Helping Others Is Good

help people personal growth positivity Jul 19, 2022

Helping others is a good thing. When we help others, we feel good because we have done something positive for another person. At the same time, the person who receives our help benefits from what we have done. This blog post will discuss the benefits of helping others and what it can do for your well-being.

Helping people is good for your well-being.

Giving help to others is an act of kindness. It helps make the world a better place and strengthens our bonds with other people. Helping others doesn't only benefit the one who receives it; it can also benefit you, particularly your mental health and well-being. Every person will need help at some point in their lives, and it will be good if we can extend a helping hand to those that need it. As long as it is within our capabilities, we should give help when it's needed. Also, one should help wholeheartedly and without ulterior motives behind the act, such as boosting one's ego, looking pleasant in the eyes of others, or gaining favor from someone as the cause for helping. Helping others can also benefit you, as it can positively impact both the helper and the receiver.

1. You make someone's life better, and also yours

Helping others creates a positive impact on somebody else's life. No matter how big or small your aid is, it can make a difference in improving somebody else's situation. Help doesn't always have to be in physical forms, such as money; sometimes, words of encouragement and kind consideration are enough, and some people can appreciate it.

It's not only the receiver of help that gains an improvement in their lives; the helper can also become better by deriving life satisfaction and fulfillment from doing a kind act. In addition, it can spark a change within you, such as gaining greater self-esteem or finding your calling.

2. People will trust and respect you more if you help them

Respect and trust are two things you can earn through your actions. They are not something that one can easily bestow on somebody. Helping others is one way that can help you attain trust and respect. People will be more inclined to trust who they know is good-natured and capable of assisting in times of need. At the same time, people will respect somebody capable of exhibiting this behavior. Just remember not to help others only to attain respect and trust. These things will automatically come when it is at the bottom of your heart to help others.

3. You can find your purpose in life by helping others

Sometimes, we can feel lost in life and can't figure out what our purpose is in living. If you don't have a vision or grand goal in life yet, try helping others. For example, you can try volunteering for a good cause, donating to a registered charity, or becoming socially active in your community and finding ways to help others. Such acts are already worthy causes by themselves and can give greater meaning to your life. Maybe your true calling is helping others and creating a happier society.

4. Your health and well-being become better

Helping others can provide various benefits to yourself in terms of your physical and mental health and well-being.

  • You can form more social connections through helping as you meet other people and be on good terms with them. You then lessen instances of loneliness and depression because you gain the company of others.
  • Making it a habit to do acts of kindness by volunteering or assisting in activities that require physical labor benefits your physical health by moving your body regularly.
  • Helping others boosts your self-esteem and confidence by giving you fulfillment and satisfaction from your deeds and people acknowledging your help which improves your sense of self-worth. As a result, you feel better and gain a heightened sense of lasting happiness, enhancing your general well-being.

5. Your social circle expands, and relationships strengthen

Helping others is a gateway to meeting new friends and people. Volunteering enhances your chances of meeting people with the same values or interests as you. Assisting colleagues you may not be talking to often can change how they think about you and thus strengthen your bonds with them. Helping people leaves positive feelings and a good impression of yourself, so it's only natural that they will feel good about you and turn to you as a friend.

6. You become happier by helping others

Some people may think they should prioritize themselves before others to become happy. There is some truth in thinking that you should be glad yourself first before making others happy. However, making yourself happy is possible by making others feel it first. It's challenging to be happy when everybody around you is suffering and have problems. However, doing good deeds for others and improving their situation, even a little, can spread positivity and happiness, eventually affecting you.

7. Positivity spreads

Helping others is a positive act. You not only help improve somebody else's situation but also get benefits for yourself. In turn, the people you help may feel inspired and do the same to you and others. Helping is a contagious act that can trigger kindness in people and help bring more positive results to our society. It can make people more optimistic and see the world in a better light as it creates stronger friendships and a sense of belonging for people.

Give help when you can

Every person in the world has their strengths and weaknesses. An individual can't be able to cover every aspect and area of life such that he won't need the help of anyone. However, all of us will need some help at some point in our lives; in fact, we need every bit of support while we are still kids and don't know much about the world. Therefore, we must extend support and help as much as possible to those who need it. Furthermore, it strengthens our connections as humans who live in this world and helps us understand each other and maintain a good perspective on life.

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