Who or What Deserves Your Loyalty?

loyalty trust Jun 27, 2023

Loyalty is a valuable yet often overlooked trait, and it's essential to think twice about who or what deserves it. After all, you wouldn't want to invest all your energy into something without the assurance that you're getting something out of it. From friends and family members to brands and ideals, many entities can be worthy of this loyalty, but which ones should you choose? This blog post will explore the concept of loyalty and discuss the caution you should take when deciding where to place yours.

Loyalty depends on trust and gains.

Loyalty happens when we swear allegiance to something because it gives us something in return. Anything can gain our commitment, but not everything deserves our loyalty. We must gain something beneficial from something for it to earn our loyalty. We are free to choose where to put our commitment, which should be worth it; otherwise, we can feel betrayed if our expectations get shattered if the thing or person we put our loyalty to does something against what we want.

For loyalty to work, ideally, it should be something that benefits both parties. The person giving the dedication should show through their actions and words that they are indeed loyal to one party, and the other party must prove that they deserve such a commitment from someone. Benefits include gaining fulfillment, growth, happiness, satisfaction, or security from something. The moment we feel like we don't gain anything anymore from something, that is when we can stop becoming loyal to something. Loyalty is a matter of trust; sometimes, only one party shows it while the other doesn't care about it. Therefore, we should be careful where to put our loyalty so that we won't be disappointed, and some things are worth placing our loyalty into.

1. Trustworthy people

People are usually the recipients of our loyalty, but we don't just give away our trust to anyone. It should be someone we can count on during times of hardship, makes us feel good, doesn't say anything behind our backs, and is possibly loyal to us too. A family member, friend, or romantic partner is usually the recipient of our loyalty. Still, it can also be anybody that makes us feel comfortable and think we can rely on. Relationships can also work better if both parties trust each other.

2. Brands

There are so many companies out there, each with its well-known name, that provide various products and services to consumers. They all compete on who can give the best satisfaction for what people want, which results in higher profits for these companies if people keep buying their products or services. As a consumer, you can be loyal and support a brand that resonates with your values and interests. We may like a particular brand for a specific interest, such as for clothing, consumer electronics, or food because they create high-quality products that can justify the price tag of such commodities. In a sense, we can become loyal to a particular brand if we continue to be satisfied and happy with what they can give us, and they also can be pleased if people patronize them, so they can keep the company running.

3. Your employer

The company that employs you and gives you a job can be one thing you can be loyal to, provided that they compensate you well and do not treat you as expendable. It can be challenging to find an employer that will like to keep you if you perform well on the job, as companies can be complex, and they may have to make multiple considerations during troublesome times, such as when profits don't go well. For most of us, we will most likely only stay loyal to our employers for as long as they pay us well, treat us kindly, and we can tolerate the conditions of our working environment. It is possible to stick with one company for your entire working career, but this can be rare, and most people will likely have multiple jobs with different companies before they find one where they can be loyal.

4. Establishments

Different establishments provide various services and offer products catering to our needs and interests. Much like how we can be devoted to particular brands for products and services that we like, we may also want to frequently go to a specific establishment whenever we need to buy something or avail of their services. We can have favorite places for restaurants, malls, beach resorts, theaters, convenience stores, bars, etc. We may like to go to a specific establishment because of the ambiance, low prices, good product and service selection, or good customer service. As a result, we feel satisfied and happy, and the establishments will also like it if loyal customers frequent their place.

5. Your country

Showing firm loyalty to your country or state is a significant commitment. You are showing devotion to a large entity, and there has to be something positive and beneficial to you if you are willing to be loyal to the interests of the country or state you reside in. Your country must provide good benefits for its citizens, such as employment, health care, housing, pensions, etc. The government must also be respectable and generally provides a good direction for the country regarding economic development and good living conditions for its people. No country is perfect, and each has problems to deal with, but if the country can ensure its people can still live well despite challenges, it can be something worth your loyalty to.

6. Ideals

We have our beliefs and perspectives about life and what we want to pursue and do. We can have our goals, visions, and virtues we like to follow that motivate us to keep living and working on something. We can be loyal to these ideals, as they guide the direction and what actions and decisions we should make. One who remains committed to ideals can stand against things that threaten to shake one's beliefs. The only time we can let go of an ideal is when it turns out it is not in our best interests after we achieve our goals or discover that what we believe is different from the truth. In that case, we may put our loyalty elsewhere and change our life's direction.

Being a loyal person to something

Creating loyalty for something can give us stability and comfort, knowing there are people we can trust, entities that can provide what we need, and ideals that prevent us from being lost. Something or someone must prove their reliability for us to be loyal to them. Commitments work best if both the receiver of loyalty and the one who shows it benefit from each other, with both parties giving what the other party needs. We have to know where to place our loyalty, and by putting it at the right one, we can gain constant support and security, knowing that our needs are fulfilled and the other party benefits from us too.

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