Why Is Everybody Rushing in Life?

life productivity slow down Dec 01, 2022

Do you ever feel like you're just rushing through life without taking the time to enjoy it? It seems like the norm for many people, but there's no real reason. We're all guilty of it: we rush to work, run through our lunch break, and then rush home to spend time with our families. But why are we doing this? What is driving us to hurry up and live our lives at such a fast pace?

What's there at the finish line?

Life can move fast for some of us. It feels as if we are constantly breaking the speed limit and trying to rush things. But, unfortunately, when we feel rushed about life, we may not have enough time to think about why we are moving and doing something so fast in the first place. As a result, it can feel like we do it out of habit and go through life quickly anyway. So what are the reasons why people rush through life?

1. We focus more on the future

If our minds put more emphasis on the future, we may rush through our activities in the present, hoping to get to the future quickly. It is even more so if we have the idea that our happiness is something we can attain by achieving or obtaining something in the future. However, if one knows how to be present in the moment, one doesn't need to rush to the future if one knows how to appreciate life's moments in the present and feel joy from what you have right now.

2. We have too many things on our plate

We may be rushing because we may be trying to finish several tasks simultaneously. We want to finish many things on our to-do lists and may add more by refusing to say no to others' requests. So we end up multitasking, hoping to accomplish everything on time. A remedy to this situation is to lessen our workloads if we can and only do and accept jobs we know we can handle daily. It's also okay to leave some things unfinished if they have more extended deadlines and are not urgent.

3. We feel that time is lacking

Time is fixed for 24 hours a day, and we can't do anything to add more of it. Depending on our daily activities, 24 hours can be plenty or not enough to do everything. So if we feel overwhelmed by the many tasks we do, time seems insufficient to accomplish everything, so we try to rush to finish as many as possible so we can have time to do the next thing. Again, the remedy is to try not to do and finish everything and do only those you can complete within a day. Finish tasks one at a time, and you may have more time to spare to do other things that matter to you.

4. We feel compelled to catch up

There is always something trending that can catch our eyes and attention, whether it is the latest TV show, fashion, gadget, or whatever trend on the Internet. The fear of missing out is powerful, and we may not want to lose on what our friends and peers are currently doing or enjoying. So we try to rush whatever we are doing to catch up, including our favorite hobbies and passions, like binge-watching all the TV show episodes of a previous series to catch up with what our friends may be watching. The fear of missing out can affect any aspect of our lives, from work to leisure time. One may end up not enjoying what they are doing if they rush on something, especially if it's a leisure activity. So instead of trying to catch up with everything, one should stop rushing and move and enjoy something at your pace. One may enjoy things better this way.

5. Rushing became a habit

Do something enough times, and it will eventually become a habit. So if you are always in such a rush and don't have time to savor the present moment and see everyone around you do the same, you may think going through life at a fast pace is normal. Additionally, your job may demand you to get busy always and condition you to do many things at once. You may not have the option to say no; thus, you are forced to comply. Add in the responsibilities you have at home and your commitments with your friends, and things will get busy. Once all these become a daily routine, it may be hard to escape such a habit. One thing to remember is that you can always change your daily routine, which starts with you. You need to have the will and motivation to change once you realize you are moving too fast in life and feel pressure from doing your daily tasks and can't have time to enjoy yourself.

6. We are avoiding something

When we are too busy and generally move too fast, we may not have the time to notice what's happening in the present. Unconsciously, we may be trying to avoid something, such as unpleasant feelings that may surface once we have time to think about ourselves and things become quiet. It can be scary to deal with an ongoing problem that we don't have a solution to or try to analyze and learn more about yourself, such as your weaknesses. Rushing implies going through things fast so we may forget or avoid something uncomfortable.

7. Competition

You look around you, and everyone seems to be racing ahead of you. Your friends and peers may be rushing fast in life to accomplish something quickly and get ahead and above others. You may feel compelled to race with others because our society seems to emphasize the idea of competition so we can get ahead in life. If somebody gains or accomplishes something, you do your best to be better and possess something higher than your peers, then others also do it, and the cycle continues. Competition can be healthy for fostering motivation and innovation among people, but too much of it can lead to someone rushing through life so they can be better than others. It's your choice if you want to compete with others, but it can be a better idea to identify what matters to you. If you know your priorities and what can make you happy, you may not need to compete if you know what to chase, which may be a different path compared to what others are pursuing.

Slow down, and you may enjoy life more than you think.

No rule states that we should go through life quickly. Our priorities and mindset will dictate whether we should move fast or take it slow and enjoy life more. We may end up sacrificing our health and energy if we go through things too fast and don't engage in self-care to make sure we stay healthy and have time to enjoy ourselves. Before moving fast because you see others do it, ask yourself why you also need to do it. Your goals and priorities will help you determine the pace at which you need to work and move. Contentment in life can also affect how much time you should spend doing all your tasks because if you do not depend too much on the future for fulfillment and happiness, you can already enjoy them in the present and hence allow you to slow down and appreciate more the things around you. It's okay to work and move fast sometimes due to life's demands but try not to make it a habit, especially if your health is already affected. You don't need to hurry if you already have what you need to feel happy and fulfilled or know your direction.

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