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Helping Yourself

help self-care Jan 20, 2023

Self-help is a vital key to living a happy, successful life. Too often, we rely on others to help us through tough times, but we must also learn to help ourselves, as there will be times when others may not be able to help us. This blog post will discuss tips for helping yourself, so you can feel more ready to tackle challenges and feel good often.

We need to take care of ourselves before others do

When things get tough, it is normal to receive help from others, especially if things become too much and we can't overcome the situation by ourselves anymore. However, it is also vital to know how to help ourselves before asking for support because there will be times people may not be available to give help. So to avoid putting ourselves into troublesome situations, it can be an excellent idea to take some actions that can act as preemptive measures that lessen the blow of problems when they happen. When we help ourselves, we can be in a better position to face situations, and there are several things we can do to ensure we feel good often and are ready to tackle whatever challenge may come our way.

1. Take care of your health

Your health always has to be in good condition if you want to help yourself and overcome any situation you face. There is the idea of holistic health, and it involves five different aspects that consist of our physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual. By ensuring that we do healthy practices that fall under each aspect, we put ourselves in good condition to be more ready to face whatever comes our way. For example, we can regularly exercise, eat healthily, and get enough sleep for physical health. We can also make it a habit to take a break and do enjoyable things for our mental health, think positively for our emotional health, connect with people for our social health, and believe in something greater than us for our spiritual health. When we consider all five aspects and take good care of ourselves, we become better, putting us in an excellent position to do things and overcome adverse situations.

2. Step out of your comfort zone

One thing that can help us be more ready to overcome whatever comes our way is to step out of our comfort zones. It is okay to have the desire to feel comfortable, and many of us do so by staying within our comfort zones, meaning we only do what is familiar and feels safe to us. However, many things that can help us grow and be more experienced about various things are outside of our comfort zones. Unless we step out and try to learn new things and skills, there may come a time when we become unprepared to deal with something we are not familiar with. Knowing various fields of interest and skills is a great help in dealing with various situations, and we can feel more confident knowing we can deal with them. Stepping out of your comfort zone is a way of helping yourself by allowing you to work on particular situations and overcome them if you know how to deal with them.

3. Be smart with your finances

When it comes to asking for help, money is one common support we want from others. We may have encountered a situation where our resources and finances are insufficient, so we try to find someone who can lend us money. It is normal to find ourselves financially in a tight spot, as unforeseen circumstances may happen, and our wealth may not cover it. We cannot always expect that others will have the money to help us, as they may also have financial problems. It will be helpful if you have savings that can cover emergencies. Being smart with your finances will allow you to save money every payday, and you can use this money for emergencies. You can feel safer financially knowing you have some money as a backup. Budgeting your money well will allow you to cover all your needs and still have some cash left to buy things you want, which can contribute to your happiness.

4. Make the right choices

You can save yourself from a lot of trouble if you make the right decisions in the first place. Life is full of choices, and making the right ones will prevent you from getting into a troublesome situation where you may need help. In a way, you are helping yourself if you don't haphazardly decide on something without thinking of the possible consequences. You also won't need to bother others to cover for your mistakes. So you should try weighing the pros and cons of any significant decision you are about to make, and if you ever have to take a risk, make sure you have a backup plan and can handle the consequences should things not work out.

5. Uplift your mindset

A positive mindset is good if you want to handle things better. This is because you will focus more on the good outcomes that can happen instead of worrying about what can go wrong. It's normal to sometimes fear the uncertainty of what can go wrong with the future and what troubles may happen to you, but if you let only these things fill your mind, you are weighing yourself down and preventing yourself from taking action. You can manage stress better and help yourself if you think more positively, and you can do several things to add more positivity to your life.

Take care and help yourself.

It is essential to engage in self-care because it shows that you value yourself. In addition, you are helping yourself by doing practices that put you in a better state physically and mentally. Although we suggest ways to help ourselves here, we shouldn't forget the value of having a support group, people willing to support and trust us with our endeavors. When a troublesome situation occurs, we should try to solve it ourselves. Then, if we start to feel overwhelmed and worry that we cannot handle a problem by ourselves, that's the time to call for help so we can start moving forward again and achieve success. Help comes from ourselves and others, and it's good to be doing well in both aspects.

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