The Value of Patience

patience personal growth Oct 22, 2021

Patience is a virtue, and it rings true in our current, fast-paced world. It's challenging to be patient when we're used to instant gratification. We want everything now; we don't want to wait for anything. But it doesn't have to be this way. There are many benefits of being patient that you may not have considered before. This blog post will discuss patience as a virtue, the importance of patience in business, and why waiting can help you succeed more than rushing headlong into things.

A world of instant gratification

Ever since technology has become more advanced, the world has started to become more fast-paced. It seems people are rushing at everything that they do. The system has conditioned people to think that they must immediately get what they want. Instant gratification has become the norm. Look around you and on the Internet, and you will often see statements encouraging you to "Buy now!" "Read this now!" You must see this immediately!" etc. It's as if there's some looming deadline coming at you, and you will miss out if you don't engage immediately. This kind of conditioning is making people impatient. Self-control and practicing patience seem to have flown out of the window for most people. Being in high-speed mode can permanently affect your mental health, causing you to develop anxiety and depression and feel more stressed. Negative emotions can creep up like anger and feeling frustrated when you don't get what you want. Seeing a patient person nowadays is a rarity.

As people, we have to learn how to quiet our minds and break from them sometimes. Take a deep breath. There's a good lesson or two that one can learn from the process of doing things. First, taking shortcuts can lead to haphazard decisions, bringing more hurt in the long run. Second, we can significantly appreciate the value of things if we take our time accomplishing or obtaining them. An excellent example of taking a shortcut in financial wellness is if you become the winner of a lottery jackpot. Most lottery winners go broke in a few years after winning the lottery, and they encounter more problems than they had before winning. It's easy to blow away all that considerable money since you never worked hard for it unless you consider placing a lottery bet over some time hard work. When it comes to material possessions, jumping from one current trend to another can make you less appreciative of things. There's something to be gained from enjoying the moment and process of acquiring stuff to appreciate the total value of the things we want to obtain.

Playing the long game.

The tremendous success and achievements that we can get from life don't happen overnight. Whether in business, health, career, finance, relationships, or personal growth, we can achieve great victories by playing the long game. Delayed gratification and having long-term goals pave the way for us to attain immense success in the future. Don't expect to achieve an instant hit the moment you start doing something. When you see other people who are successful in their lives, keep in mind that it took them time to get where they are in their life. The biggest companies didn't start that way, and they all have their humble beginnings. If you want to get fit and have a slimmer body, your body won't immediately turn into a supermodel no matter how you rush things. Learning a skill takes time before you reach master levels of proficiency. Building relationships with other people takes time to build trust and confidence between you. Impatience will only lead to frustration and stress.

Practice patience in your life

Patience is a positive attitude that can help us overcome challenges in life better. Being patient helps us stay calm amidst high-tension situations or in cases where you can feel bored from waiting, like getting stuck in a traffic jam or waiting in line in a grocery. It's a good idea to cultivate patience while we are still young as it will become a good habit later on in our lives. It's not too late to develop patience if you are an adult already, but it might be challenging to do if you're used to rushing things. If you are a parent, it's good to teach your children how to be patient as that will help their well-being once they become adults.

If you see yourself as a person who wants instant gratification often, but you feel that you want to change that way of thinking, learning how to practice gratitude in your daily life can change your perspective. First, be thankful for the good things you currently possess. They can be as simple as having good friends, peace of mind, or having a healthy body. Being grateful leads to more patience and kindness to others, too, since you won't feel the need to compete and be nasty to others when it comes to acquiring things or status. Success doesn't immediately come in life, but you will feel good once it finally arrives with persistence, consistency, and patience.

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