What Things Can Annoy People?

behavior good manners Dec 21, 2022

What are the things that can annoy people? Many things can bother and irritate people, varying from person to person. This blog post will discuss some of the most common things that can get on people's nerves.

Anything can be annoying behavior, depending on the person.

Many things can be annoying to a person. Of course, what is bothersome to one may not be the same for another. However, some things and actions done by others can be everyday annoyances for many. So why would you want to know about these things? If you want to be more considerate and respectful of others, you would like to avoid doing the things we mention below. Of course, we can never know if a particular action can annoy a person, as some might ignore it or are more tolerant, but we shouldn't wait until somebody gets angry with us. The following are some of the things and actions that can annoy others.

1. Noise coming from others

For some reason, it seems we are more tolerant of the noise we produce, but not the ones coming from others. Noise generated by people comes in different forms, and the level of disturbance it can create depends on how much people can take before they get annoyed at you. It is best to tone down our volume or keep quiet if we think we can disturb somebody, especially if others are doing something while you are doing something that can generate noise. Some of the activities that create noise that can annoy people are the following:

  • Listening to music loudly from your cell phone or any other device
  • Singing or humming along to whatever song you are listening to
  • Talking loudly with others in public spaces
  • Making noise in a quiet space like a library or office during work hours; minor things can disturb people, like tapping your pen on the table or stomping your foot.
  • Blasting music from your sound system can disturb your neighbors, especially when people are still asleep.
  • Singing along to karaoke loudly; bonus points if the singer is out of tune
  • Having a loud voice while speaking, mainly if the person you are talking to is just in front of you
  • Loud noises from machines like construction equipment or the constant beeping of horns coming from vehicles. It may be challenging to ultimately tell people to stop these activities as they may be necessary, such as from people doing construction. Hence, the best way to avoid getting annoyed is to leave the noisy area as fast as possible or build a tolerance for such noise.
  • Letting out various sounds and music from your devices, such as while watching videos or playing games.

2. Any action that interrupts what other people do

When people are doing something at the moment, any activity done by others that can interrupt or delay whatever they are doing will most likely be a source of annoyance. As such, we should be more sensitive and observant of what people are doing around us and ensure we don't interrupt them with our activities. Some of the actions that are annoying to people because it interrupts them include:

  • Walking slowly while others are behind you on a road, pedestrian lane, or any space where people can walk. Also, walking with your friends and occupying a horizontal space and making it look like you and your friends are like a slow-moving fence that blocks everyone walking behind you can also be annoying to people.
  • Suppose you are driving a car or any vehicle or are riding in one while somebody else is driving for you. In that case, people in other vehicles behind you will most likely honk and get annoyed at you when you suddenly stop in front of them, even if there is some accident or problem that caused you to stop suddenly.
  • Interrupting someone while they are still talking, such as talking about yourself or any topic
  • Cutting in line is almost guaranteed to irk people.
  • Doing noisy or disturbing acts like laughing loudly while others are concentrating or are busy with their current task.

3. Acts that show a lack of discipline or courtesy

Any action that shows a lack of discipline or respect for others can annoy people. It is as if you don't care about them and only want to prioritize yourself. It can show in many forms:

  • Zooming ahead of somebody who is already about to park in a particular space in a parking lot and taking their lot
  • Not thanking somebody who has done something good for you. Also, not apologizing when you made a mistake and hurt someone.
  • Judging or making fun of somebody else's interests and hobbies
  • Not taking care of something you borrowed from someone and returning them with some damages
  • Not cleaning the waste you leave behind as a courtesy to the following user, such as leaving behind crumbs of food on the table or chair, leaving the toilet seat open, and worse, not flushing after doing your deed.
  • Not falling in line to obtain something.
  • Going inside an elevator or a public transportation vehicle without letting those who are about to get out first.
  • Someone who is getting too friendly or comfy with you, even if you are not close to them
  • Putting your bag and stuff to occupy another seat or space even if there is only one of you. It's like saying a message that you don't want anyone to sit beside you.
  • Making people wait by arriving late or not even coming at all and not notifying people about it

4. Any behavior or action that may seem like you are bragging, even if you aren't

People can be pretty sensitive when they see others post online about something, be it a material possession, event, or simply a picture of someone looking and feeling good. Even if you don't intend to brag, what you post can come off as bragging, especially for overly jealous people. It's their problem, of course, but we can also regulate the number of things we post online to avoid getting into trouble. People don't seem to take kindly to those who post too much on social media. The same thing can also happen in real life. People can be too observant and scrutinize what you wear, the gadgets that you use, and what car you drive. Of course, we can't just hide and stop ourselves from using these things if we have them, but don't forget to continue practicing humility and don't deliberately show off something to avoid annoying some people. Acting as a know-it-all can also seem like bragging, so avoid doing it.

5. Unhygienic acts

No one forbids you to pick your nose, sneeze without covering your mouth, or take out leftover food stuck between your teeth in public, but these actions will most likely annoy people if they see you doing these. So, if you must, do them in private and closed spaces like a restroom or at least out of people's sight.

6. Leaving people in the dark

One of the annoying things people don't like is leaving them guessing and uninformed about you regarding something. Posting vague status updates online, not replying immediately when asked about something, and not calling and informing somebody why you didn't arrive or come to an event are all things that can annoy people. It will look as if they don't matter to you if you leave them in the dark.

Whatever you do, try to think about others too.

Annoyances can be subjective. What is annoying to someone may not be the case for another person. Sometimes, people have problems with others even if what they are doing is not necessarily wrong; other times, people are in the wrong, but they don't realize the effect of their actions on others. Therefore, we must be mindful of our actions and how others perceive us. Of course, we can't completely shut off everything that annoys others, but we must strike a balance of when and where we can adequately do something without annoying another individual. People may or may not tell you that you are annoying them. If they do, we can try to listen and avoid doing the same thing when we are in the company of such a person. It may be the same case for others, or it may not. We need to learn to be a bit more sensitive to how people react when we see their expressions or body language as a reaction when we are doing something. Ultimately, we must respect each other to maintain civility throughout our daily lives.

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