Attaining Spiritual Alignment

fulfillment spiritual alignment spiritual health success Sep 26, 2022

We all strive for something in life. Whether it is happiness, success, love, or peace, we all want to achieve something meaningful to us. And one of the most important things we can do on our journey is to attain spiritual alignment. What does this mean? It means that our actions, spirit, and thoughts unite and work together towards a common goal. When we achieve this state of being, everything becomes more accessible and fulfilling. This blog post will explore spiritual alignment and how you can achieve it in your life.

What is spiritual alignment?

Spirituality deals with the higher aspects of our existence, such as believing in some higher form of entity capable of influencing and affecting things around us. It can also involve thinking of a higher state of ourselves capable of achieving our purpose and goals in life, which can be considered a spiritual state. This state is something that may not yet be in our grasp, and yet we are very much capable of attaining it if we choose to do. We become spiritually aligned when this spiritual state is in agreement with our thoughts and actions. It's like manifesting what you can do as an individual and directing your efforts and ideas to coincide with your ideal self in the future.

When the body, mind, and spirit are in proper alignment, it becomes easier to experience joy and fulfillment in life. In addition, you gain a greater sense of direction of what to do in your life. Finally, you achieve balance in your life to get in harmony with your higher self.

It can be problematic when one aspect of your being gets disconnected from the others. It results in conflicted feelings that can lead to frustration and disappointment. An excellent example is doing a job you are not interested in but doing anyway since it gives a decent or reasonable amount of money. Sure, you can cover your needs and wants through your job, but at some point, you may feel lost and tired from doing something you don't want. Of course, circumstances can make it challenging to switch jobs if there aren't many options, but if the opportunity is there, won't it be nice to do a job that aligns with what you like and envision in life?

How to be spiritually aligned

There are various signs that one is not spiritually aligned in life. Noticing these signs can help you put in the work necessary to get yourself back into alignment.

  • Feeling tired of life.
  • Dissatisfied with your current state of living
  • Negative feelings and thoughts creep up often in your mind.
  • Lack of interest or motivation to pursue something
  • Having the feeling that you are just riding the waves of life and not creating the path that you like
  • Quickly gets angry over various things
  • Having no sense of purpose or vision in life

If you see yourself experiencing any or more than one of these things, it's time to put some effort into achieving spiritual alignment in your life.

1. Do some journaling

Journaling can prove to be beneficial to your life. It can serve as an outlet for your feelings by writing down how you feel daily. Take note of your negative feelings, such as anger and frustration. What is it that makes you feel this way? If you notice such feelings frequently, it can indicate something is amiss with your life. For example, there could be an unresolved problem, or something is not happening your way, but you don't notice it. Journaling is not only a way to let out your emotions but also a means to help you focus on what you can do to make positive changes in your life. You get to know yourself better and plan what you should do next in life.

2. Take a break and evaluate your life

It's easy to get lost in the busyness of life. We do many things every day, many of which can become automatic when we may not even question why we do them anymore. You may lose your connection to what you are truly capable of doing, feel lost, and impede your chances for growth. It would help to take a break from reality and give yourself time to reflect on your life. Identify what is your purpose and goal in life, then see if your actions and thoughts align with them. If there is a disconnect, you may need to change certain aspects of your life, such as your health, perspective about life, relationships with others, etc. The goal is to keep everything aligned to what you are ultimately trying to achieve in life.

3. Widen your perspective about things

Having tunnel vision means your viewpoint on something gets constricted within a narrow field. It can tell you are not open to other options of doing things or thinking about other possibilities that can happen. While it may be beneficial when you focus on working toward one objective, it can make you lose sight of other things around you. Spiritual alignment is about balance and connecting yourself to the bigger picture. Working with great dedication toward one thing is admirable, but it becomes more effective when you know why you are doing it and what role it will play toward something bigger, like a grander goal in life. Try to identify the purpose behind why you do such things in your life, such as they make you happy and fulfilled. And then, go beyond that and see where this happiness and fulfillment can take you, such as putting yourself in good condition to pursue something more significant. Looking at the bigger picture of things can make even the seemingly small and minor things become substantial to what you are trying to attain in life.

4. Learn to quiet your mind

Daily life can be noisy. Noise can come from various things getting your attention, thoughts that constantly bother you, and literal noise from objects like vehicles beeping their horns. Your mind can get too busy, so you may not have time to have more ease and think about spiritual things. Knowing how to quiet your mind is essential as it gives you more room to think about more profound things that can affect your daily activities, such as what goals you should pursue, which can dictate what you need to do daily and omit those that don't matter to your goals. Quieting your mind puts you in the present moment and gives you some deep time to meditate and think about things on a higher level.

Achieve proper alignment in life

Obtaining spiritual alignment starts when you entertain the idea that something greater encompasses your existence and the things you do daily. Having positive thoughts also helps open your mind and puts you in an excellent spot to widen your perspective. Spiritual health is another component of health, not just physical and mental. Putting efforts toward a spiritual alignment will make you spiritually healthy. When you pair this up with good physical and mental health, you are aligning yourself toward a balanced life that can make you fit in all aspects of life. When there's no conflict in your actions, spirit, and thoughts, it becomes easier to achieve whatever you are trying to do in life and move forward even when problems and challenges occur in life.

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