Why Do People Hate Life Coaches?

life coach Jul 13, 2021

Why Do People Hate Life Coaches?

Some people have the idea that life coaches are a scam. They think of it as just one more way to make money. Others think that they're not qualified enough or too expensive for what you get. Whatever the reason, there definitely are some people out there who dislike life coaches. We will go over some reasons why people might not like life coaches.

What is a life coach

A life coach is someone who helps you reach your goals, overcome any obstacles in your way, and achieve things that are important to you. They often do this through personal coaching sessions or online, but they can also use other techniques like life-coaching programs or workshops. Life coaches specialize in many different areas like career, dating and relationships, diet and fitness, finance, health and wellness, life skills, etc.

How can one become a life coach

Becoming a life coach is a business decision. One will probably think that he/she wants to become one in order to provide services to other people for a certain price tag. A life coach can become one without having any degree of certification or one can choose to undergo training from professional coaching organizations. A budding life coach can choose to specialize in a particular life area or it can be possible to specialize in multiple areas. Training can cost thousands of dollars but if a life coach wants to put more credibility in his/her name, then this is something that he/she will want to do. Keep in mind that these certifications that a life coach can have are not on the same level as the certifications that therapists have.

Once the training is done, or none if one chooses to forgo them, a life coach can then start establishing his/her own business. Steps include registering one's business in your respective state, planning startup costs, and creating a plan on how you would market your business to prospective clients. A life coach has to decide how he/she will work with clients and how much will the charge be for the services that are being offered.

So why the hate?

If life coaches can prove beneficial for the betterment of people's lives, why would some dislike them? Maybe some people just dislike life coaches the way some people dislike eating a particular kind of food for no solid reason. Another reason that people dislike them is that they do not think of life coaches as professionals. In the eyes of the people, they think, "What makes you think you can tell me how to live my life?" "Did you undergo any professional training or what have you done in your life that made you think you can help other people?" Plus, life coaches charge for their services and this is probably what irks others. It can be seen by others as just another way of making money.

Another reason that can make people cringe at life coaches is the way some of them post things of grandeur in their social media posts. Some life coaches post photos of themselves on Instagram where you can see them posing on lush and attractive spots such as beaches or luxury resorts. You might even mistake them for celebrities since they look attractive and well-propped in their pictures. This would then be followed by statements that say something in the lines of "Life is beautiful!" "Live free!" It's as if they're selling a lifestyle, which to people may look as just making false promises and them not receiving the coaching, the service that was really meant to be given.

Therapists vs. life coaches

A lot of therapists don't like life coaches for some reason. Therapists have to spend a lot of money in order to become certified. They have to get a bachelor's degree, even a master's degree, or a doctorate before they can get licensed to become one. Therapists believe that life coaches are unqualified and they only give advice. A therapist is trained to deal with mental issues, but a life coach's job is just as much about providing someone else with the tools he or she needs in order to grow personally rather than addressing their problems on an emotional level.

Who to consult

There is some kind of a gray area between working with a therapist and a life coach. There are a lot of people out there who might need both. They should ask themselves: Do I have an issue that needs to be addressed on an emotional level? Or do I just want help in order for me to grow personally? Therapists can treat mental health conditions while life coaches cannot. Therapists are licensed and they have a degree. Life coaches do not need any academic training or formal qualifications for them to become one. Knowing the difference between the two professions can prove beneficial in knowing who to consult depending on what you are experiencing with your current life.


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