How to Maintain Good Relationships with Friends

friends relationships May 02, 2022

Maintaining good relationships with friends takes effort. If you want to keep your friendships strong, you have to put in the time and energy to make it happen. Just like any other relationship, if you neglect your friendships, they will start to deteriorate over time. This blog post will discuss tips for maintaining healthy and happy relationships with your friends.

Healthy friendships need the effort to maintain

People come and go in our lives. As we go through different phases in our lives, we may eventually lose contact with people we once had a good time with due to taking different paths in life. However, it doesn't mean you should lose your good friends as time goes by. Meaningful friendships stand the test of time, and for us to maintain friendships, we need to exert some effort to keep them. Friendship is a two-way street; you shouldn't expect only your friend to stay in touch and communicate with you. One should also do the necessary things to make friendships last, just as how one exerts effort to maintain romantic relationships or ties with other people. There are various ways to maintain friendships, and we list some of them below.

1. Communicate regularly

Maintaining friendships doesn't have to be difficult, and regularly communicating with your friends is an essential thing one should do. Nowadays, it's easier to communicate with others through social media, e-mail, and the Internet. A little "Hi!" or "Hello!" or sharing some things like quotes or daily happenings in your life can go a long way in keeping your close friends. When you communicate regularly, your friends will get the impression that you care about your friendship, and they also get an idea of how you are doing. Therefore, communication is essential, especially if your friend happens to be somebody who lives far away from you and can't easily make time for physical meetups.

2. Meet with them now and then

Sometimes, communication through digital means, such as chats, e-mails, or video chats, is not enough to satisfy your bonding time with your friend. Meeting up with your close friend physically and doing activities together makes for a good quality time that digital communication may not bring to you. So if you can, try to schedule a meetup with your friend now and then. The frequency of meetups with your friends will vary depending on their availability and your schedule. You're lucky if you have friends who live in the same city as you so that you can have more frequent meetings. If you have a friend who lives far from you or may not be available readily due to the activities they have in their lives, you can meet with them less frequently, such as once a month or even a year if they are abroad. For friends you can't physically meet regularly, you have to make a more conscious effort to meet with them regularly since they can't easily be available anytime you wish. If you value your relationship with them, then more reason to do so.

3. Share your life with them

Sharing is an essential part of a good friendship. We are not talking only about sharing your food or belongings with your friend. We are also talking about sharing your feelings, interests, and certain moments of your life. Sharing helps establish trust since it shows that you are willing to divulge parts of your life to your friend, especially once you start sharing secrets and more personal matters. When you share, your friend can get to know you better and helps build your friendship.

4. Be honest

Being honest with your friend and your friend accepting you for what you are and what you believe in helps maintain your relationship. A good friend won't discard you because you have a different belief than them. Also, they will accept you despite your faults. Your honest feelings toward your friend may hurt them, but if they are a true friend, they can compromise and be willing to amend the situation with you. A single conflict or issue cannot quickly wither true friendships. If you trust and feel comfortable with a friend, you should be more open and show who you are. There's no need to act in front of someone who understands and knows the real you.

5. Show some support and that you care about your friends

Spending time with friends is not always about happy moments. There will be trying times, and you or your friend may face problems and challenges in life. During these times, you can see who your closest friends are as they are the ones who may reach out to you and provide help. If you care about your friends, you should also do the same if possible, even if it's just some words of comfort or encouragement. True friends go through the thick and thin of life together.

6. Settle conflicts

Close friendships can't be destroyed by just one conflict. In friendships, you may inevitably get into disagreements or fights with your friend. You may say hurtful words or even physically hurt them. However, if you value your relationship with your friend, you won't let it end with the both of you being bitter towards each other and having feelings of resentment. When such things happen with your friend, learn to compromise and try to settle things once the flames of aggression settle down. Don't be too forceful in reconciling and consider the points of both sides. Lowering your pride and apologizing, especially if you are at fault, can help mend broken feelings. Friendships that manage to survive conflicts can grow stronger over time.

7. Get to know them better

How does someone become a best friend to you? One way is to get to know them better. During conversations, you can try asking your friend about certain things in their lives. Asking things shows that you have a genuine interest in them. You find something that you can relate to with your friend and gain common ground, such as common interests and beliefs. It's more comforting to spend time with someone you are familiar with as it creates a deeper level of relationship than being acquaintances only.

Keep a good friend in your life.

Keeping a good social circle in your life is vital for physical and emotional support. Making friends is one thing and maintaining them is another. Sometimes, we get so busy in life that we forget to spend time with our friends. It can cause them to move farther away from us. Maintaining a healthy social life is necessary for your mental health. Keeping your relationships while busy dealing with everyday life can be challenging, but if you value your friends, you should also exert time and effort to stay in touch with them. You don't have to go out of your way to spend time with everybody in your social circle. For sure, there will be people in your social circle who you can consider your best friends, and it is they who you should prioritize maintaining good relationships with. Don't forget to communicate with your other friends, albeit on a less frequent scale. We can be busy with our lives, and so are they, so we must understand each other's situation and balance our time to make contact still and enjoy some time together with the people we value in our lives.

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