Finding Contentment in Life

contentment fulfillment happiness Oct 19, 2022

Are you content with your life? If not, why? Contentment is a feeling of satisfaction and happiness that comes from within. It is not based on external factors, such as how much money you make or what possessions you own. This blog post will discuss tips for finding contentment in life and being happier with what you have.

Are you satisfied with what you have and your everyday life?

A contented life can let you experience happiness and fulfillment without spending lots of money to buy various things or exerting too much effort to attain something. Cultivating contentment means having the ability to feel satisfied with what you have without having to acquire more or at least have only a minimal desire to attain something. Feeling contented doesn't mean you can't dream big anymore. Of course, you still can, but the difference is that you are okay even if you don't achieve your big dream or goal. One who is content doesn't attach their true happiness and fulfillment to something external, such as buying an expensive item like a car or house or achieving some great accomplishment. Their optimistic feelings come from the inside.

Achieving true contentment in our current times can prove to be challenging. Our society makes it look like there's always something lacking in our lives, so we get bombarded with advertisements and ideas that we can feel complete and happy when we obtain a particular product or do something. Of course, we know that companies utilize such tactics to get people to buy their products or services, but it instills such a mindset that we always have to acquire more before we find contentment in life. However, if you take the time to look at your life and see what you have and the accomplishments you did, you may realize that you may already have what it takes to find happiness and contentment in your life. You can do some things to help you acquire a contented mindset.

1. Learn to be grateful

Gratitude is almost akin to contentment. So when you learn how to practice gratitude in your life, it's nearly assured that you know how to be content in life. Gratitude allows you to appreciate the small joys of life that may be more significant than what you think they are, such as having a meal to eat each day, having a job to sustain your finances, or just having the capacity to smile each day. It all starts with being in touch more with the reality of your life and showing appreciation for the little things. There are many things to be thankful for, and you only need to notice them and realize their value and importance to your life.

2. Realize what matters to you

It can be easy to subscribe to buying and acquiring more to be happy in life. However, this can be an empty pursuit, as there is no guarantee you will feel satisfied once you obtain or do something. To achieve more contentment in life, knowing the things that matter to you, especially those that make you feel happy and fulfilled will be good. Once you know them, you will know what to buy and what goals to pursue, and it can prevent you from spending more money on buying things that don't matter to you or tiring yourself out from doing various activities that don't resonate with your beliefs.

3. Spend more time and appreciate the present moment

When you rely too much on getting your happiness from external factors and waiting until you accomplish big things like getting a promotion or buying an expensive item, it can take a while before you feel happy. Along the way, you may engage in various things to feel satisfied with your life and ward off discontent, such as spending money on multiple items. Contentment lies more with the present moment, so if you want to feel more content with life, you should focus more on the present. Appreciating and enjoying simple things and realizing the worth of what you have and can do now will help you feel more content instead of constantly worrying about the future that can always change and might not necessarily bring the things that you want.

4. Don't look and compare yourself to others too much

The more you look at what other people have, the more you will think that you lack something and feel jealous. It's so easy to peek at what others do and have nowadays through social media and the Internet. So you may suddenly feel that there's something wrong with you for not experiencing and having the same things as others. If you don't want your joy to plummet, you should build the discipline not to compare yourself too much with others. Every person in the world has a different sense of what gives them happiness and fulfillment. You may get the idea that you can experience the same if you imitate others. However, the things that resonate with your beliefs and interests are the ones that can make you happy and fulfilled. So stop comparing and identify first what you value in life and do and buy the things that align with such values. You can use what you see from others as sources of ideas and inspiration on what to do next, but you don't necessarily have to follow and do the same.

5. Focus on what you have, not what you lack

Discontentment happens when you focus on what you don't have instead of what you already have. When discontent runs in your mind, analyze if you truly need or want the things you feel you lack. Are they necessities, and do they matter to your values and beliefs in life? If the answer is no, then they may only be extraneous stuff, things that you can do fine without. Evaluate all the things you want to buy and do, and look for those that fall within this extraneous category. You may already have everything you need and don't need to add anything more to improve your self-esteem and happiness.

Find contentment, and life can feel better.

Having contentment in life is a personal decision. You choose to do it for yourself, for your well-being, and to live a happy and fulfilling life. So many things and circumstances can satisfy us, but you don't need to indulge in all of them to have a contented life. Instead, you pick what matters the most, such as your relationships with people and the small pleasures that give value to your life, and appreciate their worth to you. It's also essential to have an optimistic outlook in life, as this will make you more appreciative and have a brighter perspective in life. Contentment can soon follow; suddenly, the small things in your life may have a more significant impact and value than what you initially thought, and you can feel more content with your daily life.

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