Effective Ways to Beat the Heat

health May 25, 2023

Summer can be a great time of year, spending long days lounging in the sun and exploring the outdoors. Unfortunately, it can also be incredibly hot, making it challenging to enjoy summer activities and stay comfortable indoors. But don't let the heat get you down; there are ways to beat the heat and make sure you're cool during these hot months.

Stay cool during the summer season or anytime it feels too hot.

Summer is usually a great time for vacations and various activities. During this season, students typically get a break from their studies, and people take leaves from their work to enjoy the beach, go hiking, or do any enjoyable outdoor activity. However, it is also during the summer when temperatures soar, and you feel hot more often. While this time of the year is an excellent time to enjoy yourself, the sweltering summer heat may become unbearable, preventing you from enjoying yourself. Thankfully, there are ways to beat the scorching summer heat and keep yourself cool, so you can still enjoy your activities. From using fans to staying hydrated, here are some practical tips for combating the summer heat.

1. Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is perhaps the most common technique to keep cool during the summer or anytime it feels hot. During hot weather, we tend to sweat more often, making us lose moisture in our bodies and make us feel thirsty. The thirst is already a sign that you need to do something to keep your body temperature cooler. Drinking lots of liquids, such as cold water and fruit juices, helps replace the lost water in your body. Avoid drinking soft drinks and any other drink with lots of sugar, as while they may help remove your thirst for a while, they will only make you more thirsty in the long run and won't correctly hydrate you well.

2. Ensure you are properly ventilated at all times

Keeping your body cool while the environment is hot is one way to keep yourself in proper condition so you don't feel thirsty more often or suffer a more severe illness like heatstroke. When inside a room, ensure a fan blows cool air to you. Even better, an air-conditioning unit can keep you colder, although its usage can cause electricity bills to rise, so use it with discretion. Opening the windows to let some wind come in can also work, but don't do this during peak hours of heat, as you may only make yourself feel hotter. When outside, it can be tougher to stay cool, so if you have a portable mini fan, use it.

3. Avoid too much exposure to the sun

Exposure to the sun for some Vitamin D is essential, but things can change when the outside temperature is higher than usual. You may want to avoid exposure to the sun during peak hours of heat in the summer, as it will be more detrimental than beneficial to you. If you can, only go out if you have an important business, such as traveling to work or going to someone's place for something. Try using routes with more shade if you are walking, wear sunglasses, wear a hat, or use an umbrella to limit the heat striking you. When a room feels too hot, going out can be the better solution, but try to stay in places with more trees to give you shade or go to nature spots to feel more wind blowing into you.

4. Dress lightly

Unless there is an occasion that requires you to wear a suit, formal wear, jeans, jacket, or any heavy type of clothing or clothes that cover most of your body, you should avoid wearing such things when the weather is hot. It's preferable to wear light clothing like shirts and shorts, especially if you are only staying in your home most of the time. Light-colored clothing can also help reflect the heat away from you.

5. Eat lightly, as well as cold foods

Not only should clothes be light, but if possible, it will also be good to eat light foods that help you feel less sluggish and digest them more easily. Fruits and vegetables are primarily a good choice. Eating food with mint flavor, like candies, can leave a cooling sensation in your mouth and help you feel refreshed. Eating ice cream can also be good.

6. Turn off items that generate heat

It may seem insignificant, but appliances and things that generate heat when in use contribute to the overall heat you feel inside a room. For example, computers and laptops churn out heat when in heavy and prolonged usage, as well as any appliance that needs to be plugged into an electric outlet, like televisions and fans. Light bulbs can also generate heat, especially if your lights are not yet of the LED type. If you do not use these things for a while, turn them off so they don't generate heat.

7. Splash some water on your face, or take a bath more often

Sometimes, drinking water and doing anything we listed here may not be enough to dispel the heat, so you may want to splash some water on your body to keep yourself cool. Occasionally, go to the bathroom or a sink and turn on the faucet to wet your hands and rinse your face to refresh, or you may want to wash your feet to ease some of the heat. A cold compress or ice pack can also cool various body parts, such as your forehead. And if you can't bear the heat anymore, take a bath more times than usual to stay cooler and remove excess heat from your body.

8. Go somewhere cold

One advantage of working in an office with an air conditioner is that you can stave off the heat for several hours while working in your chilly office during summertime. Otherwise, staying in a mall or any airconditioned facility may be an excellent way to pass the time; make sure you try to do something in these places to avoid being accused of loitering. And, of course, there's the usual beach where you can splash all day.

Don't let the summer heat ruin your fun.

While summer is usually a good time for fun and outdoor activities, we mustn't forget to take the proper precautions when dealing with the heat. It is essential to do various activities that can lower our body temperature while we do our thing. As with all things, balance is necessary; the same goes for temperature. Doing stuff while it's too hot can make us feel sluggish and drained, so we should do our best to cool ourselves during hot days and be chill while staying active.

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