Who Is a Good Person

good manners kindness people Apr 28, 2023

Everyone has their idea of what it means to be a "good person." Some might say it has to do with the internal moral compass we all possess, while others would argue that it is about how you treat those around you. Regardless of your belief, kindness is one trait everyone can agree is essential to being good. But what does kindness mean? Is it an individual act of charity or a collective commitment to improving society? This blog post will explore these questions to determine who fits the definition of a "good person."

What makes a genuinely good person

Kindness is at the core of being a good person. Of course, people may have different views of a kind person, but some things generally define a good person. For one, some moral standards should be the basis for determining good or bad. One can define a nice person as somebody who follows these moral standards, such as the laws set by a particular governing body. Anybody who goes against the rule will most likely be seen as evil by people.

Another general rule that defines kind people is their tendency to do something that benefits others positively. They treat people respectfully and consider another person's feelings when making decisions or doing something that can affect others. They do good deeds and emit this positive energy that can affect others, influencing them to be kind too. You can easily spot good people by their actions and how they treat others. If you do or see any of the following actions and behaviors done by others, then you and others qualify to be called a good person.

1. They follow the rules and laws

Rules and laws are generally set in an institution to ensure everything is in order if everybody follows them. They can also serve as a basis to determine generally good people. A good person is somebody who follows the rules all the time or most of the time because they believe it is for the best, and they don't want to inconvenience others. They think that if everyone follows the rules, and as long as they believe the rules and laws are meant for the good of people, things will be in harmony better.

2. They can do things without expecting anything in return

Many of us do things hoping to get something in return. A little thanks, or perhaps even some nice things, as a reward for helping others or doing a good job sometimes gets in our mind. After all, we gave our time and effort to doing something, so it can be pretty normal to think of receiving something in exchange. However, a good person can go the extra mile by being capable of doing something without expecting any return during certain occasions. For example, they can help their parents, friend, or even a stranger with something, such as giving them money, and they may not even demand them to return the money. Good people can also help others with something they are good at and may not even require others to thank them.

3. They can be generous

As a way of helping others, good people can be generous and are willing to give what they can to others, including their time. It can be easier for them to give money, lend their belongings, or assist others. Helping others is one of their core values, which can make them feel good. They are the type of people you may often find doing charity work or something for a good cause.

4. They treat others with respect

In the eyes of a good person, we are not that different from each other. Everybody deserves respect, for another person can be a mirror of yourself. They are careful of their words and don't want to hurt the other person's feelings. This behavior also affects their decisions and actions, as they want to ensure they will not affect others negatively. Truly good people don't see themselves above others just because they have more property and status than others. This behavior can even extend to treating animals with care and respect or even objects by not damaging them mindlessly.

5. They can appreciate the achievements of others and be happy for them

Jealousy can trigger many of us when we see someone has something better or did something we want but can't do due to circumstances. One of the good qualities of a kind person is that they can be less prone to envy and instead appreciate what others have or do. They mind their business and remain respectful of others by not badmouthing them and pulling them down whenever they do something that is supposed to be greater than what they have or are doing. Kind people can even support others to achieve their best and feel happy doing it.

6. They are capable of making sacrifices

A sacrifice means the loss of something in exchange for gaining something else. It is not easy to do such a thing, as many of us often want to achieve something without losing something in return. Good people can be more capable of doing such a difficult thing. To them, it may be okay to lose something as long as, in the end, something more significant that can benefit others happens. Such an act can please them, knowing that even if they experience hardships and failures due to their sacrifice, it will all be worth it if the things and people they value will benefit.

7. They have good relationships with people

A kind person will most likely have good relationships with people. They may not exactly be friends with everyone, but people will be hard-pressed to say anything wrong about them generally. How they treat people respectfully makes them a good friend to almost anybody. This makes them get along well with others, making receiving help and gaining support easier.

Being a good person benefits everyone.

Being considerate and kind are generally what makes a good person. Everyone can only benefit if more of us can pursue to be good and look out for the welfare of each other. So many situations in life could have been better if people only acted kinder and not only cared about themselves. Of course, good people are not perfect; they commit bad things sometimes, but they are more of an exception. What makes them different is that they continuously try to do their best to be a better person to others and for themselves. Being a good person is a worthwhile goal, and you should do it too as much as possible.

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