Are You Doing Good in Life?

fulfillment life Sep 06, 2022

We may not think about it often, but we all want to know that we are doing good in life. Sometimes it's difficult to tell, especially when things seem harsh. However, several indicators show you are on the right track. This blog post will discuss some of them.

Your life may be better than you think.

Life feels like a rough ride sometimes. So it can be full of challenges and problems that sometimes we may think our lives are not good enough. Yet, we can take for granted the things we possess all along and search for something more that can make us happy and fulfilled. However, we may be more blessed and good with life than we think.

Nothing is wrong with trying to get the best life that you can have. So you get motivated and inspired to work on something to meet your goals and achieve your ideal lifestyle. However, sometimes, you don't even need to go that far to say that your life is good. We may think our lives are not good because we may be trying to check all the boxes that indicate a good life according to how society and others view it. This good life may mean having a substantial income, a house, a car, and possessions that indicate good standing and success. However, if you compare yourself to such lofty standards, you may have more debts and problems than you want. Therefore, it is an excellent idea to take a step back and look at what you have and your accomplishments to see if you are doing well in life. Several things can indicate you are living your life well.

1. You have a place to stay and rest for each passing day

A house is one of the basic needs of human life, yet it is something that some of us cannot easily afford due to how expensive it can be. Therefore, the fact that you have a place to stay and rest for each day, even if it is something that you need to pay rent for each month, can be considered a blessing. Knowing you have a place to go to for comfort and shield you from the elements is a sign that you have a good life, even more so if you own your house and don't need to pay any rent or inherit your home from a family member or relative.

2. You eat enough times every day

Food is another basic need we can take for granted if it is something we are used to daily. A meal for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks in between is the usual eating routine that we should enjoy. However, for some people in other parts of the world, especially in poorer countries, eating a decent meal once a day is already a struggle. It can be due to impoverished conditions and a lack of money to buy some food. So the next time you eat, be thankful and consider it to show you are living well, especially if you can eat the required times each day.

3. You have a job

Our jobs can make us feel stressed and tired over time as we keep on doing it for several years, but it's another indicator of a good life. Getting a job can be challenging with how particular companies can be when hiring and the competition you have to face against other applicants. It is understandable to feel very happy and lucky once you get a job, but these feelings can wane as you make your career over the years. When such feelings set in, think about the value your job brings you, especially regarding financial gain. The recent COVID pandemic may have raised the importance of having a job during troublesome times, as many people lost their jobs or business due to the lockdowns. Those who were able to retain their work or able to get new jobs during the pandemic may suddenly realize how valuable having a source of income is. Your work doesn't have to be your dream or a high-paying job. As long as it provides you with sufficient money to cover your daily needs and wants, you're doing good.

4. You have trustworthy friends and family

The people around us can make our lives good or bad depending on how they treat us and what kind of personalities they have. You may have many so-called friends, but if many of them are toxic people, that's as good as having a guarantee that someone will ruin your life each day. Having fewer friends is better if they are all trustworthy and willing to support you. The same thing goes for our family. Not everybody has a positive and encouraging atmosphere in a family; some have grown up in broken or dysfunctional families. Having a healthy relationship with friends and family can affect our mental health, so your life is good if you have supportive and trustworthy people in your social circle.

5. You have time to enjoy your hobbies and follow your passion

Time is a valuable commodity; most of it gets spent on work and daily responsibilities during adulthood. Even having time for hobbies and relaxation can be considered a luxury. So if you look at your life and notice that you have time for hobbies and passions daily, you are doing well. It means you can take care of your well-being by ensuring good emotional health by doing what you love and having the mental space to think about something else aside from work and chasing money.

6. You can pursue your goals

For most people, once they reach adulthood, their work is the only thing they need to do, along with daily responsibilities and maybe a little time for rest and recreation. We may get too busy and forget to enjoy life and make it more meaningful. One thing that can make us more fulfilled and happy is pursuing goals that matter to us. These goals can be your childhood dream or a new plan that you think will bring great value and fulfillment to your life once achieved. The problem is that we may get too occupied with trying to make ends meet or too stressed to even think about something else aside from the daily grind. So if you can find purposeful goals to work on and have the time to achieve them, you are doing well in life. It means you have found something worthy to pursue aside from the typical markers of success that society indicates, such as money and fame.

7. You are not afflicted with any life-threatening disease

Health is wealth, as they say. It is the key to unlocking other opportunities for wealth in life. Without a sound body and mind, you won't be able to take action and work toward your goals. It is vital always to take care of your physical and mental health to minimize the chances of acquiring a severe ailment that can be life-threatening. Some people gain such diseases even if they practice healthy habits, and others have them while they are still young. You can consider yourself lucky and good if you don't have them.

8. You have the freedom to choose

Not every person is born with equal opportunities from the outset. We don't have the choice of who our parents will be and what country we will be born in from the beginning of our lives. Those born in more financially prosperous and developed countries have more opportunities and welfare options as they grow up. Of course, we can always work hard and change our settings and move to places with better opportunities as we grow older, but it's a challenging task to do. It may involve sacrifice by leaving family and friends behind to find a greener pasture. You are doing well in life if you don't need to think about moving somewhere else to gain a better life, and more options are waiting for you.

9. You are generally happy

Happiness is a choice, and we may be more inclined to feel satisfied when things are going well in our lives. Of course, we can still choose to be happy even during troublesome times, but not all people have the capacity to think like this. Looking at the bright side of things often can make us more comfortable. If you find yourself smiling often and there are good reasons to be happy, you have a reason to celebrate because you are living well in life to be generally optimistic and cheerful.

Appreciate your life

How good we see our lives can depend on how we think and compare ourselves to others. Therefore, lessening comparisons with others and changing our mindsets can make us believe our lives are good. The reason why we may think our lives are not enough is that we may see the personal and professional accomplishments of others and compare them to what we have. We see them happy, so we think we can feel the same if we do what others do and attain what others have. It can get frustrating when we don't achieve the same level of success as others, and even if we do achieve them, there's no guarantee we can feel as fulfilled and happy as others.

Sometimes, we need to take a step back and look at what we already have to make us realize our lives can be good enough. Of course, it doesn't mean you won't strive to achieve further success anymore. It's just that a bit of gratitude can help us appreciate that we may already possess the things that signify a good life.

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