How to Like What You Do

happiness passion work Jun 13, 2022

Do you like what you do? If not, it can be tough to maintain motivation and keep pushing through life's challenges. However, it is much easier to do something if you enjoy it, even if it is difficult. This blog post will discuss learning to love what you do and find satisfaction in your work.

Keep at it even if you don't like it.

Learning to love what you do is the key to getting anywhere. Throughout your career, you will most likely have to do various tasks and even your job itself that may not exactly be in your interest. However, you still have to do them to earn a living. Some people will say that you should turn your passion into work. Every waking day won't be a chore, and you will be more motivated to do your work since you love what you are doing. However, there are caveats to turning whatever you are passionate about into your work, so take caution if you want to take this option. You're lucky if you manage to turn what you love into your work, and you don't feel tired or experience burnout since it is now a job. On the other hand, if you are stuck with a job you don't like, which most people do, you have to find ways to love what you are doing, or at least get enough motivation, so you earn money and get some job satisfaction and fulfillment from whatever current job you have. Thankfully, there are various ways to help turn your everyday work at least into a positive experience.

1. Learn whatever you can from your job

Every job will teach you important things and skills that you can use to advance your career or use in other fields should you decide to change jobs later. Unfortunately, some people like to jump from one position to another, hoping it will ultimately lead to their dream job. However, you must realize there is no perfect job as everything will have some trade-off for what they offer. So instead, find a job that pays significantly for your needs and wants, and if possible, one that will allow you to save money. Ensure that your time and effort are worth it for your pay and that you don't have to drag yourself to work every day. And while you are on your journey to find your next job that meets these criteria, learn whatever you can from your current work and use it as a stepping stone for the next job. If ever moving to your next job doesn't seem possible, treat every working day as a learning experience and learn new ideas from your successes and mistakes. What you know may eventually become useful someday.

2. Find a reason why you have to do something

With our hobbies and passions, we don't even need a reason to do them as we know we are happy while doing them. It's a different matter for our jobs, though. We may not have the same innate feeling of happiness while doing them compared to the things we do for our leisure time. So an excellent way to love doing something you don't like is to find a way to connect it as a means to be able to do those things that give you happiness. For example, many people will say money is why they do their jobs. However, cash is usually not enough as a reason to keep you happy and motivated. So what one needs to do is a change of perspective. Think of it this way: if you have a hobby or passion that requires money to indulge in, then your work is necessary to do your hobbies and passions. Therefore, you now have a reason to do your work, and chances are you can like your job better. Another good strategy is to think of doing your job for the sake of your loved ones. Your wife and children or your parents can be why you work. As a result, you can feel more motivated and perhaps like your work better this way.

3. Think of your job as an excellent way to hang out with good people

Your job may be uninteresting, but your coworkers are not. There is a chance that you may find coworkers that can become your good friends in your everyday work life. And once you become friends with them, they can become why you would like to go to work every day. Your workplace can suddenly become more enjoyable due to the presence of people with similar interests or who are willing to help and support you. You may even find someone passionate about the job you don't like, and they may give tips to make your current career more satisfactory.

4. Look at the bigger picture

If you find it difficult to focus and enjoy your current work, it can help to look at the bigger picture of things and what you can gain in the long run. The money you earn and save may be meager now, but your hard work may eventually pay off and let you make a promotion that will increase your salary. Over time, your savings will also pile up, allowing you to use them to shift to a new career or create a business that will give you a better work-life balance. Whatever you do today can be a foundation for your future, so never dismiss them as insignificant and try to appreciate what they can do for you.

5. Set goals for your professional and personal life

One way to make your work look more enticing is to integrate it into your goals in life. Your current job doesn't have to be the end goal of your life. Instead, it can be a part of something big that feels more fulfilling and interesting to you. For example, if one of your goals is creating the ideal lifestyle you want where you can earn money while you sleep and earn income from your business where you are the boss and don't have to work 8 hours a day, your current work can be the initial step towards attaining it. Save a significant amount of money first, then use it as capital to start whatever endeavor you wish to pursue. You can create a to-do list for your work every day, and your tasks will feel more satisfying as you check off the items in your inventory and have more sense of accomplishment.

You can make your current job more enjoyable.

Your professional life doesn't have to feel tedious and uninteresting. It's all about perspective and changing how you look at things. You have to learn how to like or at least put a significant amount of interest in your work. A considerable number of the things we don't like are the ones that can help us learn valuable skills that we can use to attain success in life. It's moving out of your comfort zone. By changing our perspectives, something that started as tedious can become more attractive as time passes, and we may even grow to love it. So try to search for that value in whatever you are doing, as it can help you be more appreciative of something that may look uninteresting to you.

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