QuirkLogic Papyr Review: This Is a Game Changer

papyr quirklogic Jul 15, 2021

QuirkLogic Papyr Review: This Is a Game Changer

The QuirkLogic Papyr is a game-changing device that helps you stay productive and creative. It's designed to help users organize their thoughts while writing, brainstorming, or just thinking about different ideas. We'll review this innovative device below and see what makes it so special.

What is the QuirkLogic Papyr

The QuirkLogic Papyr is an ePaper-based digital writing device, along the same lines as the Fujitsu Quaderno or Sony's E Ink tablet. It has a 13.3-inch screen and a display resolution of 1,650x2,200 dots. It is designed to help digitally write ideas, thoughts, notes, and critical information on the screen. It also has Wi-Fi capabilities. Content is automatically saved and stored in a cloud-based platform, called the Inkworks, so you can take them wherever you go and enables real-time collaboration with other devices.

What makes Papyr a game-changer

The collaboration feature of the Papyr is what makes it a game-changer. Its got a circular contextual menu consisting of round icons that pops up when you tap on the screen. By enabling the collaboration feature from this menu, you will be able to transfer what you have written on the Papyr's screen with the stylus to other linked devices with it. Basically, other users will see what you have written on their own devices. This feature can allow for practical applications like in a school setting where a teacher can mark important things on the Papyr and students from somewhere else in the world can instantly have those important marks appear on their own device. The same feature can also prove handy in online meetings using applications like Zoom or Google Meet.

Another feature of the Papyr is its zooming capability. You open a document or journal and you can zoom it as big as you want or as small as you want. Tap the screen and it can return to its default size and be placed in the middle of the screen. Things that you have written with the stylus can be moved around and the size can also be adjusted. Font color can be changed too.

The Papyr's file system is great. It got its own local storage for files. It also got a shared file system for other devices nearby and then you have cloud storage. The Papyr can connect to Google Drive or Dropbox which allows you to upload files from these services into the Papyr itself.

Lastly, the Papyr has Google Chrome built-in. This is a nice addition to have when you want to search for something or just want to browse or read some articles online. You can also zoom in or out whatever you are reading from Chrome. Some might say this feature can be a distraction but it really just depends on how you utilize it.

Some downsides

There are some little things that prevent the Papyr from being perfect. As of the time of the creation of the video review posted above this blog post, the device is not yet available brand new outside of North America. They might be planning to sell it outside of North America at some point. Also, there are some features that are not yet available like translation from text, handwriting to text, and dual-screen. These might come eventually later down the line through software updates. Other than these little nitpicks, the Papyr is a great device.

Final thoughts

The QuirkLogic Papyr is something you should really consider getting for the collaboration aspect alone. It's a nice feature to have especially with how the world works right now with COVID and everything. It is also considerably cheaper compared to similar devices from other brands. The contextual menu is intuitive, it has a great stylus, and the reading and writing experience is great. Customer support is also nice. These are things to consider if you are planning to buy one.

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