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When we think about an organizational plan, many people assume it only applies to the office. However, there are a lot of benefits and rewards for implementing one in your life outside of work. Morning Coach is here to help you with this! We will discuss how you can use the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle as a basis for an individualized organization plan that will help bring order into your life.

Having structure in your life

The PDCA cycle is a method that companies and businesses use to control and continuously improve processes and products. Morning Coach works by implementing this cycle outside of the business setting and into your own life to constantly improve what you are doing and eventually achieve the goals you have in your life. But before we jump into discussing the PDCA cycle, it's essential to lay out the structure first of what you want to do in life.

The structure we are talking about consists of four parts: mission, identifying where you are in the present, options, and plan. We discuss each in detail below.

  • Mission - The first part is vital as this would serve as the guidepost for everything you need to do. Identify the mission or goal that you want to do in life. It could be owning and starting your own business, moving up the ranks in your career, or simply having better relationships with your family and friends. The mission clarifies all the following steps that will come after it and serves as a reminder of why you are doing such things in the first place.
  • Where are you currently at - Once the mission is clarified, the next step is to assess where you are currently and how you are doing. For example, if you have a business and your mission is to expand it further and make it more successful, assess how your business is currently faring in terms of finances and operations. By understanding these things, you can see areas that need more improvement and gain a better foothold of where you should go next.
  • Options - Using the same example of improving your business as your mission, you now start exploring options after knowing how you are faring in the present. Options refer to your actions to deal with your present situation and move forward and do the following to achieve your mission.
  • Plan - So you now know what the things you can try doing to fulfill your mission are. The next step in the structure is to enact a plan of how you will accomplish your task. What tools and resources are at your disposal, which steps should you do first, and how are you going to do things exactly are some things that come in the planning process.

These four parts of the structure can be challenging to figure out by yourself, and this is where working with a life coach truly helps. A coach can help you identify your mission if you have trouble figuring out what you want to do in life. Not only that, but a coach can also provide the bridge to help you cross from your present situation to the ideal future. Working with your options and plans are things that a life coach pretty much specializes in, and he can help you understand what you need to do and guide you towards success.

Tools to help you succeed in life

We mentioned before that Morning Coach works by implementing the PDCA cycle in your own life. The options and plan parts of the structure are where Morning Coach integrates the PDCA cycle. The way the PDCA cycle works is to create a plan that you work together with Morning Coach. Then you do the things that are in the plan. Afterward, we check if things have worked or not and, from there, act on the things that we reviewed. This cycle of plan-do-check-act repeats in a loop until you achieve the items you want to accomplish. Also, adjustments might have to be made in the plan if something drastic happens, like an accident or severe illness, but the cycle will move forward again after the adjustment.

To help better illustrate how Morning Coach does its services, you can jump on your Internet browser and go to the Morning Coach website, and you can access a section there called Compass. If you click on Compass, the website will then present you with a month-to-month layout of all 12 months in a year, and below each, you will see the PDCA cycle aspects integrated with topics associated with each month. For example, the Morning Coach approach starts with planning in December, and then the following months will follow the three other steps in the PDCA cycle. As an example, January is a Do month, then February deals with Check/Act. March and April deal with Do again, followed by Check/Act in May. You get the idea, and this process continues until December hits again, and Morning Coach will make a new planning process. The topics below each month are the focus and theme for the activities that people will be doing under each month's respective steps of the PDCA cycle.

You might ask in your mind, so to fully utilize the service of Morning Coach, I have to start working in December? Well, not exactly. If you choose to start working at some point in the year, say March, then Morning Coach will provide you with a quick start guide to help you get to speed by helping you set up your mission, values, goals, and daily to-dos in your structure and you work from there. The important thing is that you show up and start executing your plan to get where you want to be.

Accomplish that mission of yours

Many people don't spend time making a plan on what to do in their lives. As a result, they don't achieve the things they want to do in life. It's also possible that the real problem is that they don't have a mission in their lives. It's like walking in a big, open field without knowing which way to go to move forward. If you find yourself thinking there must be something else I can do with my life, there's no better answer than to start putting a structure in your life. Find your mission, know where you are in the present, learn what options you have, and develop a plan. If you are ready to start and willing to listen to others for help and support, we encourage you to work with Morning Coach. JB Glossinger is the founder and head of Morning Coach, who has the expertise and knowledge to help you get where you want to be. The effectiveness of Morning Coach also lies in the fact that you will work with others in a group, and others can share with you what they have been going through, and together, work on solving problems and fulfill each and everyone's missions in life.

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