Traits of a Reliable Person

personality trust Jun 19, 2023

Being reliable is an invaluable trait that all of us should aspire to embody. From being trustworthy to consistently delivering on promises, reliable people are the individuals we can trust and depend on for guidance, support, and assistance. This blog post will explore the various traits of a reliable person so you can better understand what makes someone reliable and why it's essential in life.

Who are trustworthy people?

It is good to have reliable people in your life. When you are in a pinch and need someone for help, a trustworthy person is most likely the first individual you are going to ask for help. They are the ones that can cover your back while you are doing something else, and you can entrust things to them, knowing they can do it. However, finding highly trustworthy people can be difficult, but they do exist. It is good to be familiar with the traits that make a person trustworthy, and once you see them in someone, you will know who to lean on the next time you need help.

1. They get things done

A person who gets things done and entrusted to them is someone worthy of trustworthiness. As a leader or someone who needs others to do something, you want people who can do your assigned task. People that can accomplish tasks even with minimal supervision are the ones you will want to recruit to your team. Bonus points if they also return good quality work outputs. So as someone that needs help or finds someone well suited for teamwork, look for those that can consistently accomplish things.

2. They keep their word

Aside from entrusting someone with a task, you may also want assurance from another person that they will indeed do their part in something. It's easy to make promises, and unreliable people will end with just that, promises. On the other hand, keeping promises is what a truly trustworthy person does. They can assure another person they can do something because they have the confidence, knowledge, and skill to do what is assigned. As a finale, they accomplish their work to complement what they have said to you. One who knows how to keep their word is trustworthy.

3. They are honest

Liars and backstabbers are the last people you want to trust for something. Reliability is very shaky with them, and they will most likely not keep their word or produce an output with only half-baked efforts. If you want someone dependable, relying on honest people is better. They will assure you they can do what you ask and tell you if they can't do something instead of pretending they can. Honest people will often tell facts, making you believe what they say and thus making you more willing to go for them if you need to confide in something or delegate an important task.

4. They are consistent

How would you feel seeing someone consistently working hard and delivering good results often? It's assuring to trust someone like that and ask for help from them. Being consistent is one characteristic of a reliable person. While they can still commit a mistake sometimes, people who deliver good results regularly and consistently maintain good habits can make others look up to and rely on them since their actions speak for themselves.

5. They do what they say

It's easy to say words and make a promise to someone; however, it's a different story regarding backing up what you say and fulfilling a promise to somebody. People who walk their talk are generally more reliable than those who spout words but may only be telling false stories. Being able to do what you say adds more credibility, and people will only find out the truth if they ask you for a result or do what you claim right in front of them.

6. You can keep your secrets safe with them

If you want to disclose a secret to somebody and want them to keep it safe, you should only tell them to a reliable and trustworthy person. Reliable people know how to keep what went with the conversation between you and them if this is how you want things to be, and they won't gossip about it to somebody else. It's like keeping something important in a secured vault when you entrust a secret to a reliable person.

7. Their reputation precedes them

You may have heard of people with a proven track record in whatever field they excel at. You may hear people praise them, and their achievements can prove it. When you seek professional help on something, you will most likely go for highly reputable people who are experts in assisting in whatever you need. It is more assuring to go to someone with multiple successes under their name, as they can give you the confidence that they can succeed with whatever service they give you. An excellent example of this is going to a highly successful doctor for medical help or requesting the benefit of a renowned lawyer when you need legal assistance. Such people can give you a higher chance of success in what you need.

8. They are often there when you need them

One good sign of a reliable individual is that they will often be there to help you if you call for them. We say "often" because, of course, every one of us will have to deal with our circumstances and problems, so we can't always be available. However, reliable people can go the extra mile by giving some time and effort to help you however they can, even if they are currently attending to their matters.

9. They are generally good people

Generally speaking, reliable people are mostly kind and optimistic people. They are most likely willing to help others, respect them, and won't necessarily expect a reward for doing a good deed. They are generally easy to approach and will listen to your concerns. Of course, people have different personalities, and you may hesitate to ask for help from someone who looks cold and stays silent most of the time. However, you will never know unless you approach them and ask. What's essential is if they exhibit any of the other traits we mentioned above and their actions prove otherwise.

It's good to be reliable.

Being reliable is one good trait we can develop. Knowing that people rely on us can boost our self-esteem and confidence. It can make us want to do better, so we can better serve others. Reliability also makes building good relationships with people easier and can open opportunities for us.

Becoming reliable is not something we can attain instantly. We need to develop it through time and effort, and we also have to be consistent. Once we earn reliability, achieving success in whatever we want to do can be more possible.

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