What Makes a Job Worth It

career personal growth work Apr 03, 2023

Many things contribute to our overall happiness at work. Some people might be content with a high salary, while others might appreciate flexible hours. Many factors go into making a job worth it, and it's different for everyone. This blog post will discuss some of the most important things to consider when deciding whether or not a job is right for you.

What can make you keep your job or not

The job that we do after earning a college degree or whatever educational qualification is something that we will spend a lot of our years doing. That's why it is essential to think carefully about the job we will take after an interview and pass it; will we take the offer? Several factors can influence whether we want to stay on the job, and it's not just about the money. Some of these factors we can only know once we are on the job, such as work culture. These internal factors that may not be immediately obvious are what can prompt people to leave their jobs and look for something else. All of us deserve a good working environment, and while a perfect job does not exist, at least we should find one that puts a lot of checks on what we want. The following factors are what we should consider when looking for a job that's right for us.

1. Good pay

Let's face it: no matter how bad some of our working conditions are, the pay can make people stay on a job. If it's high enough, people can be willing to stay for years in a job despite not feeling well due to other factors. Money is such an essential thing in our lives, so in the end, many people will still consider pay as the most crucial factor that will let them decide if a job is worth it. More money means more options and opportunities. Ensuring you are compensated well for what you do can make you keep going to work, but also try to look for other things that can make you stay on the job and keep you motivated.

2. Benefits and other perks

Aside from the pay, a job can offer employees additional benefits, which one should look into. Even if the payment may not be that high, the benefits may compensate for it. Things like paid leaves, flexible work schedules, allowances, health benefits, retirement benefits, and many others can complement the salary being given to you. They can cover other things without directly spending on them and better secure your future. That's why if you are looking for a job, consider what benefits the company gives aside from the basic salary, as the benefits may be worth more than what they can pay you.

3. Growth and advancement opportunities

Before deciding on what job to get, try researching the company you are eyeing for a job and see what positions they have. Read reviews to find information on whether the company gives salary increases every year and if there is a good chance of getting promoted or moving to another department. You can also observe if you are within the company already, see if people are getting pay raises and if there is movement in the career ladder. You may want to consider growth as a factor for keeping your job so that your payment can remain competitive and let you ride along with life as the price of commodities increases. Also, you may get bored if you get stuck on the same job for years doing the same thing, so diversity and variation can help you to grow and learn more.

4. Loving what you do

Job satisfaction will significantly increase if you like what you do. If you find something that resonates with your values and interests within your job, then all the better. Finding value in your job is perhaps the second most crucial factor in determining whether it is worth keeping. Making a positive difference with what you do, knowing you are helping somebody else with your efforts, and see your career in the same line as your values are all things that can bring fulfillment and keep you motivated better than money.

5. Workplace culture and environment

People, including your coworkers, managers, bosses, and administrative and support staff, are essential in any work environment. You will interact with them daily, so there must be a good culture in the workplace; otherwise, your well-being will be affected if there is a toxic culture in your workplace. It would be a nightmare to go to work daily with harassing supervisors, backstabbing employees, and a workplace full of gossip and politics. Sometimes, the people within your work can be why it may be okay for you to work daily even if the pay is not that good. The people you work with on your team can be your friends, even the manager. A company that fosters good relationships among its workforce and treats employees well can be a factor for someone to stay in their job.

6. Appreciation and recognition

Most people like to feel appreciated, especially in the workplace. Appreciating and recognizing the efforts of people can make employees engaged in their jobs and have them think they are not just another cog that can be easily replaced. A simple thanks or commendation for a well-done job can go a long way. A job can be worth keeping if you receive such positive remarks whenever you do something good.

7. Work-life balance

Work-life balance happens when you have time to do everything you want, such as work, play, rest, and bonding with your friends and family. If your work does not demand you to render too much overtime, and your boss is considerate in giving you time to take the day off if there is an emergency or you need a break, you can consider keeping your job as these indicate that they value the well-being of their employees by not tiring them too much and allowing them time for rest and recreation. Freelancing and work-from-home jobs can be very enticing for some due to the more flexible work hours they provide and allow people more time to do other things.

Attaining job satisfaction is essential.

A job is something each of us will do for a long time, so it is vital that we are satisfied with it by having many of our desired factors present in what we do. Finding the ideal job can be challenging but possible if we look hard enough. Having the skills and knowledge to be effective at your job is one thing, and the ones we have listed are some of the necessary things to consider that can help for happiness, fulfillment, and motivation. Look beyond money, and see if there are growth opportunities, good benefits, and colleagues worth interacting with daily. And when you find work worth doing, you may not even need to find something to motivate you, as the work itself could be why you stick with it due to the value it brings to you.

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