Is It Okay to Have an Unremarkable Life?

life personal growth success Dec 14, 2022

Many people in this world seem to have it all together. They have successful careers, beautiful families, and extraordinary lives. But what about the rest of us? Are we doomed to lead unremarkable lives? This blog post will explore the idea of an unremarkable life and discuss why it might not be such a bad thing.

What makes a life unremarkable?

The word "remarkable" can be defined as something extraordinary that is likely to get people's attention. A remarkable life then can be something that catches the eye of others. It can be a life filled with riches, glamour, successful endeavors, praiseworthy status, and other remarkable things. You may hear others push everyone to strive to aim high and achieve success. They may give tips and write books about how one can attain the same path of success as them and lead a glorious life. You make it big, or you are nothing. It can be pretty prevalent in certain cultures to have people become high achievers; doing otherwise can lead people to face scrutiny and judgment for achieving nothing worthy or not unlocking their full potential. There is nothing terrible about aiming high and wanting to achieve something significant. It can be a source of motivation and inspiration to push forward and keep working to obtain something that matters to us. Life becomes more meaningful and fulfilling this way. However, the truth is that not everybody makes it to the top, to the place of so-called remarkableness. One can make some realizations regarding living an amazing life versus a normal one.

Not everyone has the same circumstances.

No matter how well-crafted and practical advice is regarding success, one can't help but think that there is still a certain amount of luck involved when trying to make it big. People can emulate the same actions and mindset that successful people did, but the outcomes can still differ. An excellent example of this is establishing a business. You may hear some say that if you want to earn big and be able to live the life you want, you need to have a business and get out of the traditional 9-to-5 daily work routine. This advice can be effective but is not absolute. For one, you need a certain amount of capital to start a business. Depending on what you want to establish, you may need a significant amount of cash saved, which may not come easy if you are already burdened with daily expenses and debts to pay. Second, let's say you did manage to start the business. Now, it's a matter of whether people will dig into your business and patronize your service or product. People can be very unpredictable, and their tastes and interests vary wildly. So even if you researched well your target market, your business might not be a big hit, especially if there are already established businesses of the same kind as yours flourishing for years before you. Many things can be beyond our control, and these can influence whether our endeavor becomes a success or not. So even if you follow step by step what someone did to become successful, things can go differently for you, and you may not attain the same idea of a "remarkable" life as what others have.

You don't have to attach happiness and fulfillment to a future achievement or state.

There is this common idea that you will be happy and fulfilled once you achieve this or obtain that sometime in the future. Here's the thing, though: what makes somebody happy and fulfilled is different for each person. Sure, somebody did feel very happy upon achieving something, and you may see this on social media or by reading magazines or books. However, that is them; what can make you experience the same joy might be different. Of course, nothing is wrong with achieving or attaining the same thing as others. However, it can be better to treat others' endeavors as suggestions or inspiration to do something that can make you happy on your terms. You can attain the same happiness as others if you do what they have done, which is good.

On the other hand, if you imitate what others did and don't feel any joy, it can be time to look elsewhere and figure out what can make you happy and fulfilled. The problem with attaching joy and fulfillment to a future state is that there can be a bad feeling after achieving something. You may get conditioned always to chase the next big thing to lead a remarkable and successful life. Sometimes, you don't need to always look to the future to feel good about your life. What you have now may be enough, and you don't need to go that far to feel satisfied, especially if you know what to chase in your life.

Everybody has a different focus.

Even if there is this prescribed idea of being remarkable and achieving something great, not all people will want to achieve something like that. Who will do the work below them if everyone wants to become a company's boss and gets promoted to become a boss? So one reason we see others as remarkable is that comparison happens on what they have and achieved versus those who didn't have and achieved the same thing as theirs. Remove the comparison, and things may not look remarkable if there is nothing to compare against. Add the fact that not all people will want to achieve the same state of life as those living remarkable and glamorous lives. It's not that some people are not dreaming high enough or are lazy to accomplish a great life. Circumstances may force people to meet daily needs before focusing on other, grander things. Others may not want the spotlight on them, while others already know what they want to achieve, and they don't need to be that high. 

Each one of us has a place in this world.

Every person has a role to play in our society. However, while some might be leading remarkable lives and have some elevated status that makes them famous to others, not everyone can share the same noteworthy spot for various reasons. Success means different for everyone, and every person may want to follow a unique path that doesn't have to be remarkable. Nevertheless, the ordinary things done by ordinary people sustain our world. Without them, the world may cease to function if there is nobody to lead around, even with competent leaders at the top. Also, one does not always need to showcase something extraordinary happening in their life to be considered remarkable. These things don't always have to happen to make life meaningful and worth it. It is already remarkable for one to consistently lead a good life doing what is right and what keeps us happy every day, even in a small way and if others may not notice them. Remarkableness can come from within, and we can always see our lives as something extraordinary.

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