Rewarding Yourself

personal growth rewards staying motivated Nov 22, 2021

Rewarding yourself for achieving your goals is an essential aspect of goal-setting. It's easy to get discouraged when you see how far away your goal appears, but rewarding yourself along the way can keep you motivated and on track. This blog post will explore the benefits of giving yourself small rewards while working towards your goals and what rewards are best suited for different situations.

Building your reward system

Receiving rewards after doing something is one way that can help us be more motivated and productive. But, sometimes, it takes a long time to accept that great reward we are aiming for after achieving a big goal. Along the way, we might feel frustrated and disappointed for doing lots of hard work and not getting anything out of it. So, instead, why not try creating a reward system that will let you experience pleasure and happiness even when you have not yet hit your big goals?

Unless you are patient and trained not to indulge in instant gratification, waiting for the big rewards can be challenging after achieving your big goals. When it comes to big goals, it can take a long time before you complete them, so it's better to break them down into smaller goals that can be achieved in a shorter amount of time, like, months, weeks, or days. You can then aim to give yourself some form of reward after accomplishing these short-term goals. The aim is to maintain your motivation and productivity along the way so you will eventually hit your main goal. This reward system is beneficial when you are making commitments towards long-term goals. You then have to decide what rewards you can give yourself and when you should receive one.

Don't overindulge yourself.

Rewards can make us feel amazing and happy after receiving them. Receiving rewards works because it makes our body release dopamine, a chemical inside our body that is responsible for giving us pleasure and plays a part in motivational behavior. Feeling good makes us more motivated to finish our tasks because we know we will receive something afterward. However, take note that there are some things you should remember when giving yourself rewards.

You might think that using a reward system will make you reliant on a reward before you do something. Unfortunately, this way of thinking can happen if you don't know how to discipline yourself. Ideally, a reward system should train your mind to feel pleasure whenever you accomplish some hard work. The rewards are there initially to condition your mind. Of course, you can continue giving yourself some prize after achieving something even when you already know how to get motivated just by doing something. Don't be too reliant on the rewards themselves.

Another thing to watch out for is giving yourself rewards that defeat the purpose of your efforts. For example, if you have a weight goal to lose some pounds, you must go on a diet and exercise program. However, if you thought of eating your favorite ice cream or some luxurious meal every time you make some progress, losing weight would be pointless because you're just gaining it back from what you eat. So instead of food rewards, think of non-food rewards that can make you feel happy without overeating. Another example is if you have a savings goal to become rich. If you keep on spending on something as a reward, it will also defeat the purpose whenever you achieve something.

Make your reward system effective.

An effective reward system gives rewards in direct proportion to how small or big the goal is. For example, rewards from big goals can come in the form of a new car or house, while those from small goals can be in the form of watching your favorite childhood movie, smelling some fresh flowers, or going to play frisbee with your friend. Don't blow your budget by buying a new pair of sneakers or a new gadget just by finishing one workday. There are many ways you can reward yourself without having to spend too much.

When deciding on a reward, try to think of something that is not immediately accessible. For example, if you thought of playing video games every time you finish a task, and you happen to own a computer and video game consoles with plenty of games, chances are you might abuse rewarding yourself so you can play a lot. So instead, why not try taking a vacation or going to a theater to watch a movie. Of course, they're not immediately accessible since you have to go someplace, but they can still be effective in giving pleasure if you like doing them. The idea is not to make your efforts and hard work an excuse to do something pleasurable for you.

Good rewards are those that we enjoy doing and indulging in. Every person has their idea of what makes a good reward for them. What works for somebody might not work for you. So think of rewards that can truly motivate you and make you look forward to the future to do your daily commitments.

Make rewarding yourself one of your good habits.

You might think it's only kids who need rewards for doing something, but the same principle pretty much applies to adults too. Most people want something after putting in a lot of effort and work, especially after a long time has passed. Sometimes, the simple act of recognition for an achievement well done is enough for some people. But, unless you are an exemplary man of virtue that doesn't want anything out of doing something, rewards play an integral part in making us do what we have to do in life. Moreover, a reward makes it possible for us to continue doing things because of the positive reinforcement created by pleasure from receiving rewards.

Meeting goals in life are necessary to achieve success. However, we have to exert a lot of effort and discipline to achieve them in the process. It can be challenging to do all work without seeing any immediate return on your investment. So instead, think of ways to reward yourself for the small tasks that you achieve now and then. A fulfilling life means being able to balance the amount of time we spend on work and play. Sometimes, we deserve to take a break and have something nice in return at different points in our lives.

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