gain inner peace and have a happy life.

1. A bad job

What is a bad job? It is a job that may give good pay but demands too much time and work from you to exhaustion. It could also have good working conditions, benefits, and income but puts you in the company of toxic people and bosses. A bad job can also be something you feel you are only forced to do because of money but don't have any passion and interest in what you are doing.

You may know someone with such sentiments about their job, and it can also be yourself. But, of course, it can be difficult to resign from your job and find another one, as acquiring another job that can satisfy your needs can be challenging. So most people will keep their job, even if they don't feel good about it. However, think about it. You will do your job for so many years; can you tolerate the misery for that long? What if a different opportunity can give you much better? You have to identify the signs that you have to change your working situation and have the courage to take risks to have a job that can give you a good income while making you more satisfied. It doesn't have to be perfect, but at least find a new one that won't make you dread going to your job every day.

2. Toxic relationships

Another thing that some people like to hold even if they are already suffering is toxic relationships. These are the kind of relationships where one partner abuses the other physically and mentally, causing somebody's self-esteem to decrease and affect their mentality. These practices result in an abusive relationship where love can be one-sided while the other party dominates the other. Unfortunately, some are willing to tolerate such things because they may think they cannot find somebody else out there who will love them more, or perhaps their abusive partner provides something that they cannot quickly get by other means, such as money. Despite such reasons, getting out of such messy relationships and finding good ones is essential. Seek the support of others and get legal and professional help if needed to settle conflicts. Everybody deserves healthy relationships; letting go of people may be challenging, but it would be the better option to pursue if you gain more happiness after moving away from someone or letting them go.

3. Disrespectful and undisciplined people

You have most likely seen your fair share of disrespectful and unruly acts done by people. Examples are people cutting in line, leaving or throwing their trash improperly, disobeying traffic rules, or calling others names and harshly judging them. There are more examples, and we should do our best to reprimand and call out those who do such unruly acts and behavior. If we don't call them out, others may think it is okay to do such disobedient acts, so more people may join in and worsen the situation. Not reprimanding wrongdoers gives them the idea that they can get away with their behavior. You may try getting others to support you if you are a bit afraid of calling out someone who may have some higher status than you or reporting them to the proper authorities.

4. Negativity

There are various ways negativity can surround us. It can come from others' sentiments and perspectives. We may also get bombarded with negative information from the news and the Internet, especially social media. And lastly, it may come from ourselves. It is normal to feel negative sometimes, but if it becomes a lifestyle where negative thinking becomes the standard, there is something we must do. Drowning ourselves in constant negativity can affect our emotional and mental well-being, eventually affecting our actions and decisions. We may stop pursuing goals, thinking they are pointless, or we may stay in our comfort zone and get held hostage by fear and stop trying. If the negativity comes from others, we can control our time and exposure to them and move away if it is too much. If we are the problem, we will need more work to inject positivity into our lives, and that is if we decide to stop tolerating such a pessimistic outlook. An optimistic behavior and outlook can open more opportunities and make us grow better.

5. Bad habits

We may not notice it, but we may tolerate the bad habits we are doing and let them continue indefinitely. We may not experience any adverse side effects, but our bad habits can eventually affect our health. Habits can be challenging to change or break in case of bad ones, but it is possible with enough control, discipline, and willpower. We should break or replace our bad habits with better alternatives. Don't let them overtake your life. Getting help from another person can help make it easier.

6. Living a fake life

It can be easy to get lost in the waves, get carried around by others' opinions and demands, and adjust your life according to them. It doesn't hurt to follow trends and advice from others, but ultimately, it's up to you to decide. Will you live according to what others think is best for you, or will you pursue an honest life that follows your values and interests? If you only live according to how others want, you may feel lost and only live according to the reality they want, not yours. Due to peer pressure, it may be challenging to break away from the rest. Still, a significant amount of fulfillment and happiness can be waiting if you start spending time doing things according to how you see fit. If things start to feel heavy from fulfilling and living according to others' demands, it may be time to stop tolerating such a life and pursue one befitting you.

Don't tolerate what's wrong and negative.

There are other examples of things we should not tolerate, but the gist is that if something is wrong or doesn't feel right, we shouldn't let it continue for long and do something to change it. If you have self-respect, you shouldn't betray yourself by thinking and saying things are okay even though you know something is not right from what others are doing and what you are doing. Instead, gather the courage to speak up and take the initiative to change. A single person making a change can be the spark that ignites others to also move and work for the better. Tolerating what's not right is equivalent to saying and thinking that you are okay with people getting hurt by others' actions, including yourself. Changing may be challenging, but it's worth the effort if something better can be gained.

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