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What Is True Happiness?

happiness personal growth Jul 28, 2022

What does true happiness mean? Some say that happiness is a state of mind, and others believe that it's something that one can find outside of ourselves. The truth is, however, that real happiness comes from within. This blog post will discuss true happiness and how you can train your mind to maintain such a state of being.

The definition of happiness

Happiness is a state of mind. It happens when we feel satisfied and experience joy from something. What makes a person happy differs for each person. One can say that most of our efforts are directed toward achieving happiness. We may think that we must continue to gain possessions, experience new events, or meet people to find happiness. We can indeed be happy when we buy a new item or meet somebody in our lives, but the state of happiness we derive from such experiences doesn't last forever. You may notice that after a while, you may feel down again. So you look for the next big thing that can satisfy you and give you happiness. One may then think that this kind of happiness is only temporary. So what is genuine happiness then?

Happiness derived from external factors are ephemeral. It's like hitting a high state for some time before it starts to plummet again. So it isn't easy to achieve true happiness when we attach it to external things. External things like possessions, people, or events don't last forever. Possessions may eventually break, people can disappear from our lives, and events may provide a specific high only for a short period. So to be truly happy in life, it must be something that comes from within. True happiness is a choice. It's like a switch you turn on if you want to be truly happy, regardless of the circumstances you are experiencing or the state of life you have. The true meaning of happiness is that it's not something you chase to attain. You have it within you all the time if you choose to experience it. True happiness is like maintaining a high flat line in an electrocardiogram reading rather than experiencing it in a cycle of highs and lows. Therefore, it's essential to fulfill certain conditions in life that can help us achieve such a state of mind.

1. A comfortable state of life

Some will say that money can't buy you true happiness. While it is true at some point, we can't entirely dismiss that money is still a prerequisite before we can achieve a state of true happiness. Having a happy life is challenging when you are in an impoverished state and have difficulties meeting basic needs. A life of comfort and financial security can give us peace of mind and positivity, making it easier to find true happiness. When you don't have to worry if you can eat the next day and enjoy luxuries and things beyond basic needs, you can gain more inner peace, knowing you are secure and thus makes it easier for you to feel happy.

2. Being in the present moment

We live in a state where what we do now quickly becomes the past. Ahead of us, the future is always waiting. It's like being sandwiched between two time periods chasing each other. Our minds can drift between the past, present, and future. We can get occupied with many thoughts and may experience negative emotions from thinking about past regrets or future worries. Getting more in the present moment is the key to finding happiness in its proper form. Being in the present moment means appreciating what's happening now in your life. Don't worry about what can happen in the future or think about past glories.

3. Gratitude

Gratitude is a significant component of true happiness. It manifests when we detach the value of pleasure from external things. It doesn't mean we shouldn't acquire items anymore. With gratitude, one can be happy even without having to buy new things often or experiencing continuously eventful moments in life. Gratitude makes us appreciate small things and moments in life, of which plenty are going on daily. It lessens the need to rely on external factors to make us happy.

4. Positivity

Having a positive mind is vital for attaining true happiness. Maintaining a positive attitude towards life helps you focus on the good things. Even in the face of uncertainty, you will choose to think about what possible good things can happen instead of what can go wrong. Positivity and true happiness come together in a package. They both require a conscious choice and effort to manifest. They are states of the mind that we can choose to dwell in if we train ourselves to look at the bright side.

5. Accomplish goals that matter to you

Life doesn't have to feel like it's scripted where you educate yourself, start working, have a family, buy a house and car, and then retire when you're old. It can feel tedious and monotonous if you see life this way. While educating and working may be difficult to avoid as they are prerequisites to earning money, one can add some twist to life to gain more fulfillment and satisfaction, which eventually leads to happiness. Work can be treated as a means to pursue what you truly desire and love doing. Create goals that fall in line with your interests and beliefs. Then work on following them and making sure you fulfill them. The satisfaction and fulfillment you gain from accomplishing your desires will give you success and meaning in your life. When life feels meaningful, it's easier to maintain a state of happiness, making life feel worth living.

Achieve happiness in the truest sense

True happiness is happiness that is sustained. It's something you feel for a prolonged time and reflects your general outlook. Of course, it's not perfect as it is impossible to always be happy due to our problems and challenges. However, somebody who knows what true happiness is will still be able to smile despite times of trouble because they believe things will be okay in the end and that they can do something to overcome their situation. Their happiness depends not on an outcome but on how they choose to think about things happening in life.

One should not dismiss happiness derived externally. It is still happiness; however, external happiness is fleeting and may only exist for a short time before having to search for another thing that can make us feel fulfilled and happy. The advantage of happiness coming from within, which is what we consider true happiness, is that it relies upon your soul and heart to manifest. You are not dependent on something coming from outside yourself to experience happy feelings. True happiness is within your control. It is what happens when there is harmony between you and the world when you explore your true self and gain enlightenment that benefits your well-being.

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