Why We Should Say Our Opinions

communication opinions Dec 15, 2022

We all have opinions. We love sharing our thoughts, whether about the weather or politics. However, some people are afraid to share their views because they're worried they might be wrong. What if someone disagrees with us? What if they think we're stupid? The truth is, though, that nobody can please everyone. And even if someone disagrees with us, that doesn't mean we're wrong. We must express our opinions whenever we can because that's how we learn and grow.

Our personal opinion matters

Every person has their own opinion about something. Our beliefs, experiences, and interests shape how we perceive things. Each of us may see things differently, and that's why the voices of everyone must be heard to arrive at a consensus of what can work best for everyone. Not every person may get precisely what they want, but the important thing is that every person still gets something out of a decision that can be made.

Nowadays, it is easier to make your voice heard by everybody, thanks to social media and the Internet. One can post their opinions through these channels, and anybody from around the world can see your perspective. Still, even with these technological advances, some remain silent and prefer to keep their opinions to themselves. They worry that others may disagree with what they say, get into a conflict when somebody gets triggered, or risk their reputation when others think negatively about them because of what they say. While all these things can happen, it is not always the case, and there are people out there who are open-minded and willing to listen to what others say. We can never know what may happen unless we speak about what we think about something. So if you can, try to express your opinions, especially in situations where they are needed, and there are good reasons why you may want to do so.

1. You learn to stand up for yourself and assert your perspective

Stating your opinion is a form of communication and learning how to stand for it is a good way of being assertive. We won't know if our opinion is right or wrong unless we hear what others say. While a discussion is happening, people may need to come up with a consensus. If you wish to push your opinion and make it decisive, you must tell others about it. People may criticize your idea, and they may go against it, but if there is nothing wrong with it and it won't hurt anybody, you must defend your opinion. Of course, our opinions will not always be correct, so we must also learn to concede. However, if you want to push for something, you must let others hear about it first.

2. We never know what can happen unless we say our opinion

Some people like to keep their opinions to themselves for a good reason. People can be judgmental and critical of what others say, and some fear putting themselves in a bad light or getting into a heated argument with others. Still, one should try to gather the courage and state their opinion, especially if one wants to attain something or push some agenda, and there is nothing morally wrong with your perspective. Don't always think about negative what-ifs; you may regret if your opinion can bring something positive, but since you don't say it, it will not come to a realization.

3. Opinions can create new ideas and progress

During meetings or extensive discussions, the leader may expect everyone to pitch their comment and say something about what is being discussed. The purpose of this is so that the leader can have an idea of what everyone thinks about an issue or topic and arrive at the best possible conclusion that can work for everyone. Suppose one chooses to remain silent during such a situation. In that case, others will not hear your side, and the discussion will only progress according to the perspective of those who give their opinions. Things may come to a standstill when no idea seems acceptable to everyone. You may have a great idea in your mind, but if you don't say it, there could be a lost opportunity to create a new idea or something innovative that can benefit all. One's opinion can be a game changer, and it is good to share what's on your mind, as you never know if it could be something that can move things forward.

4. Saying your opinions can improve how you communicate with others

Telling your opinions to others is a way of expressing yourself and a form of communication. Whether typing your opinion online or saying it directly in person and then responding and interacting with others, you will learn how to deal with different people. Some may agree, while others may argue and present a different perspective. You will learn how to respect others and assert your point when conversing with people. You can also boost your self-confidence when trying to prove your point, especially when others have a different opinion than yours. So whenever the opportunity presents itself, try to say what's in your mind, particularly when it can benefit you and others.

5. It's a learning experience

Stating opinions can spark a healthy debate and put you into conversation with others. In addition, you can learn new things when others say their perspectives and present their information during the discussion. The conversation moves forward when everybody pitches their ideas. You may realize that your opinion can be right or wrong depending on what's agreed by people, and you may broaden your perspective to think about how others see things compared to you.

Everybody can have a different opinion, and you can pitch in too.

Expressing your opinion is an excellent way to communicate and learn how others think. You can attain some form of inclusion when others recognize your thoughts, and you can have the impression that you matter in the eyes of others. Stating your opinion is also a way of representation by making sure you get heard and possibly push forward your agenda. It can be scary to speak up when you are not used to it, but we must say our side and what we think about things; otherwise, others may dictate what we should do, and we may regret not saying something that could have benefited us and perhaps others. Therefore, we should never be afraid to say what we truly feel inside and share with others the knowledge and perspectives we hold within ourselves.

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