This Thing Is Amazing! The King Kong of E-Ink: the QuirkLogic Quilla

quilla quirklogic Jul 19, 2021

This Thing Is Amazing! The King Kong of E-Ink: the QuirkLogic Quilla

The Quilla is a giant electronic paper device with an E Ink screen, designed by QuirkLogic. It's like the King Kong of e-readers! The Quilla is huge and heavy and it has a large display that looks really crisp and clear even in bright light. Find out in this article what this device is capable of and how you can put it to good use.

The QuirkLogic Quilla

The first thing you will notice with the Quilla is that it's huge! It's got a 42-inch display size and weighs 24 pounds. This thing looks almost like having an LCD TV propped up vertically due to its size. It also has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities. Its display resolution is 2,160x2,880 pixels and has dimensions (WxDxH) of 29x1.3x44 inches. There are two USB 3.0 ports and it has 16 GB flash memory, which can have an additional 64 GB available via USB flash. Upon purchase, the Quilla also comes with two pens for its stylus and has unlimited cloud storage. The Quilla is quite expensive, retailing for 4,999 US dollars.

What the Quilla can do

The Quilla allows you to upload your documents on it, such as PDFs. The device acts like a whiteboard or vertical paper display where others can see what you wanted to present, only this time, using an electronic device instead of traditional displays. You can write on the Quilla using a stylus and you can freely adjust the size of the display as well as what you have written on it, essentially making it an unlimited canvas. Writing on it has that familiar paper and pen experience

The collaboration aspect of the Quilla is what makes it really stand out. This digital writing device is capable of making whatever you have written appear on other linked devices such as tablets or computers. This enables teams to work together on their files while having real-time interaction possible through the collaboration feature. Other people can also write on their own devices and have them appear on the Quilla as long as their device is linked with it. This allows for back-and-forth replies in real-time which can work really well in certain situations like meetings, coaching events, teaching other students, and other organizational setups.

Whatever content you created gets saved in the cloud and you can share your files and documents with others through this feature. Your library of files can easily be accessed from anywhere as long as there is an Internet connection.

Why should you buy the Quilla

By the size alone, the Quilla is something you will not buy if you wanted a portable E Ink device or a tablet. The Quilla is QuirkLogic's first device and later down the line, they created a more portable version of it which is called the Papyr, a 13-inch E Ink device. The two devices share a lot of similar features and allow you to collaborate in new ways. So who is the Quilla for?

If your profession is something that requires you to have a display beside you while you present data, facts, or documents to your clients, be it in the education sector, the corporate setting, coaching-style events, or meetings, the Quilla is a device that can work really well for you. The price can be really expensive but if you have the budget for it, then you should consider getting one especially if you do a lot of presentations and need to collaborate with others on a regular basis.


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