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You Should Daydream Sometimes

break daydreaming Jun 30, 2022

Daydreaming gets often seen as a waste of time. But what if we told you that it could be quite beneficial? Believe it or not, daydreaming can improve your creativity, help you problem-solve, and even increase your productivity. This blog post will explore the benefits of daydreaming and provide tips on getting the most out of it.

Your mind wandering can be a good thing.

Ever tried mentioning daydreaming as one of your skills? Interviewers may roll their eyes when they see it as one of your skills in your CV while applying for a job. You see, daydreaming is something not seen in a positive light. It is something associated with slacking off and laziness. Daydreaming is the act of thinking about an imaginary situation in your head that may or may not happen in real life. You may mix up fantasy elements in your mind and think about a situation that may have occurred in the past and mainly about the future. You daydream by breaking away from reality for a moment and getting lost in thought for a while.

Daydreaming is not necessarily wrong. On the contrary, it's a nice little break for your mind when done in moderation. However, problems occur when you begin to have excessive daydreaming to the point that it interferes with your real-life relationships and responsibilities. Also, daydreaming becomes problematic when thinking negative thoughts, such as wanting to attack someone or getting yourself in a troublesome predicament. It can signify mental disorders affecting one's actions in real life.

Daydreaming is a nice little thing to do during breaks and moments of respite. It can provide the following benefits to you that can help you accomplish more essential things in life.

1. It helps you feel good

Unpleasant things happen, such as problems, failures, and challenges. As a result, we can feel overwhelmed and stressed, especially when we don't have an immediate action or solution to overcome them. Sometimes, we need a little reprieve to work out ideas in our heads, and daydreaming can help. Then, we can imagine ourselves in a favorable ideological situation we want to be in the future where the problems that give us headaches are not present. But, of course, daydreams are not the solutions to our problems by themselves, but thinking about something ideal or positive can spur us to action and take steps to overcome our challenges. If you know you want to be happy and okay, you must work to make that situation a reality. That initial spurt of feeling good from daydreaming can help you bounce back in your life.

2. Daydreaming can be the foundation of success

It might be hard to believe that daydreaming can be the starting point towards creating a career path to your success. When you want to get somewhere in life and dream big, you start with a vision, which involves daydreaming about an idealized situation you want to see yourself achieve in the future. For example, you might see yourself as a successful businessman, leading a career with an excellent work-life balance, or being able to buy the car or house of your dreams. Daydreaming help create these situations in your mind, but it doesn't stop there. From your vision, you now have to enact goals and objectives to help you achieve your ideal future, going down further by breaking down your goals into smaller steps that are achievable in shorter periods. And when you get lost or feel down, look back at your vision. It will remind you of what you have daydreamed about before, so you can get motivated and inspired again to work towards your dream.

3. Daydreaming gives a creativity boost

When you want to get creative and can't think of something new, taking a break can help. While in your break, you can daydream and use it as a tool to think of things you may not think about when you're too busy with work or daily responsibilities. You can even daydream while doing something else and get flashes of inspiration. When you let your mind wander for a bit, you get in touch with things you may not typically focus on when doing something else.

4. Stress and anxiety gets reduced

Daydreaming is an excellent way to manage anxiety and stress. When you daydream, you can think about all kinds of situations in your head, including worst-case scenarios or troublesome situations that may happen to you. Daydreaming can act as a way to make you plan so that the unpleasant circumstances you think won't occur to you. Therefore, you will feel less anxious about something that gives you worries.

When many problems coincide, or something bothersome happens, it's normal to feel stressed. Sometimes, we want to move away from them for a while to give us time to think and tackle them later once we have a solution at our hands. Daydreaming gives you the chance to catch your breath. While it may look like a distraction and like you are running away from problems, it gives you some time to relax and reorient yourself so you can face your issues later in a better condition. And when you solve your problems, you reduce the number of things stressing you out, leaving you feeling better.

Daydreaming can be good for your mental health.

We all daydream to a certain extent at various times throughout the day. We may not notice it, but our minds can sometimes drift while in a meeting, talking to someone, or even while engaged in a hobby. You may think of what you're going to eat later, suddenly fantasize about yourself as an imaginary character with powers, or go off-topic from what you are currently doing. It's normal to imagine things sometimes. However, daydreaming becomes a concern when it starts to interfere with your work, and you find yourself doing it more often than usual. It can signify something problematic in your mental health, such as dissociating yourself from reality when it feels too harsh for you. It will be good to get some help if such things occur. Otherwise, daydreaming in moderate amounts can be a little trick you can utilize to increase productivity and condition your mind to think positively. It's not a skill you can proudly write on your CV or biography, but it benefits you in little ways that may not seem too obvious.

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