What Is Holistic Health and Coaching: Two Tools to Use

coaching holistic health personal growth Oct 01, 2021

Holistic health and coaching go hand-in-hand. Coaching can be beneficial for many people because it allows them to talk with someone who isn't their friend or family member but still cares enough to help them grow. This type of relationship will enable you to feel comfortable talking about what's bothering you for a while now. Holistic health refers to the idea that there are many different components in our lives which all affect one another. If one area is off-balance, it will start affecting other areas too, and coaching plays a part in improving these problem areas.

What is holistic health, and how is coaching related to it?

Here at Morning Coach, we use two tools to help people achieve better holistic health: the life wheel and the seven Ps. But before we discuss these two tools, let's define how Morning Coach looks at holistic health. Simply put, holistic health refers to a person's overall health, and the way that happens is by achieving a general state of wellness in different aspects of life. For example, you might think that just because you are wealthy and prosperous enough, you are fine already in your life, but that's not how it is when we talk about holistic wellness. Other areas in your life act as parts of you as a whole person, and you might be lacking in some areas of your life. Coaching can then come in to guide you in areas that you might be having a problem dealing with on your own.

Morning Coach Life Wheel

The life wheel is one of Morning Coach's tools to help you better understand the holistic aspect of life. Coaching under Morning Coach is that we don't only deal with solving just one problem area in your life. Instead, we look deeper into what other things could hold you back and focus on improving problematic areas to achieve overall wellness.

The Morning Coach life wheel consists of the following parts:

  • Gratitude
  • Fear
  • Relationships
  • Creativity/Self-expression
  • Career/Entrepreneurship
  • Prosperity/Wealth
  • Freedom
  • Organization
  • Technology
  • Spirituality/Metaphysics
  • Health
  • Motivation/Self-esteem

The way the wheel works is to think of the wheel as your life. Let's say you are an entrepreneur and have your own business. You then go over your lifestyle and see how you are doing with each aspect of the life wheel. Rate yourself on how good or bad you are in each element. The higher ratings form the border of the wheel, and the lower ratings create a dip in the circle you are trying to create as you go over each aspect of the life wheel. By doing this, the problem areas become apparent, and it will be easier to focus on what you need to work on and improve.

Let's go back to the entrepreneur example again. So as an entrepreneur, you know how to be grateful for the things you have, so you're okay with gratitude. You don't necessarily get scared quickly, so fear is reasonable. However, you have some bumpy relationships with some people, so you're kind of average on this aspect. Creativity, career, prosperity, freedom, and organization are all good. You are not very proficient in using gadgets and technology, so you're average in this aspect. Spirituality is a bit weak for you, and you have some minor chronic disease, so these are both a bit above average. Motivation is not a problem for you, so you're good here. Using this example, when you try to form a circle by going over all the aspects of the life wheel, there will be dips in relationships, technology, spirituality, and health. We want to form a circle in the life wheel to indicate optimal health in all aspects of life.

Role of a life coach in the life wheel

A life coach can help you achieve holistic well-being by providing guidance and support in areas of your life where there are problems. Remember those aspects in the life wheel that have created dips in the circle of the entrepreneur example? It would help if you focused on working on those areas because they can eventually spill over in your overall performance at work and in life. A life coach can suggest making lifestyle changes such as doing more exercise and eating a healthy diet to address health problems. Your coach can provide spiritual counseling and make you practice mindful meditation so you can be better spiritually. These are some benefits that a coach can give you if you decide to work with one.

You might be thinking that this holistic approach of the life wheel involves being well and good in all aspects simultaneously, but it's not like that. The point is to be actively present in the moment of whatever you are currently doing and be good at it. Achieving balance in everything is difficult. There will always be one or two weak points in the life of even the most successful people. The life wheel pinpoints to us our weaknesses so that we don't neglect them and still have room for improvement. Achieving a good flow when doing things requires you to aim for and be good at doing them.

The seven Ps

Another tool that Morning Coach uses to help give more structure to our lives is the seven Ps. It goes like this:


  • Have the proper - PERSPECTIVE
  • Set the daily - PRIORITIES
  • Focus on improved - PERFORMANCE
  • Always have - PATIENCE
  • Keep great - POSTURE
  • Stay - PRESENT

The seven Ps act as the foundational framework to what are the things you have to do. It then becomes easier to improve the problematic aspects of your life wheel. The following are some brief descriptions for each P.

Having the proper perspective means knowing your mission in life, identifying where you are in the present, having the options and resources to do things, and enacting a plan to tackle things exactly. In addition, having the proper perspective allows you to start your day with energy and motivates you to start making changes in your life.

Understanding your priorities will guide you to direct your money and efforts because you know what you want to get and what to do. Most people won't even invest in themselves, and this can lead to frustration later. Instead, setting the right priorities can propel you to tremendous success in life.

Focusing on improved performance means getting better at what we do, even if it's just tiny steps a day. Doing small things a day goes along with patience because you cannot immediately achieve many things in life. We have to be patient when waiting for results to happen, especially if it's a big goal we are shooting for accomplishment. Don't quit if nothing happens immediately, and try to see what you can do for the long term.

Great posture means having good health, both in the physical and mental aspects. Not having good health will prevent you from doing what you must do and creep up on your performance.

Stay present means learning how to be present at the moment so you can truly enjoy life without worrying too much about the future or reminiscing. Lastly, persistence involves not quitting when things don't work right away and keeping on trying until you eventually succeed.

Holistic health coaching with Morning Coach

The Morning Coach life wheel, the seven Ps, and coaching work together to help reinforce positive psychology in your mind to attain better holistic health and wellness in your life. The term "holistic" encompasses your mind, body, and spirit, so understanding the connection between these three things will help overcome your weaknesses and strengthen your life. Getting away with your bad habits, practicing self-care, eating healthy food, and sleeping well are just some of the things you can do to establish a good mind-body connection. Understand the skills and talents you have and all the tools and resources you have at your disposal, and use these things to work and focus on areas of your life that need improvement, and you are on your way to achieving holistic health in the Morning Coach way.


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