Living the Single Life

happiness life relationships May 31, 2023

Are you someone who is currently living a single life? If so, you may feel it has its positives and negatives. However, it's important to remember that single life can be a fantastic experience that allows you to discover yourself, grow, and take advantage of newfound freedom. It can also serve as an opportunity to genuinely define what happiness means to you.

Having single as your relationship status

Living a single life means you currently don't have a romantic relationship or are married to someone. Some people end up being single due to various reasons. Maybe they just haven't found a romantic partner yet, or they were previously in a relationship with someone but ended up separating from them. No matter the circumstances, being single doesn't mean you can't live a fulfilled and happy life. Our society likes to push the idea that happiness exists when you are together with someone, but this is not the only means to attain fulfillment and satisfaction with life. Even when somebody is single, it is possible to be happy and fulfilled, and being single has some benefits. So you don't need to lament if you are currently or plan on living single, as certain things will happen when you live such a lifestyle that can be good for you.

1. You will gain more time to do many things

When you are in a relationship with someone, a significant amount of time in your everyday life will be committed to your special someone. This is even more so once you get married and have kids. There is no problem with these as long as you are committed to your significant other, ready to allot time and be responsible with your partner. However, if you value doing other things that don't involve sticking with one person, such as doing your hobbies and passions or pursuing your goals, living a single life may work better for you. You will have more time to do other things if you are not tied to someone, and if you can derive fulfillment and happiness from different things aside from being with another person, then living a single life is something you can adjust to.

2. You will have more time for self-reflection and thinking about what you want to do with your life

Not being in any romantic relationship or married to someone gives your more time, and one of the things you can do with your time is to spend some moments reflecting on and evaluating your life. For many people, having a relationship and getting married is a goal in itself, so if you don't have someone you can be in a long-term relationship, perhaps you can set a different goal that will give you fulfillment and happiness, and being single will provide you with all the time to think about this goal. You can check what's going on with your life and pursue something worthy even if you are not tied up with someone. Of course, you can still think about yourself and pursue something else even when you are married or in a relationship, but you may not have time to think about yourself if you are too busy taking care of someone else and devoting your time to them.

3. You can save more money

Romantic relationships can become costly because if you think about it, while you are still on the dating scene with someone, you will have to spend money now and then for gifts, outings, travel, and whatever to spend time and do activities together with your significant other. It gets more costly once you marry your partner and start having children. On the other hand, living as a single person means you may not have to worry about spending too much unless you have an expensive hobby or an extravagant lifestyle. You only have to pay for yourself, and even if you dedicate part of your earnings to something, such as helping your family or donating to a cause, you can still have more money than living in a relationship.

4. You have more freedom to do what you want

Another thing one can gain when you live single is having more freedom to do whatever you want. When you get into a relationship or married to someone, your partner's beliefs and interests can conflict with yours. This means that you may hesitate to mingle with specific groups of people because your partner doesn't like them, and you can't have time to socialize with your friends or do other activities because your partner may demand more time with them, or they don't want you to do something else. So if you are single, no one may restrain you from doing something, and you can choose to do other things you value.

5. You can have more peace of mind and live a less stressful life

As happy as others want you to see that married people or being in a relationship is a beautiful and happy thing, and it can indeed be a fulfilling and wonderful experience, it is also an undeniable truth that being in a relationship with someone is something that is not always on the upside of things. Sometimes you will get into conflict with your partner, which can often be, due to various reasons, such as financial matters, conflict of interests, broken promises, prioritizing oneself before your partner, not taking care of responsibilities, etc. If you can't handle these kinds of things well and want to take care of your well-being, it may be better to be single and devote your life to something else. Single people have the chance to live a more peaceful and stressful life. We are not saying that married couples and those in a relationship always live a stressful and conflict-ridden life; it's just that there is a greater tendency for such a thing to happen between couples, especially when they start to become more aware of each other's differences and interests that may cause them not to get along well.

6. You can be more independent and learn to take care of yourself

Living as a single person will teach you to become more independent and self-sufficient since you often only have yourself to take care of your needs. Although you can ask for help from friends and family sometimes, they may not always be there to provide support. So if you choose to live single, especially alone in a house or apartment, you must learn different things to handle your various needs, and this is something you may naturally learn as you go through life being single. You will also learn to take care of yourself more to live a good life, as you will often rely on yourself to get through life's challenges, although others can chime in anytime to help you.

It's not all that bad being single.

Some go into a relationship or get married because of the stigma our society has created for single people. They think being single makes one feel lonely and unable to find fulfillment, but this is not always true. Sure, some people will feel lonely if they are not together with someone, hence why they find someone who they can be romantically interested with and eventually settle down as a married couple. However, getting into a relationship and being married is only one possible path in life; others can give the same fulfillment and happiness, or even more, as that being in a relationship can give. As a single person, you can have more time and freedom to choose these other paths and make them your goals, such as helping and dedicating your life to somebody else, like your family, doing something for the benefit of the less privileged, or following your hobbies and passions. Being single can be a choice or not, depending on the circumstances. One thing to be sure of is that you can take advantage of the single life and use it for your happiness and fulfillment, even without the company of someone very close to you.

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