Everything Should Be in Balance

balance personal growth Sep 01, 2022

Maintaining balance in everything we do is essential, especially for our health and well-being. For example, if we are constantly working but don't take the time to relax, we will quickly become exhausted. On the other hand, if we spend all our time relaxing and never get anything done, we will soon become bored. Therefore, it is essential to find a balance that works for us and stick to it.

Having a balanced life is good for you.

Everything should be in moderation. You probably have heard of this statement before. Anything that gets taken to the extreme can be wrong for you. For example, too much work can burn you out, while too much procrastination won't get you anywhere in your life. The same thing applies to other activities we do in life, such as relying too much on technology can make us lazy and get us addicted to what it offers. Therefore, there should be balance in one's life because we shouldn't let ourselves swing too much in one direction and stay there. Finding balance in life requires constant effort to ensure we are at a state of equilibrium regarding everything we do in life, ranging from daily responsibilities, rest, time for hobbies and passions, work, etc. Maintaining a healthy balance in life can get done through various means.

1. Don't spend too much time on one thing

We do many things in everyday life, and we can spend too much time doing one thing out of necessity or getting hooked on it. For example, we may render frequent overtime for work or get addicted to doing a hobby to the point that we forget to do anything else. Other things need our attention and are important to us, but we may neglect them when we get too busy doing something else and spending most of our time on it. Therefore, it is vital to bring balance to your life to ensure that nothing gets neglected for your overall well-being, such as taking care of your health or maintaining relationships with people. Dedicate a certain percentage of your time daily to each task that you need to do and commit to it. Even if a day comes when you need to spend extra time for something like overtime work, compensate for it the next day or in the coming days by giving yourself a rest period to renew your energy.

2. Know your priorities

We can end up spending too much time doing one thing when we don't know what to focus on doing in our lives. For example, it's common to see people rendering too many hours for work. If you see yourself as one, ask yourself why you need to spend that much time on work. For example, do you want to buy something expensive or meet a long-term goal? Or maybe you only need to look busy, just like everybody else is doing? Knowing your priorities can help you regulate your time in doing things. So if your goal is not that big and can be attained in a shorter time, maybe you won't need to render overtime that much and do the regular hours for your work. And even if your goal requires hard work and dedication because it is a lofty one, keep in mind that your health is essential in ensuring you don't get sick or tired from trying to achieve your goal. So it would help if you balanced your hard work with other activities that keep you in touch with yourself and include breaks and rest periods. Priorities also work because it lessens your time doing activities that may not be too important to you. After all, you know you should be doing something else that is more vital to your success.

3. Practice self-care

It feels good to be of service to others, but it doesn't have to be at the cost of sacrificing all your time for others and neglecting yourself. You won't be able to help other people if your health is not in good condition, so you must learn to take care of yourself. Create space and time each day for yourself to ensure you get enough rest and do activities that give you joy. When your physical and mental health is in good condition, you will be in better shape to achieve your goals and overcome challenges. Support yourself the way you would do it to others.

4. Set limits

We all have limits to what we can do before we get tired physically and mentally. It is essential to set boundaries regarding how much we can take so as not to overload ourselves. For yourself, set a limit to the number of tasks you can do per day. Try to do those things that can be finished immediately and set a deadline for long-term projects so you can follow up on them later. Identify how long you can do something before you get exhausted so you can set a rest period before the exhaustion comes. It will ensure that you can keep the momentum when you don't burn out from your activities.

When taking requests from others, it is essential to learn how to say no and decline them when your load is already full. For example, it would be best to make it clear to others when you can't add anything to your to-do lists anymore. Otherwise, people may think you are still okay when you aren't, and you may only fail their expectations when you end up not finishing or making their requests. It can be challenging to say no to others, especially to close friends and family, but you still have to make it clear as it is a way for them to respect your time and effort.

5. Get some support

Sometimes, we feel overwhelmed with everything we have to do, which can be because we may not get enough help for our endeavors. Trying to do everything on your own without help from another person can make the daily demands of life more overwhelming than they are supposed to be. You can lessen the stress and make life a bit easier if you ask for help from others and see if they can share some of the burdens with you. Try to delegate tasks; others may be more than willing to share some of the responsibility with you. If you are feeling down, get some emotional support from friends and family, and maybe they can also give you advice on what to do next. Others can provide their services and expertise to you for a fee, but if the return is that you gain more time for yourself, it can be worth it. See what help others can offer you; you may get more balance in your life this way.

Maintain a healthy work-life balance

Balancing can be a challenging act. For example, balancing a spinning basketball on your finger requires you to constantly make little motions on your hand and finger to ensure that the ball keeps spinning on top of your finger. You don't hold your hand in a static position; otherwise, the ball will fall. The same principle applies to balancing one's life. It's not a one-time activity where the moment you achieve balance, you are okay and don't have to do anything else moving forward. Instead, you will constantly be swinging toward one activity while balancing your time and effort with other things. In other words, maintaining balance requires continuous effort. You always have to be aware of everything that matters to you and pinpoint which you should prioritize for this day while ensuring other things don't get neglected. A balanced life can only help your overall health and well-being and take things in stride without getting overwhelmed.

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