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Who Is a True Friend?

friends positivity relationships Apr 12, 2022

Finding a true friend can be difficult, and this is because many characteristics set a true friend apart from others. This blog post will discuss the traits of a true friend. If you can find someone who possesses these qualities, you have found a rare and valuable treasure.

The traits of a real friend

Many people have friends in their lives. Friends are people who share the same interests as us, someone with who we enjoy being together, and people with who we can relate emotionally. Most people will have at least one person in their lives that they can call a friend. Some people will even have a long list of people they call friends. However, who can you confidently say are your real friends among your friends? Several traits can help you distinguish if somebody is a true friend or not.

1. Accepts you for who you are

We all have good and bad points. A true friend can accept your faults and not just your strong points. However, they won't force you to become the ideal friend in their mind and respect you for who you are. You can say your values and thoughts to them without fear of being judged.

2. They are there through thick and thin

A good friend is there with you during happy times and during moments when you have problems. You can call them for help and emotional support, and they will be there to aid you. But, of course, you can't expect them to be always there since they also have their problems to deal with in their lives. However, they will be there to assist you most of the time, even if it's just some words of encouragement to aid you during troubled times.

3. They are honest with you

Good friends show who they are in front of you. They don't keep a facade and are not afraid to show their weaknesses to you. A true friend can genuinely say what they think and feel about you and will not resort to acts of deception because they need something from you. They will not stab your back by saying negative things about you to other people when you are not with them.

4. They are happy with your success

How often do you find people who are delighted with your achievements and don't get jealous of what you have in life? If you ever find a person who exhibits this trait, it's a sign that you may have found a true friend among your current friends. A true friend wants you to succeed and what's best for you. Your happiness also brings joy to a genuine friend, and they will encourage you to become better in life.

5. You feel good around them

Sharing similar interests and being together during good and difficult times are not the only hallmarks of true friendship. True friends make you feel good with their mere presence. You don't need to create a different persona when talking to them, and you can speak and act for who you are as a person. Your conversations with them make you feel happy.

6. They hold you accountable

A real friend cares for your well-being. So if you do something wrong or make a decision that can harm you eventually, they will call you for your faults. They will constructively criticize your actions and give you the advice to help you get better. They do this because they are genuinely concerned and don't want to see you fail at meeting your goals or taking the wrong path. A true friend wants to see you do your best.

7. You can share your secrets with them

Real friends are people with whom you can share your deepest and darkest secrets without fear that they will spill what you talked to them to other people. At the same time, they will also share their secrets with you. True friendship can only exist when both parties trust each other, allowing true friends to open up about their lives and talk about personal things.

8. They are considerate of your feelings

True friends care about you, so they are careful not to say or do anything that can hurt you emotionally. They won't tell a joke at your expense and say sorry when they do something that hurts you. A true friend listens to your worries and respects boundaries by knowing when to intrude in your life.

9. They are interested in you

A good friend will like to know you better. They want to know what makes you happy and sad, your hobbies and passions, and life goals. They want to know these things out of genuine interest and want to relate better to you. True friends also keep in touch by regularly communicating with you, even if it's just a simple "Hi!" or "Hello!" They want to know if you are doing okay by doing this.

10. Gives you a sense of belonging

A true friend doesn't make you feel like an outcast. When they have social activities or events, they will contact you to see if you can go with them. They will introduce you to other friends and even their family members or relatives. True friends will make sure to talk to you during group conversations and will not make you feel like you don't belong.

11. They are loyal and consistent

Loyalty is a rare value to find among people. If you have a friend who exhibits this trait and consistently does any of the above characteristics, do your best to keep them in your company. A loyal and trustworthy friend assures you that they won't betray you and can depend on them during hard times.

True friendship is a real treasure.

Having healthy relationships is one of the best things we can have, and true friendships form part of this. But, unfortunately, good friendships are not something you can buy, no matter how wealthy you are, and only develop through time and effort. Nevertheless, you can consider yourself fortunate if you have somebody in your life you can call your best friend and a genuine one too. Some people have an extensive list of people they call friends, but the truth is that only a few of those people are authentic. Only some of your friends can show a genuine interest and concern for you. Learn to identify the people you can consider as true friends and maintain them in your life. Having real friendships form part of your support system, so it's vital to have friends in life for your well-being.

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